VIDEO Released: March 16th, 2021 FBI Raid Of Free Talk Live, the Bitcoin Embassy, & Mighty Moose Mart

There’s not much good one can say about the FBI’s raid on the LRN.FM studio that occurred a week and a half ago now, but there is one great thing that has come from it all. Thanks to the FBI’s raid of 19 properties over the supposed use of cryptocurrency the story has garnered national and even international attention. It has brought together a community that some would even say was in disarray. We have seen a significant amount of support from both inside and outside of the libertarian community even. Not only has this attention helped to raise a significant amount of money to fight bogus charges, but it has brought attention to the larger freedom migration movement. This spike in interest can be directly tied to these raids and many people who had not previously known about the Free State Project or the larger liberty migration movement are now looking into moving. In the first week of the raid I talked to a handful of people who expressed a desire to move to New Hampshire and some of which have already begun putting bids on houses, initiated rental contracts, and one has even already made the move as of today. Even should everyone be convicted I can’t conceive of any way in which these raids will end up being a detriment to what we’re trying to achieve in New Hampshire. For every arrest we see dozens of new movers. To those who were arrested I want to say thank you for being the leaders we should all strive to be.

Free Talk Live & Studio Raids:

Backup video link (particularly in case of further YouTube censorship) on IPFS:

Mighty Moose Mart & Bitcoin Embassy Raids:

Backup video link (particularly in case of further YouTube censorship) on IPFS:

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  1. David: It wasn’t “borderline entrapment”, it was an outright made up lie. Everyone whose listened to Ian talk over the years realizes this guy doesn’t sell crypto to people committing crimes. He knew not to do that because those literally are the tactics the FBI utilizes to target those selling crypto since selling crypto in and of itself isn’t a crime. It’s been reported that Ian didn’t do that and turned down on a number of occasions people who attempted tom buy crypto from him who were claiming to be involved in one sort of criminal activity or another. I believe drugs was mentioned on at least one occasion on Free Talk Live. This is just an outright made up lie by some agent whose going to get up on the stand and lie his ass off because nobody holds this crooked bastards to account and there won’t be any actual evidence of Ian selling to someone claiming they were involved in criminal activity because Ian doesn’t do that. With others who have sold Bitcoin I can understand that maybe they got caught up in some sort of government bull shit, but that didn’t happen here. This is just outright government crookedness.

  2. ok.. well then they’ll have to go to court and just say to the judge that they have no evidence in that regard if they have no evidence I just presumed that because the prosecutor said it that they would have evidence that is good; but you know that’s presuming which is never good to do

  3. Jumping Jacks:

    “David Crawford – My family is very proud of me. You see, I have never been arrested or served time in jail. I have never ripped my friends off in money schemes.”

    Sounds like your family has super super low standards if that’s all it takes for them to be proud of you. My parents expected at least a bachelor degree and quite frankly my lack of at least a masters effectively means they ain’t that impressed.

    “I seriously doubt Ian’s parents are proud of him. I bet they are so tired of his BS they have to put paper bags on their head to just go outside. That goes the same for your parents.”
    Parents are overrated. I and thousands of others are impressed with what Ian has accomplished. He’s brought together 10s of thousands of people to organize a revolt of tyrants calling themselves government. This is why you and other goons are so upset and react violently to him and will do whatever it takes to wipe Ian off the map. That’s doing something with your life and any self respecting person would be proud of.

    “How else are you going to get it. Bitcoin? Ian is in jail. He can’t charge you high transaction fees anymore”

    Ohh IDK maybe the same way as before. You are so ignorant of the crypto world as to think Ian was the only one selling crypto. His fees weren’t high and in fact competitive on the market. You would literally have to believe the lies the prosecutor told to think otherwise. Vending machines fees are as high as 20%. Ian’s church’s fees on vending were the lowest in the industry and if anything resulted in people visiting New Hampshire because of it. There is no comparison between vending machine fees an exchange fees because with volume come lower fees and vending machine operators have to get crypto from the exchanges typically. The idea that you could even have a vending machine selling crypto at 2%-5% is a joke. Everyone who knows crypto knows 8% is too good to be true and yet that’s what the machines were for a long time. If anything government drove up those fees by pressuring banks to close the accounts of anyone tied to Bitcoin.

