Free Talk Live Raided Again

This past Tuesday new mover Bonnie got fully initiated into the community with her first FBI raid. It was 6 am, and her roommate was yelling “get down stairs” and the whole house was loud. She grabs a robe and Coconut, her dog. She does not have time to grab her glasses. A rifle held by an FBI agent was pointing into the now broken window as Coconut, not accustomed to this type of chaos, runs out the broken down door. Bonnie is instructed NOT to take time to put her robe on before coming down stairs. They are ordered outside by the FBI agent. Bonnie is naked, as instructed by the FBI agent, and tries to put her robe on. The agent insists she comes out now and naked, until Ian objects “she’s naked; what are we going to do about this?” She is then graced with the highest kindness the Federal Government can provide- permission to put on a towel type robe before walking into the New Hampshire cold. Records show it would have been just under 20 degrees at the time. Ian had a robe and slippers on.

Coconut is a small friendly dog, pictured above.

Bonnie attempts to get her shoes, but they are kept in front the door just under where the window used to be, and thus full of glass. A drone flies through the window and the agent insists she puts on a pair of shoes so she grabs a too large, less glass filled pair of shoes and puts those on. She is allowed to get a jacket and so now has a jacket for a top and what is basically a towel with sleeves for a bottom. An agent asks where Nobody/Rich Paul was as the dog runs in the street and no one is allowed to get him. Bonnie is then made to walk backwards and handcuffed down the porch steps, which makes it difficult to keep a towel robe attached to yourself as they were not designed for such activities. Bonnie asks if she or anyone can collect Coconut and is told by an FBI agent “don’t worry about your dog.” Ian is thrown against a car and Nobody/Rich Paul is put up against a car. They are both handcuffed. Nobody/Rich Paul is fairly laid back about the whole ordeal, perhaps due to exhaustion or perhaps due to familiarity.

Bonnie is now visibly shivering due to being outside half naked in New Hampshire around sunrise. She is put into a police car with the windows open. This presumably also helps her feet as they are now full of glass. She asks for Coconut to be locked in a room inside until his humans can go back to them. The FBI agent asks if anyone can come pick him up and if not he is going to the pound. The FBI agent also asks Bonnie if she knows Aria and “the guy at Moose Mart” and assures Bonnie that they can not pick up Coconut. A male KPD agent who volunteers that he is 28 years old brings Bonnie back to her bedroom, which is also her boyfriend’s bedroom. He begins to smile, make jokes, make inappropriate comments about her feet, and hit on Bonnie, who is half naked, handcuffed, and about half a decade younger than the officer- while the same officer has constructive possession of Bonnie’s kidnapped boyfriend. A female agent comes in and let’s Bonnie get dressed and asks her if she wants to talk. She declines, as you do. She is allowed to take her dog and leave in her car. New to town and with her phone stolen she drives around and sits in random parking lots. Eventually she meets up with the roommates of Ian and of Nobody/Rich Paul. They went to KPD to inquire about Ian with no success. The roommates, who still have their phones, eventually receive a call telling them its ok to come home. The same FBI agent who wanted to question Bonnie assures Nobody/Rich Paul’s roommate that his computer is not stolen as he has nothing to do with this and is not a subject of the warrant. The computer is stollen. The FBI agent then states they will go retrieve Bonnie’s phone to give it back, but instead all of the State agents get into their car and drive away.

Longtime resident Christopher Wade and his husband were able to film much of the events, such as an agent scarping paint off of the porch for the sake of it. They were continually pushed back by the FBI until they were several blocks away and couldn’t see much.

Aria’s home was also raided. The warrant instructed the agents to raid the Bitcoin Embassy, and despite there being a big sign out front saying “Bitcoin Embassy” they instead “accidentally”  raided the convenience store next door. They took the convenience store’s standard safe under the alleged belief that it was a Bitcoin ATM, and other property. After several hours the FBI agents realized that a safe is not an ATM and astoundingly returned the safe. The other property was not returned. The Bitcoin Embassy was then raided and the Bitcoin ATM was taken.

Bonnie wanted it stated that she has no plans to ever leave Ian.

Ian has a ruling on a detention hearing pending as of 6:30 pm on March 19th. Nobody/Rich Paul has been denied bail. Aria, and arrested former co-hosts have been released on bail. Coconut was having some fear and anxiety issues after the raid.

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  1. Oh the nonsensical rants we find in unmoderated forums. Hate, prison rape fantasies, paranoid delusion, delusions of grandeur, libel.

    Well I have one thing to say. Ian and his friends put Live Free or Die into action. You can call it what you want, but they’re in good company from a historical perspective and I’ll bet they’ll have no regrets.

