NH’s Boogaloo Boys are Libertarians – Not White Supremacists or Right Wingers

Libertarian NH Boogaloo Boys

Libertarian NH Boogaloo Boys Demonstrate Outside NH State House

American mainstream news media has been reporting this weekend on the massive buildups of armed government goons at state houses across the United States. Expecting massive armed demonstrations of Boogaloo supporters, some of the state gangs locked down their capitol areas completely while others, like New Hampshire, took it easy and only had state troopers parked around and walking the state house property in pairs. By comparison, the New York Times said Massachusetts’ capitol had hundreds of officers wearing helmets and carrying batons.

However, around the country, barely anyone showed up. Some liberty activists said they wouldn’t attend because they believed the events were federal honeypots designed to gather information about freedom-lovers. Others foolishly believed that exercising their right to bear arms would mean their rights would be more likely taken from them. Luckily, in New Hampshire, five Boogaloo Boys showed up with rifles front slung. They were well-spoken and self-described as Libertarian, with one even talking about the Non Aggression Principle to the large number of reporters that were present.

One Boogalooer even educated the media people on gun safety and basics, with the photographers crazily shooting pictures when the Boogaloo Boy showed a magazine loaded with bullets. The news media was informed on the history of the Boogaloo – the name is based on the Eighties breakdancing movie “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo”, with the members describing their group as a real-life meme. They also explained the origin of their Hawaiian shirt dress code, which came about after social media sites started to crack down on any groups referencing Boogaloo. The social media crackdown on the term forced them to use code words that were similar, like “Big Igloo” or “Big Luau”, which naturally led to the shirts.

The Boys acknowledged there are also female Boogalooers and said they do not tolerate any white supremacists in the Boogaloo. Their signage and message was pro-peace. Despite describing themselves and their movement as mostly Libertarians, the New York Times reporter Ruth Graham still mislabeled them “far right” in her story. Concord Patch reporter Tony Schinella filed a more detailed report including video.

Vincent from Shire Free Media also filed this package showing excerpts of what was a lengthy discussion between the media and the Boogaloo Boys:

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  1. This is hilarious. Ian and his minions are outside of their basements to seek the limelight and keep their reputations as bad asses going. It looks like maybe 10 people showed and they are all freekeeners I think. How pathetic.

    By the way, these “Boogaloo Boys” need to come to their senses. They all are dotards and make complete asses of themselves. Those people are radical at best and border on the criminal side and what you call “armed government goons” are actually patriotic policemen who are mature enough to know a violent cult when they see one. That’s why we pay them our taxes.

    At least they all were wearing a mask. Merrimack County has 5999 people who have tested positive for the corona virus today. That’s +94 more from yesterday. Those are just the cold hard facts. I am in the medical field so I know.

  2. Geez Mark Wolf, did somebody spike your coffee with violently held State monopoly alcohol this morning? That was quite an eruption of erroneous innuendo and outright horse shit.
    A violent cult would be one that uses offensive force as their primary means of operation. That’s what a political State does.

    A peaceful “cult” (organization) would be one that doesn’t use offensive force as a means, instead relying on the human right of defensive force as a last resort. Libertarians embrace something called the nonaggression principle. It’s sort of a way to see if a person is a real libertarian or not.

    The State of NH was founded on (almost) libertarian principles, but the persistent chipping away of the gun loving big government crowd has nearly wiped those principles clean. Democrats and Rinos love guns, they’re just too brain washed to realize how much they support them.

  3. These people are right wing extremists. They believe through intimidation they can initiate another civil war.

    “The boogaloo movement, whose adherents are often referred to as boogaloo boys or boogaloo bois, is a loosely organized far-right, anti-government, and extremist political movement in the United States. The movement has also been described as a militia. Boogaloo adherents say they are preparing for, or seek to incite, a second American Civil War which they call the boogaloo”. Wikipedia

    They are not libertarians. I’m not sure where you came up with this Ian but you are way off the deep end.

  4. Bob C – More childish responses. I wouldn’t expect anything different. Freekeeners and anyone associated with them have proven their ignorance and stupidity time and time again. Your inappropriate statements fall on deaf ears. I suggest you get an education and educate yourself some more. By the way, libertarians take but they never give back.

