White Rose Society Members Arrested for Stickering Manchester City Hall Include Selectman Candidate

Sticker Pimps

The “Sticker Pimps”: Frank ‘Footloose’ Staples, Skylar Bennett, and Jason Gerhard

Is history repeating itself? The original White Rose Society in Germany distributed propaganda to undermine the NAZIs and its leaders were executed for it. Now three men have been the first to be arrested from the new White Rose Society.

The heroic “Sticker Pimps” arrested by Manchester police are not facing death, but they have been kidnapped by Manchester’s “finest” gang and are being prosecuted for “criminal mischief” for the dastardly “crime” of placing counter-propaganda White Rose Society stickers on so-called “public property”. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • Frank ‘Footloose’ Staples – The founder of Absolute Defiance, Footloose has been leading the protests outside NH gang leader Chris Sununu’s home. He was recently arrested in front of Sununu’s home for speaking to a cop.
  • Skylar Bennett – Skylar made headlines in December for being the first person arrested at Sununu’s house – for holding a peaceful candlelight vigil. He’s also a YouTuber vlogger on his channel, Savage Truth 603.
  • Jason Gerhard – Jason is currently a candidate for Selectman in Northfield, NH in an election happening TODAY. He’s qualified a warrant article for the town meeting this weekend which – if passed – instructs the Selectmen to ask some very interesting questions of the IRS. We discussed it with him in detail on Free Talk Live this last Saturday. Jason also spent nearly 13 years in federal prison for supporting tax freedom advocates Ed and Elaine Brown and was released in early 2020.

The situation is very reminiscent of what happened in 2011 when eight activists – mostly from Keene – were arrested and charged with “criminal mischief” among other catch-alls, for chalking pro-freedom messages outside Manchester’s police gang headquarters. They were the “Chalking Eight”.

The White Rose has been a very active group on Telegram, with photos posted daily from people placing their eye-opening, thought-provoking, and sometimes amusing stickers on various things all around the world. According to one of the channel’s admins, thus far with perhaps thousands of activists stickering around the world, the first to be arrested were New Hampshire’s “Sticker Pimps” in the supposed live-free-or-die state.

Not long after their arrests, someone stickered the front entrance to the Manchester police gang headquarters!

MPD Stickered

After arresting the men, Manchester Police Gang Headquarters was targeted for a stickering.

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  1. The issue comes down to the questions, “what is property and who can own it ” .

    For instance if a person stickered another persons car without the owners permission, most people would consider that to be a violation of property right of the owner of the car.

    Yet, ironically, your car must be “stickered” with a license plate bearing the words “live free or die” per order of people who aren’t the owners of the car. Those same bossy people who insist you put the plate on your car keep their liquor stores open during a pandemic (gasp) and order you to close your business and insist you wear a mask on your own face….puzzling isn’t it ?

  2. I’ll bet Jacks knows where our place in the social order is meant to be.

  3. Serves them right. Masks save lives. Advocating against masks increases the spread of the extremely deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Isn’t that an act of aggression, thus violating the NAP? Spreading your disease because “muh freedumb” results in the death of innocent people. Maybe if these idiots wore masks it wouldn’t have been so easy for them to be caught?

  4. I think you’re a tad confused about how aggression works in the real world, MSS. You see dear, not wearing a mask can only be considered an act of aggression if that person is already sick. If they’re not sick, they can’t spread disease, mask or no mask. On the other hand, if you want to force someone to wear a mask even when they’re not sick, then you’re most certainly committing an act of aggression. Get it?

    Now the sensible way to handle this would be to quarantine the sick and the vulnerable and let everyone else who isn’t sick free to make their own decisions about protecting their own health. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we have the busybody element of the population – that’s you, MSS – who think otherwise.

    Now if you’re afraid of getting sick, then maybe you should just give in to those fears, lock yourself up in your home, wait things out, and leave the rest of us alone. I mean, it’s not like any of us really care how much better your sense of character and moral correctness is compared to the rest of us, anyway.

  5. Those guys look like Dr. Frankenstein built them in his lab. Probably used freekeener parts. The one guy did 13 years in prison and basically just got out and now he is back in jail. That won’t look good to any judge. I doubt that will get him many votes to be selectman.