  2. Ethan – Why don’t you grow up

  3. i told you to stfu

  4. Ethan – And I am telling you to grow up you little piss ant or I’ll let your dad know what a loser you are and he can disown you

  5. Jumping Jacks – you are a whiny bitch. Keene must be full of pussies to put up with your BS.

  6. whiny bitch? What are you talking about? freekeers are criminals. The funniest thing is some idiot has set up a defense fund for them and is begging for money. Bitcoin to be exact. Not only does the crypto 6 launder money, lie to law enforcement about how much money they really had, do transactions with known felons and criminal organizations,

    Only a complete idiot would donate money to them. What a joke!! The judge isn’t sure if he would even let Ian out on bail. I’m sure he still has money stashed away and would try to leave the country.

    Your savior Ian is looks at a minimum of 10 years for one of the charges. He could be put away for life. Keene is throwing block parties because he is in jail and more than likely will go to prison.

    The other five idiots are going to hideout until the trials. They will close down their computer accounts. I don’t know if the judge has ordered them not to use a computer while on bail.

    I bet the “Free State Project” people have something to say about all of this. I bet they kick Ian out

    I am seriously thinking I will take a little time off to go to the trials. We will jump on a party bus and tailgate to the trials.

  7. Ethan – Another typical statement by a freekeene idot. Tell you what, Why don’t you stfu

  8. Jack, why are you so emotionally attached to the idea of people being passed around for cigarettes? Seriously, your giddiness and glee are a tell, your excitement a sneak peak into a very strange obsession with these people and their buttholes.
    Also you’re not as smart as you think Jumping #wafflestomper Jacks. I’m fairly new to free talk live, last 6 months or so maybe a couple times a week. I’m not libertarian, in fact on paper you might call me a democrat. None of that matters, because wrong is wrong even if everybody’s doing it and right is right even if nobody’s doing it. It is wrong to do what has been done here, this is “the man” not liking people doing and thinking for themselves. And will stop at nothing to create a perceived crime in the court of public opinion. Do you believe In The constitution? That we Americans have rights? Innocent until proven guilty, they are abusing power and doing so because you disagree with them. It’s political and you must bend the knee or suffer the consequences.
    Good luck with that butthole obsession seriously … judgment here, I’m just saying the more you try to hide your true self the more it affects your personality in a negative way. Maybe try yoga?

  9. Melissa – Don’t blame me for what Ian and the rest of the crypto6 are going through. They did it to themselves. They were arrogant, mischievous, deceitful, and acting like criminals. They were hiding huge amounts of money from the government while laundering money for criminal elements.

    I do not care about your political issues. This topic isn’t about politics. Ian and the gang have been skating on a fine line since coming to Keene. Keene, a beautiful city with really nice people. Then you have this element of people who came in and turned Keene into a laughing stock. They brought crime and disorder. They brought shame on themselves.

    Ian, had a girlfriend who was 13 years old when he was 30. WHen the FSP found out, he was kicked out of porcfest. The same goes for that Ademo Mueller. Who by the way ran from the law. Derrick H. Went on some stupid crime spree. Even made a ridiculous video about it. When he was finally brought in, he was looking at some serious time in jail. The next thing was him begging people to pay money for his behaviors. How about Rich (nobody) Paul, Has a criminal record a mile long. Called himself a pope to some made up church that never received tax exemption.

    How about that Aria Dimezzo. who works at Domino’s Pizza. I find it hard to believe Domino’s would even consider keeping Dimezzo on staff after all of this. Of course there was the idiocy of Aria running for sheriff. No experience, drug addict, embarrassment.

    I believe they are all guilty. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, ii is a duck.

    Ian and his criminal minions have been trying to perverse the Constitution to their way of thinking. It never worked. It always got them in trouble. over and over. There were many times when Ian and the freekeeners said the Constitution is just a piece of paper. freekeene went down a very dark road this past couple of years. They had Cantwell who is a white supremacists and in prison. Ademo who was busted so many times I can’t remember all of them. Same with Pete Erye.

    Let’s not forget JP. A walking imbecile want a be. Said he was in the Navy Seals. All proved to be a hoax. He was even arrested for it. He went out to people on the street and was horrible to them.

    My other favorite was Colin Graham a 21 year old loser who had a serious drug and drinking problems along with domestic violence streaks until is all caught up with him.

    I wish I could remember the married couple freekeeners who enticed a teenager over an internet chat room for sex. They were busted and then ran to hideout. While they were both there, they killed themselves.

    It truly sounds like freekeene was a complete element of crime.that hid within a beautiful city while operating a crime syndicate. You can post all the excuses you want. You can make up all the excuses you want. The end game is prison for these people. You obviously support them but that puts you on a sinking ship with them.