    “With Ian and a few others gone, The city of Keene is going to have a couple less criminals to deal with”

    We already have a new mover and a bunch of people either planning a move to Keene and/or looking into it that want to move. Sorry- but your fetish fantasies where of Keene losing activists just aren’t going to come to fruition.

  4. if there is no evidence.. about that, I’m glad.

  5. Jumping Jacks: You are pathetic and it’s really sad what a loser you are in real life. You make shit up and repeat lies told by liars. Not only lies about Ian about things you know nothing about you even tell lies about yourself like how you have three PHDs.. Yea. SURE you do. You ignore the corrections to those lies people inform you about and well, it shows to everyone here. Then you go on and just make more shit up even beyond the lies the government and media are telling. I don’t know what kind of mental illness runs in your family, but it’s apparent it runs deep.

  6. Free Keene is failing because they invaded a community without making any attempt to understand what the citizens of Keene value most in their community.

    Instead he removed Free Keene from the community and created the Shire. Ian had no interest in making this state or city better. This in the end is Ian manipulating those he had move here on the terms of a better life…Instead it turned out to be all about how much Ian could earn living in the crappiest houses in Keene…and being the downright terrible and inconsiderate neighbor. Actual comments by one of his neighbors

    The people of Keene have been far to accommodating to a group that has no interest in discussing ways to make the community safer. When Free Keene came so did the drugs. This isn’t a coincidence.

    Maybe this can still work…but the Free Keene members have no interest in being told a lot of what they believe is just hyperbole.

    Lastly, everyone ask yourself of all the places in the United States Ian could have chosen he didn’t choose where he is born. He didn’t choose to remain near immediate family. He chose a community big enough where he thought he could blend in and get away with some parking enforcement harrassment and some challenges of procedural issues.

    While I don’t believe Ian had a complete plan when he arrived..I always have thought along with other locals that it was more about what Ian thought he could get away with. As it turned out. Not much.

  7. Frank Rizzo speaks the truth. Whether liberals or conservatives, most of us in New Hampshire are somewhat Libertarian. I remember thinking that it was cool that the Free State Project chose New Hampshire. But, then, there was the harassment of meter maids. Chris Cantwell declared himself justified in shooting a police officer the minute that the blue lights came on to pull him over. Then came Charlottesville and his racist garbage.Ian Freeman defended legal sex between adults and children, harassed public officials, created fake churches to avoid taxes, and advocates New Hampshire seceding from the United States. The endless anti-social behavior and criminal conduct comes with a price. Cantwell is in federal prison. Freeman and Nobody are being held without bail. Four others are facing serious charges. Freeman could very possibly be locked up for a decade on the RICO charges. Some of you seem prepared to continue the same behavior. Unless you can hack being locked up alone in an 8 foot cell for 23 hours a day, I urge you to reconsider.

  8. frank rizzo : Have you even BEEN on Leverett st?

    Ians house is closer to being the best house on the street; that’s one lie of your last blurb.
    He gets along well with his neighbors. Yes there are hateful people like you, that aren’t his neighbors, that spew hate.
    “freekeeners dont want to be told”
    By you!? By you, no they don’t want to be told. Though you have this forum that you use, provided by them, and you haven’t been blocked. So there’s that. You are welcome.
    “Far too accommodating”
    lol, elaborate, please.
    Show me the accomodations, that the “city of Keene” did far too much.

  9. Frank Rizzo… might have a smattering of truth.. but it’s interspersed with complete and blatant nonsense.. aka lies.. that are… so obvious.. but of course he has a ready choir lol…

  10. David Crawford – You obviously read my posts and so do a lot of other people. No matter what I say on this forum, someone answers back.

    You are just butt hurt because your idols Ian and RNP are in jail. They will remain there for a very long time. That Mark guy that does that talk show with Ian has already skipped the country.

    I really wonder who’s going to roll over on Ian and RNP first. It will happen. The lesser of the crypto6 more than likely will be offered a plea deal in exchange for leniency. In the plea deal they will have to testify against Ian and RNP. Who do you think will roll over on Ian and RNP? I’m going with the two youngest members of the crypto6. Though all of them will more than likely roll over on Ian and RNP. There are a lot of consequences if they don’t.

    I also read Ian and his chain gang bilked $80,000 from a a widow. I had heard about this a while ago. We will have to see where this trial will go.