  5. Actually Jumping Jacks, intimidation is the primary tool of any/all coercion based governments, New Hampshire included.

    In the covid realm, that’s self evident by the nature of an “order”. An order, unlike an offer is backed by a threat of force for noncompliance even against otherwise peaceful people. Whereas an offer, involves the option of accepting or declining what is being offered.

    The first one, the “order” is contrary to a free society. The second one, a voluntary offer with choices, is the cornerstone of a free society.

    The Governors orders are both “illegal” and arbitrary. People have a right to decline his orders, he has no right to initiate aggression himself or thru his useful idiots that don’t have the courage to disobey him.

    I’m not surprised you are supporting such violent threats, but I am kind of disappointed you’re championing government violent extremism. Please reconsider.

  6. libertarians seem to take on any moniker that makes them look like immature morons.
    And any moniker that makes them not get taken seriously, and haS to be explained:
    “yea we hang with those etc etc but that’s not US!”
    over and over..

  7. You know what is even funnier is that you twats actually follow the libertarians! I mean- you might be confused for one!

  8. @jumping jacks, great job taking an excerpt from Wikipedia and acting as if those are the facts. Everything on there about “boogaloo boys” is a crock of shit sooo…. stop trying to talk about stuff you know literally nothing about…

  9. @jumping jacks im glad you know more about our movement and us as people more than we do, care to tell me about our future since you clearly know us more than we know ourselves?

  10. Round them all up and ship them to Oregon where they belong with the rest of the mongoloids! Or better yet, send them to Alaska so decent, compassionate people don’t have to deal with them.

  11. So my question for the Pedophile in Chief Ian, if they are so peaceful and not wanting a 2nd Civil War why are they named after a sequel? Just more people cosplaying and dressing up their Barbie dolls with the delusion that they are patriots. You idiots are only interested in intimidation and power.

    Fuck off!

  12. These people are dangerous and unstable. They show up to rallies even when they are not invited. They carry automatic weapons and wear floral pattern clothes a ridiculous combination.

    Since these idiots got bored shooting their neighbors dogs and cats, they think there presence will turn a crowd of angry people into a riot to overthrow the government. That is their main objective.

    You are an idiot if you think these “people” are for peace. They are for chaos.


  13. runningwolfkenpo says – Just because they haven’t fired a shot in anger yet doesn’t mean they gave up their core beliefs. They are still a violent extremist group who believe in civil war. I suggest you do a little research.

  14. runningwolfkenpo says – Just because they haven’t fired a shot in anger does not mean they have given up their right wing extremist beliefs. They want a civil war to overthrow the government. They are a bunch of crazy rednecks who are more than willing to fire a shot for their cause

  15. @Jumping jacks
    I fucking wish we had automatic weapons that would be cool as fuck, I don’t have $50,000+ to spend on a firearm.
    You seem very angry and ignorant over 5 guys standing for what they believe in, maybe talk to on yourself instead of listening to the media. I know I’m asking you to think for yourself but try it sometime

  16. Jumping Jacks – You are an idiot with illusions of grandeur. It is so amusing to watch you get so excited about something they had nothing to do with. You more than likely live on SSDI and what ever table scraps passer byes throw to you. You and Mark Wolf must get paid to troll the forum. I guess every forum needs a couple of trolls. Congratulations. Remember, you will have to pay taxes on any earnings you make at this job. You can try to justify not paying taxes all you want but there are laws in place that say you have too. But hey, what ever helps you sleep at night.

  17. Jumping Jacks – Oh and by the way I am in the medical field so I know what I am talking about.

  18. Check mate! Rofl

  19. Summit: You don’t need $50k, but you may need some balls, a bit of creativity, and a bit of time to spare should things go south.

  20. Summit – I have never said I was angry. Those are your emotions. I own guns myself. What weapon do you think you are going to buy with $50,000? You over exaggerate..

  21. runningwolfkenpo says – Interesting. Another freekeene troll Why don’t you stay on topic?

    So what do you do in the medical field?

  22. Jumping Jacks – Somehow I knew you would become flippant. You haven’t proven any of your statements which means you are talking off the top of your head. Again, your statements have no credibility. You are twisting words around without proof. Since you cannot provide a decent argument, this is what you do. If you feel insulting me is going to champion your cause, you are very sadly mistaken. Again, yes I am in the medical field.