    What they did was vandalism and criminal mischief.

    ” eye-opening, thought-provoking, and sometimes amusing stickers on various things all around the world” In other words, vandalism and criminal mischief.

    I think they need the bolts tightened on their necks. These appear to be very very stupid people.

  6. Wow, Jacks. That was super naughty. I want you to talk about Bitcoin to us next. But be seductive and tell all of us how it’s too volatile and easily manipulated and that your investment broker will never allow you to invest in it. Come on, big guy. Don’t be a tease. I know you want to.

  7. MasksSavesLives are you getting your weekly anal swab tests as well..? As guessing by your comment you are brainwashed to the bone. So instead of trolling with your childish comments, spend some time online to educate yourself instead of absorbing more tv propaganda, squeezed to remains of your brain daily by MSM. I hope you already had your experimental mRNA jab and you wouldn’t be annoying people with your comments for much longer. And “keep catching the viruses” with your muzzle. It’s as good and effective as catching mosquitoes with steel meshed fence!

  8. Come tighten the bolt on my neck, Jumping Jacks :)~

  9. You can’t even stay on topic. Why would I want to talk to you about bitcoin?

    How about this. Answer the covid question I asked you to do.

    Do you expect to get $1,400.00 from the government? Did you get the $600.00 and $1,200.00 from the government?

    The way you talk about the government I would think you and the other freekeeners would turn down anything the government gave you.

    Of course taking that money is the same as admitting you are a hypocrite.

    One of my favorite sayings, “One of the more pretentious political self-descriptions is “Libertarian.” People think it puts them above the fray. It sounds fashionable, and to the uninitiated, faintly dangerous. Actually, it’s just one more bullshit political philosophy.” George Carlin

  10. You like George Carlin too, Jacks? Wow. That’s super cool. No really. I mean that, munchkin. Personally though, I think John Pinette is way funnier. Different strokes for different folks, am I right? That’s my favorite saying, by the way. Can you guess why?

    Anyway big guy, have you been paying attention to the crypto markets today? It turns out Bitcoin’s trading at $57k right now! Isn’t that awesome? What does your investment broker have to say about this? Ha ha. Just joshin’ ya, Jacks. I know you were lying about all of that.

    Oh, and as for the current crop of government handouts? They’re pretty stingy, don’t you think? Especially once you consider the fact that the average amount of income tax paid to the IRS in 2018 by the middle 20% of taxpayers was around $15k per year. I wonder how many of those chaps owned small businesses in 2020? More importantly, I wonder how many of them have been permanently closed due to the lockdowns? You really should look that up, Jacks. It would really help to change your perspective on things.

  11. Just answer the question and stop changing the conversation.

  12. Maybe later, Jacks. I’m getting my nails and hair done for date night tonight.

    Oh, by the way, did you look up how many small businesses have closed since March 2020? You really should, munchkin. Those greasy government buttholes have been super shitty to working class small business owners for over a year now. They deserve better, don’t you think? But I get it. You don’t care about them because you’re on a mission from God and all.

    Anyway, before I forget, I just want to tell you what a swell guy you are for letting us all know what hypocrites we are. I mean God-forbid any of us ever even dare to consider taking back our own money. Especially after decades of high taxes, inflation, tyrannical environmental regulations, overregulated energy markets, and foreign labor kickbacks for well-connected corporations. We should just shut up and welcome whatever chump change those dickholes have left for us, am I right?

  13. Again, just answer the question you coward.

  14. Wowsers. You’re so domineering, Jacks. Now the gals at the nail salon think you’re trouble, but they just don’t know you like I do.

    Anyway, munchkin, I was thinking about our talk yesterday – you know, the one about our favorite comedians and all? And I suddenly remembered something about George Carlin that I’ll bet you didn’t know. You see it turns out that he wasn’t a big fan of voting. Can you believe that? True story. Hand to God.

    In fact, not only did he argue that it was a completely futile act, but he also felt that it perpetuates the fiction that you have a choice. Worse, it also legitimizes the outrageous acts against people’s rights that politicians say they are committing on our behalf because we voted for them in the first place! Ha ha. Isn’t that just the way, big guy?