    The freekeene movement is going under. The FSP is just a hobby and I’m sure they will kick these people out of the fsp among other groups.

    David, you seem to go through great links to respond to me. You, who is desperate to make up garbage to save the only thing in your life.

  11. JJ, The word you were searching for – not “links”- is “lengths” but your limits in vocabulary measure your limits in intellect. If our rebukes to you only could constitute pinpricks, you should have died the ‘thousand cuts’ result a long time ago. Thick and stupid skin is my guess.

  12. JJ. i saw my name at the heading of your last post.. it was hard to avoid seeing.
    The rest, below it, was easy to avoid seeing.
    You have ZERO of any worth to say.
    JJ your talk is less than garbage.

  13. The Great HODLer: That is a great video of the first FBI raid that was fabricated and over non-existent ‘child porn’. The humor in it is these guys were two gay dudes and one was naked. I can just just imagine the FBI agent going in knowing that there wasn’t any child porn, but then being shocked to see a gay naked guy, and then after the behavior exhibited of at least TJ he was probably thinking ‘I thought this whole pedophilia thing was made up’, but of course now thinking they’d actually stumbled onto something real. TJ’s super bizarre behavior in front of the FBI was just weird. Logically it makes sense, but no other sane human being would strip down like that for the FBI to avoid being shot to death. TJ & James are really super guys that said!

  14. kk – What’s your arrest record? When I read your pathetic whines and rants I know right away your parents are not proud of you. Wow, 3 PhD’s? I am flattered. Got news for you, I am still working on the first one. Sounds like you lie more than almost anyone on this forum. You must feel life is slipping from you since your Idols were caught by the FBI. You probably feel to old to start new with new idols

    David kk – Who do you think is going to roll over on Ian and RNP?. I’m betting it’s the younger ones. They will be given a plea deal and in return testify against your heroes. I know if this were different, Ian and RNP would roll over anyone for a better deal. They would roll over each other. That is what you freekeeners are, Candyasses. When it comes time to stand by your principals, you fold like the cowards you are.

    I’m not making anything up like you clowns are. All my info comes directly from reputable media. You know, reporters that actually have a degree in journalism with ethics and morals.

    I bet the guy Mark who did all those shows with Ian doesn’t come back to the USA. He knew when and where to run.

    I have heard Ian and a couple of his flunkies bilked $80,000 out of a widow. a while back. I remember something like that. I think it happened last year.

    You continue defending Ian and the rest of the crypto6, Because when Ian is gone and RNP is gone, freekeene will be gone.

    That is an exciting thought.

  15. Uh huh. Obviously, Jacks.

    Anyway, so that Mark Edge guy’s fled the country, huh? And Ian bilked a widow outta $80K? Yowsers. That’s absolutely disgraceful. What a bunch of asswipes, right munchkin? Good thing we have you around to give us the skinny on all the sweet, sweet Crypto Six secrets.

    By the way, your alter ego Mark Wolf’s been saying that Ian’s got a buttload of bitcoins hidden away somewhere. How many of ’em do you think he has, big guy? I’ll bet it’s a lot. And they’re selling at around $60K a pop these days, so Ian should be able to afford some pretty expensive lawyers, am I right?

    Hey, do you think the FBI will ever find them? Boy, I sure hope not. I mean can you imagine how many illegal covert projects the FBI could fund with that kind of cabbage?

  16. Jack, Shit your fucking mouth.. fucking idiot

  17. David Crawford – What’s the problem? You take your frustrations out on me. I haven’t done anything.. You should be mad at your heroes the cyptid6. They are the ones who made freekeene a mockery and soon defunct.

    It is hilarious how many butt hurt freekeeners spew off incredible BS about Ian and the gang. Ian knew what he was doing. It is so apparent. He was so sure of himself he left a trail to follow so people can marvel at his criminal enterprise. Unfortunately for him, the FBI and law enforcement knew where to look and they hit the jackpot. Ian is more than likely going to lose all his properties because he used laundered money to by those properties.

    When he and RNP get out of prison, they will be living on the streets.

    Since Ian dated a minor when he was thirty, his cellmate and others will find out about all his crimes. If they see Ian has corrupted a minor his life won’t mean dick on the cell block. Don’t forget. Ian and RNP are prevented to talk to each other. I am anxious to see what kind of deal Ian’s lawyer will try to finagle He is going away. Freekeene will disappear and the town of Keene can go back to what made Keene great. The people without idiot activists.

