VIDEO: Footloose Arrested at Shire Choir Caroling at NH Governor’s House

Shire Choir at Sununu's House

Shire Choir at Sununu’s House

In December, the town gang in Newfields, NH passed an unconstitutional ordinance against “picketing” and then ticketed multiple people for a peaceful protest outside New Hampshire tyrant-king Chris Sununu’s house. They also arrested YouTuber Savage Truth 603 at the same time for “disorderly conduct”.

Subsequent gatherings at Sununu’s during January were left alone by police, but then on Sunday the 31st peaceful protestors were once again targeted by a phalanx of state police and local cops.

When we arrived around 2pm, there were already a bunch of police cruisers and probably at least a dozen visible masked cops around Sununu’s house. After some speaking and sign-holding, we began to sing COVID Carols. During the second song, several more state police cruisers arrived with a bunch of yellow-jacketed goons complete with zip ties.

They started walking towards us in a line as we continued our songs – the lyrics to which you can download at The armed thugs then stopped advancing and went back, perhaps aware that arresting people for singing might not look good on video.

After we finished, Nobody and I started to pack up to leave as Frank “Footloose” Sparks from Absolute Defiance approached the police again, demanding he be given a ticket for “picketing”. The police chief from Newfields indicated that he did indeed have a ticket for Footloose, but no one else. The armed man then threatened Footloose with kidnapping if he raised his voice – something Footloose is known to do as a normal state of talking. Then, they arrested him for asking a masked plainclothes state police agent to identify himself. The charge? Cops’ favorite catch-all for peaceful activists they don’t like: “Disorderly Conduct”. Here’s video of the event, which includes the arrest scene:

Footloose was taken to Newmarket PD and released on personal recognizance. His arraignment on the “disorderly” charge is Feb 25th, 8am at Exeter District Court in Brentwood, NH. Sununu continues to hide and run his gang in secret.

Stay tuned to for the latest.

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  1. Jumping Jacks “So, how long did this footloose character stay in jail?”

    Jumping Jacks character, did you read the article?

    “Always remember, keep your mask clean and keep your face clean and you should not have any real problems wearing masks.”

    Always remember, masks are just costume and wearing them should be minimized in the interest of one’s health.

  2. Meh. Is more pillow and snore level. But don’t feels shamed, Intrigare. No ones can to hold the candles to Yakov Smirnoff. Ha-ha! Blue jeans and toilets paper in Soviet Union joke is classic, yes?

  3. Today in Cheshire county NH, The CDC reports 2367 confirmed cases of covid-19.

    I wonder how many freekeeners and Ian’s minions represent part of that number.

    Since Ian throws together these little gatherings.

    I would tend to think Ian would have kept and posted numbers of his people who have coronavirus. Since he and his minions lie all the time, I would expect the numbers to be very low.

  4. Jumping Jacks – Again with the lies and excuses. You have no argument. You are a liar and then some to imply that it is illegal to demonstrate a tyrannical governor. I assure you it is not. Which way does your moral compass point? You are very pathetic and stupid. You need a serious tune up. Go see a psychologist. The great thing is you don’t live in NH so there’s that.

    By the way wearing masks is unproven. After a review by the National Institute for Health, the Dutch Minister for Medical Care, Tamara van Ark, asserted that “from a medical perspective there is no proven effectiveness of masks.” Are you saying you are smarter than a Dutch Minister of Health? Of course your not. You need to get educated.

  5. Jumping Jacks “I wonder how many freekeeners and Ian’s minions represent part of that number.”

    And I wonder how many of the general public believed their masters and did everything they were told and still tested positive for covid. Oops!

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