    Yes, I do believe Ian with his loudmouth demeaning arrogant statements is going to get him punked in prison. He and RNP will be sent to a federal prison. Those are very tough prisons and the prisoners are not the kind you mess with.

    How do I know this? I did my clinicals as nurse in one such prison. Before you run me down, check your moral compass. I believe it is way off the mark.

  10. Oh Jacks you and your imagination

  11. Maybe there are better security alarms people could install so they are less likely to get caught naked by raiders?
    Just hoping there’s a way to proactively prevent such an awful experience.
    How awful for Bonnie!
    The governmyth is showing it’s evil(only) more and more these days and its good to reveal it.
    But I suspect thwarting their efforts is even more encouraging to other freedom lovers.
    Ideally liberty lovers would live together and defend neighbors against invasion.
    I’d move to NH if there were no homeschooling restrictions.
    Governmyth schools are the greatest threat to liberty on earth.

  12. Intrigare – Go ahead, research what I have stated. You are very ignorant.

  13. Jacks has been in rare form these last few days, hasn’t he Intrigare? I’m giving that last hissy an 8/10 for imagination, a 9/10 for busybodying, and a 10/10 for finger-wagging. Definitely some of his best work. He continues to set the standard for this blog’s ensemble of libtard weirdos.

  14. Jim Eagle – I’ve never understood why other people like you have to try and dominate a conversation that isn’t directed towards you. I find that quite arrogant. You are another freekeene troll with no life but this form. in other words, you are the libtard weirdo.

    Clowns like you just don’t know when to shut their mouths. Why would I care what you say when I am addressing someone else?

    You are very pathetic and immature. I believe you need to take some human classes. You are just another freekeene troll.

  15. Uh huh. That’s nice, Jacks. The thing is though, my last post was directed at Intrigare, not at you. I expect an apology at your convenience. Ha ha. Just kidding, munchkin. I know you’re too pathetic and immature to do anything like that. 😉

    Oh, by the way, thanks for the follow-up hissy, big guy. Now it really wasn’t as out of the ordinary as your last one, so your scores are going to be reflecting that. Sorry, but them’s the breaks.

    Anyway, imagination wise, that was pretty run-of-the-mill kind of stuff coming from you. So 2/10. I had to give you an 8-point deduction for re-using my “libtard weirdo” observation. Sorry about that.

    As for your busybodying? Just average, munchkin. Nothing great, so 5/10.

    Now your finger-wagging? Well that was some pretty solid stuff for the most part. I especially liked your suggestion that I start taking some “human classes.” A lot of the guys here thought that was totally hilarious. Anyway, I’m giving that a 7/10.

    Definitely leaves room for improvement, Jacks, especially in the imagination part. But that’s never been your strong suit anyway, has it? Still, we can’t wait for your next one. Think you can deliver one by tonight? We’re having game night over here at Casa de la DeSitter.

  16. Jumping jacks has DOMINATED and OWNED this convo. While free Keene has a few positive attributes, Ian was actively working against the free movement daily. Let’s face it, he is one sick dude but he got a (shameful) free pass. The body can’t live until you remove the cancer. Bye bye pedo Ian. Should have happened years ago!

  17. Well I suppose you could say Jacks dominated in the categories of nonsensical rants, hate, prison rape fantasies, paranoid delusion, delusions of grandeur, libel…

    But hey I think 2nd place is still obtainable. Its yours for the taking bud 🙂

  18. @ Torah Tarian
    You can homeschool your children in New Hampshire. Look at the 101 Reasons: Liberty Lives In New Hampshire movie.

  19. Am glad to see some of the details here that media outlets typically leave out of these stories of fascist SWAT aggressions, like the outrageous treatment of Bonnie and threatening to send her dog to the pound, the mistaken raiding of the convenience store, the clueless mistaking by agents of a safe for a Bitcoin ATM, etc.

    The couple of statists who get their jollies trolling FreeKeene are really showing us who they are with some of the hate-filled comments in this thread, too.

    Notice what “Jumping Jacks” writes about transwoman Aria DiMezzo (comment from March 22, 2021 at 10:38 am):

    “That will be passed around the prison for cigarettes.”

    Dehumanizingly referring to her as “that”, and implicitly condoning her (non-consensual sexual favors presumably if not outright rape) being treated as a commodity to be traded for cigarettes!

    And when Melissa calls him out on it, no apology or rephrasing, just further “blame the victims” crap about how “they did it to themselves” and suggesting Aria should be fired from her job.

    Hateful and disgusting.

    Meanwhile, it’s encouraging to read the latest post about how this case could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for the movement, with the national and international attention over the story fueling not just support for the victims but more awareness about the freedom migration to the Shire and more interest in moving.

    That would certainly be poetic justice. Go Crypto 6!

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