    You didn’t answer my question. Who do you think will roll over Ian and RNP? The other 4 have a lot to lose standing by Ian and RNP. What the heck, they will all roll over on Ian and RNP. Say your goodbyes now idiot.

  18. Geez, Jacks. Why such a grouch today? Creepy Crawford’s just trying to point out the many flaws in your arguments. No need to rip his head off. Couldn’tcha have just let him off with a warning?

    Anyway, the Creepster’s right, munchkin. You’re just not the forceful and media-savvy Jacks a lot of us have been counting on for daily covid statistics and crypto advice. Now you’re just like every other lying wuss with an internet account. Hey, when do you think the old Jacks will be coming back? He was so awesome.

    By the way, I’m still awaiting that apology from you, big guy. Maybe you could try out a practice apology on Dave here first and then swing around to me a little later once you’re ready. Sound like a plan? I’ll be waiting here with bells on, ok?

  19. did i mention that i don’t read you stupid bullshit… jack in a box.. you are a moron! STFU!!!!!!

  20. I was about to say I miss the old Jacks…

  21. Hey Intrigare. Remember that time when Jacks told us he was married to a teacher – you know, to fool everyone here into believing that he was an expert on school taxes? God he was so cool.

  22. what was the old jack like

  23. So I’m married to a public school teacher. At least she has a very good job and makes a difference in children’s lives. What do you do?, You sit on your ass in front of a computer all day long You should be proud. she is spending your tax dollars like a good teacher does and will continue to do so. There is nothing you can do about it.

    My clinics are supported by federal grants. I know I have said this before. This allows me to take patients who may not have insurance or good insurance. Their bills are covered by these grants. You clowns do not but bitch and whine until it sinks in how wrong you are. Like Ian and RNP and the other crypto6. They are very wrong and now they have to atone for that.

    David Crawford – What is your problem. You constantly tell me you don’t read my posts but her you are. A freekeene troll. whining like a 2 year old for a cookie.

    How long is your arrest record? The last I heard you don’t drive a car. You just do the bike thing. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s great exercise.

    Yeah David, you just need to let Ian, RNP, and the rest of the crypto6 go. Why the mainstream media at people’s hands, the truth isn’t very far away.

    What do you think is going to happen to that aria DeMezzo person? Not all federal and nonfederal prisons have places to keep Aria safe. Aria will be violated almost as much as Ian and RNP will be.

    I am coming to Keene to watch this trial. No way am I missing this. I may brind some of my friends with who also look at this forum. It will be great. I don’t know if I will stay for the punishment phase of the trial. I’m sure I will read about it or it will be put on youtube. Loser

  24. was he less horrible? … he’s definitely spewing… spiritual cancer now… hence not reading him. I didn’t read him before but, I don’t think he was as horrible before. I think he was just dreadful

  25. Ian Freeman is a sophisticated criminal,” MacDonald said.

    MacDonald said Freeman used his Shire Free Church, Church of the Invisible Hand, Reformed Satanic Temple and New Hampshire Peace Church to launder his payments. Freeman charged fees of between 5 and 15 percent on the bitcoin transactions, much higher than the normal 2 to 3 percent, according to MacDonald. Some scam victims were even directed to purchase bitcoin from Freeman, and were told to pay “donations” to his churches, according to MacDonald.

  26. Y’all quote names that say things..
    People say things here too.
    I guess frank is saying that to show that he read something or that he can read.. or.. lots of people say lots of things.. right here in the FK site.. it’s happens lol

  27. Yowsers. So you’re rolling in a haystack of sweet, sweet government grant money these days, huh Jacks? God you’re such a badass. I’ll bet you’re having the best ham money can buy on your Easter table this Sunday, aren’tcha? None of that bullshit dollar-a-pound ham shank garbage the rest of us proles have to suffer with, am I right?

    Anyway munchkin, thanks for giving us another healthy scoop of pretentiousness, overbearing self-righteousness and self-importance for old times sake. That should keep us sated through the rest of the weekend. We’ll let you get back to God’s work of putting Ian’s minions in their places.