  23. runningwolfkenpo says – How about that. Another freekeene troll that doesn’t believe in free speech. You are truly pathetic. Are you going to tell me what you do in the medical field? A troll like you should be able to make up something good.

  24. Jumping Jacks – You haven’t proven any of your statements which means you are talking off the top of your head. I suggest you re-read what I am actually saying. Again I’m in the medical profession. You choose not to believe it because you have nothing to back up your statements.

    As for my being a “troll” I don’t troll. Never have. It’s my personal choice. I don’t support “trolling”. My friends don’t support it. My family doesn’t support it. My medical peers don’t support it. Maybe this link will help educate you.


  25. runningwolfkenpo says – You make absolutely no sense. Why don’t you tell me what your medical profession is. You are just another scumball troll freekeener. Why you chose to be a loser is beyond me. But, what can you expect from a freekeener who is a scumball troll. Did you get your covid-19 vaccination? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  26. *eating popcorn

  27. Jumping Jacks – You are a paid troll, and I explained why. If you can’t comprehend the explanation, just say so. Simply claiming that I “make absolutely no sense” and that “I am just another scumball freekeener,” without explanation to support either claim, won’t convince anyone with a functioning brain”.

    You said I didn’t tell you what my medical profession is and that I didn’t get the coronavirus flu shot. Please post a link to that statement. I looked all over this forum and could not find it. You have no evidence to prove your statements. Maybe this link will help you.


  28. runningwolfkenpo says – You seem like you are very unsure of yourself, paranoid. Your ranting and raving falls on deaf ears.

    What medical profession are you in? You can’t even answer that question.

    Your opinions regarding this article are pathetic. Why haven’t you received the covid vaccine as of yet?

  29. Jumping Jacks – Interesting. It appears you don’t have the real story. I predict you are part of a hate group not to mention a drug addict.

    Why you would want to risk your health or life just to get high is beyond me. It shows your ignorance and is very immature. If you were to end up in a hospital bed from a overdose you will know how futile your efforts were. I along with NH should not have to pay your bills due to drug abuse.

    By the way, as far as your obsession over the coronavirus flu shot, that is your saddle burr, not mine. I suggest you do some research on the vaccine. Here is a link to educate you.


  30. Oooooh my ban has been lifted

  31. Unfortunately the Free Staters continue to remain woefully naive (or worse). This article should give no one any solace. They’re coming after everyone soon.


  32. runningwolfkenpo says – Yup, You are a freekeene troll.

    When you come down from the drugs you are on, maybe someone will understand what you are saying.

    By the way, there are 2005 confirmed cases of covid -19 in Cheshire county,

  33. Jumping Jacks – Yawn…………………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Again you are the troll and truly the one on illegal drugs. Your little rant means nothing as usual and has nothing to do with the article. Nothing but opinions and empty platitudes with continually ridiculous statements to start a confrontation. You are a couple of shrimp short of a Gump.

    By the way, here is a good site about drug abuse. The risks that are pointed out are still the risks of today’s drugs. Educate yourself.


  34. Today in Cheshire County, there are 2040 confirmed cases of Covid-19. Cheshire county has approximately 76085 residents.

    Covid really seems to be picking up steam in Cheshire county and in New Hampshire

  35. Jumping Jacks – Yawn…………………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I see you are still trying to capture the elusive limelight. I believe most of NH doesn’t even believe any of this bs. By the way, your statistics are a mile off. The more you try to show your intelligent, the more stupid you are. Your ridiculous ideas are so off the mark its like debating someone high on PCP. Again, here is a link to help educate you.


  36. runningwolfkenpo says – Wow, you are really off the deep end. Prove all my statistics are wrong and prove most of
    New Hampshire doesn’t believe any of this.

    Today there are over 2069 confirmed cases of covid in Cheshire county. I’m quite sure their family, friends, coworkers, and neighbors believe in covid.

    By the way, stop trying to write like me. You are soooo stupid none of it makes sense.