    Hey, not to be a noodge or anything, but how do you feel about voting? Don’t worry, Jacks. I’m not trying to trick you into giving yourself away as a hypocrite or anything. Lol. Can you imagine if I was like that?

  15. Shouldn’t all these guys have outgrown their adolescent vandalism tendencies by now? Embarrassing.

  16. Cantwellls, Ikr? Jacks especially missed more than just a few steps in his development. Sheesh

  17. “Serves them right. Masks save lives.”

    That isn’t proven. I don’t disagree with the science that leads people to believe that this may be a good idea though. There just isn’t sufficient data to say for certain that in this particular case that masks work. I do think it’s a good idea to wear masks, but I won’t advocate the use of violence to enforce a policy of tyranny for the sake of safety or perceived safety if it turns out that the masks don’t really work in practice or don’t work the way we had hoped.

    ” Advocating against masks increases the spread of the extremely deadly COVID-19 pandemic.”

    It may and this is a good enough reason for me to wear a mask. However, I will not cooperate under the threat of violence given the reality of the situation is that this virus hasn’t been as bad as initially feared for the vast majority of people and surrendering to the more unreasonable demands is a serious and dangerous infringement on freedom and democracy.

    “Isn’t that an act of aggression, thus violating the NAP? ”

    The government’s threats and violence are, but the mere risk someone may or may not pose is not a violation of the NAP. Even if it was certain that some percentage of people would be passing on a deadly virus they didn’t know they had it still wouldn’t be a violation of the NAP. Until someone is using actual violence (dumping toxic chemicals that they know will do some sort of harm for instance) or at least making clear threat like pointing a gun at you the justification for use violence to solve a problem is poor.

    “Spreading your disease because ‘muh freedumb’ results in the death of innocent people.”

    This is a half truth. Nobody is intentionally spreading the disease. Even those who don’t like the masks aren’t (outside of a few morons) going out and intentionally spreading the virus when they come down sick. Certainly I get that some people will unintentionally spread this particular virus given the incubation period and all that, but most people don’t.

    “Maybe if these idiots wore masks it wouldn’t have been so easy for them to be caught?”

    This is an exaggeration of reality. People who accidentally spread the flu also kill people too. We never shut down before to save the elderly who are more susceptible to death from what are otherwise typically things that won’t kill you. This virus isn’t killing that many and it’s not killing the vast majority of healthy people. I’m not advocating against the wearing of masks, but I darn well will advocate against the use of violence and government to achieve this social objective (saving lives).

  18. Just answer my question. You obviously don’t practice what you preach.

    It’s a simple yes or no question

  19. I see what you did there, Jacks. You just called me a hypocrite without using the word hypocrite at all! That’s super clever and I’m sure I won’t get over it – at least not for a few days, anyway.

    By the way, date night was really fun. After the lobster dinner I had three Mai Tais. Good times.

    Anyway, have you heard the news? Bitcoin broke $60k this morning! I’ll bet you wish you owned some now, don’tcha munchkin? Good thing there are other cryptos that you can buy instead, huh?

    Hey, whaddya think of Ethereum? I hear there’s going to be some nifty things coming from them pretty soon. I mean check this article out for one. It’s from Forbes. I know. I know. “Activist” websites, am I right? Tell ya what, though. Next time I’ll post something from Yahoo! Finance to even things out for you, ok big guy?


  20. Just answer the question. Yes or no.

  21. Geez, Jacks. If only I could. Thing is, I’ve actually forgotten what the question was. Care to clue me in again? Thanks a bunch, munchkin.

    Hey and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts on Ethereum. Apparently they’ve decided to alter their mining protocols. It’s all very technical but I’m sure it’s totally on the up-and-up. Anyway, I’m posting an article about it from Yahoo! Finance – you know, just like I promised earlier? So now we’re even-steven again, ok? Oh, and no need to thank me, big guy. I’m always glad to help.


  22. I don’t usually say this jacks- but you have a mental illness and should see professional consultation.

  23. So instead of trolling with your childish comments, spend some time online to educate yourself instead of absorbing more tv propaganda, squeezed to remains of your brain daily by MSM.

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