  37. Jumping Jacks – This is just another spin off of the blame game with too much of your personal bias. You are a bit unstable. The real imbecile is you. It sounds like your argument is full of holes and trolling. You are assuming the typical BS google throws out there. That is the problem with you activists out there. You don’t plan a head. You jump at the moment throwing caution to the win. The pandemic will not affect you in one way or another. It is fear that is driving this. You need to educate yourself. Here is a link to help you.


  38. Jumping Jacks – By the way, yes the government and media is violating rights in this pandemic. Those are the cold hard facts. You people have brain washed yourselves into believing everything the government and media says is true. You don’t know what you are talking about and it appears others on this form are feeling the same way. You can deny my statements all you want but I know and you know they are true. Good luck living at the bottom of society’s well. No ladder will ever be lowered to you to help you go to the top. It’s sad your parents have absolutely nothing to do with you. Smoke all the PCP you can to kill off most cells in your body because that is all you will ever be, a loser drug addict with nothing to show.

  39. runningwolfkenpo says = freekeene troll. I suggest you get your thoughts together and use your own personality. This mumbo jumbo sentence structure makes absolutely no sense.

    Trying to use the words I have spoken in the past does not make you smart just stupid.

  40. Jumping Jacks – Another comment that is off topic. You make yourself look like a fool. Your theories are mostly hypocritical and have proven not to work. You are trying to piece together a ridiculous idea that means nothing. Not a good look. I have explained everything to you and you respond with emotions and more trolling. Your ridiculous ramblings and rants have nothing to do with this article but I must admit your trolling is getting better. Oh well, everyone needs a hobby I guess.

  41. they should call themselves “stupid white guys… that are stupid, and white and; have small dicks and are impotent”
    its kind of wordy but i think it would work for them.
    It doesn’t sound as moronic as boogaloo fags

  42. are you the guy that did that video… beating up like a dummy.. just barely

  43. Jumping jacks has made free keene what it is! He’s turned the comment section into something popular. If you look back you’ll see nobody ever commented, not to this degree, not lots of people comment. It’s amazing what a little dissent can do from a hater.

  44. kk: Jumping Jacks may have made the comments section popular, but I was refusing to kowtow to you angry white bullies ever since Free Staters first moved to Keene. Failing to include me in your accolades only feeds my belief in the misogyny inherent in the FSP. It’s just priceless – and totally emblematic of what the FSP is. A bunch of Rand sniffing woman-hating authoritarians who want to take over.

  45. Today in Cheshire County, there are 2123 confirmed cases of the corona virus.

  46. Jumping Jacks – Yawn…………………zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Again most of NH doesn’t believe any of your BS. Without question, it is more activist propaganda, pipe dreams and smoke. Even in CA these rants and raves of yours are falling on deaf ears. I encourage you to read this article and I suggest you read it closely. It will answer your questions about the pandemic and why you are a hypocrite for supporting it.


  47. runningwoflkenpo says – “Again most of NH doesn’t believe any of your BS.” Really? Most of New Hampshire? I don’t talk to most of New Hampshire. When I do, I will come to you and you can tell it to most of New Hampshire.

    “Without question, it is more activist propaganda, pipe dreams and smoke” This is the first time I have heard anyone that has compared corona virus to a Cheech and Chong movie..

    Wow, The people in California don’t believe me. Wow, I don’t believe I have ever talked to the people of California. Now I know I can come to you and you will tell all the people in California for me. That will save a lot of time and energy.

    Today in California, there are 3,062,068 confirmed cases off covid-19.

    I think it’s great they are lifting some bands. Of course lifting a couple little bands isn’t saying covid is over with. I’m always hopeful covid will have run it’s course soon and things will slowly get better. Calling me a hypocrite is like throwing bricks into the grand canyon. It means nothing.
    Thanks for all the other info.

  48. Jumping Jacks – Wow, I believe you are really over exaggerating.. You just can’t stay on topic can you. We are not talking about some bands. We are talking about the pandemic. Please try and keep up.

    Again, with the small amount of people you get at these rallys, how many have tested negative for covid? I’m sure you don’t follow up with anyone about that. I predict no one has and you would hide it as best you can so you can push your lies. f you are dead set on being a jackass, at least do your research. Here is another link to educate you.


  49. runningwolfkenpo says – You are hilarious. Here is something to rattle around in your brain

    Today in Cheshire county there are 2141 confirmed cases of the corona virus.

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