    Oh, and big guy? Between you and me I think you’re right on the money about your ol’ pal the Creepster. He’s been gobbling up every word you write for days now. What a dick, huh? Now I know you’ve already done us a solid today, but it’d just be the shit if you could call him a “hypocrite” before the weekend’s out. No pressure, mind you. I mean no one’s placing bets on this or anything. Honest. Just think of it like putting a cherry on top of a sundae. Thanks in advance, by the way.

  28. Hey Rizzo. Cliff Yablonsky here. Remember me? I’m one of those American war heroes you commie jackoffs want to replace with illegals because us vets refuse to vote the way you assholes want us to.

    Did you know that Ian has only three felony arrests on his record? And those were all over eight years ago. He’s also never been charged with a violent crime or drug dealing. What he does In fact face is a “novel” prosecution that the Feds have never successfully pulled off on any crypto trader before.

    Fuck. It’s a good thing we have those skindicks around to protect us, ain’t it fagbait? I mean why go after sleazoid politicians who tax our motor oil and make hush-hush trade deals with Chinese communists while leaving our borders open to wetbacks infested with ticks and scabies? Not when it’s way easier to make up new and “novel” ways to torment peaceful entrepreneurs making an honest living. Shit. Any medals they get for this oughtta be pinned to their spleens.

    I’m onto you, Rizzo. You’re one cunt hair away from me laying ruts in your rose bushes with my Chrysler. So watch your step.


  29. David Crawford “Less horrible”? I am the same person. You freekeeners say everyone should be heard and be tolerant to those who disagree. Well David, those are all lies..

    Did you honestly believe freekeene was going to be around forever? Did you honestly believe Ian and RNP were going to be on the straight and narrow? Now your buddies are going to be in prison. Maybe now you can get out of your grandma’s basement and start living.

    When the trial starts, I will be there but I think I will makes some buttons with Ian’s face on it with a line over his face. Same for RNP. I bet I could give these to the whole town of Keene and they would wear them.

    I even thought of making up t-shirts. They would say, “I went to the crypto6’s trial and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”. Maybe even bumper stickers. A lot of you freekeners drive sh*t cars. A couple of my stickers could be the only thing holding the engine in your vehicle.

    Yeah, I could make a lot of money from this. Just like Ian and RNP did from scamming their friends and criminals.

  30. You know what would make a really great t-shirt slogan, Jacks? “CREEPY CRAWFORD IS A HYPOCRITE” in all capital letters. Ha ha. Can you imagine?

    Anyway, do you have any thoughts on when you’ll be coming up here? I know Ian’s supposed to be getting a speedy trial and all, but these things always seem to progress a lot more slowly when you libtard weirdos are in charge, don’t they munchkin? Wait, you don’t think that’s why they call you guys “progressives,” now do you?

    Oh, before I forget big guy, didja hear the bad news? Florida’s governor announced he’s rejecting all of Dementia Joe’s vaccine passport initiatives! What a racist, huh? Hey, what do you think this means for all you libtard weirdos and your mission from God? Do you think the Covid Pope’s reign is finally coming to an end? And whaddya think the pandemic protestors’ll do to him once he’s out?

  31. I guess I will know more when a trial date is set., As far a Florida goes, If you want the injection get it. If not then don’t.

    As of today 4/5/21 there are currently 3177 confirmed cases of covid-19.

    Ian and RNC have to stay in isolation for 14 days before being let into general population. When it’s time to go to population, they will more than likely will still be locked into segregation because they cannot see or talk to each other. One maybe sent to a different jail.

    The only libtard is you frankenstein.

  32. Ha ha ha. “Frankenstein.” Nice one, Jacks. You’re such a badass. Hey, which actor do you think portrayed him the best, anyway? And don’t say Boris Karloff. That’s what everybody says.

  33. Oh, and thanks for the new covid stats too, munchkin. You’re such a swell guy to be taking requests from us proles.

  34. By the way, thanks a bunch for all those cool facts about prison life and stuff. How’d you get to be so knowledgeable about that sort of thing, anyway? Didja learn it while you were a prison nurse or something? Boy Jacks, you’ve really led an exciting life, haven’tcha?

  35. Anyway, speaking of covid, didja hear the news? It turns out Pope Saint Fauci the Great’s been peddling around nonsense that the feds will NOT actually be requiring Americans to use vaccine passports to prove they’ve been immunized! Geez, talk about speaking out of turn, am I right? I mean especially considering that Dementia Joe’s bosses have been saying exactly the opposite. Boy, ya think this might put a monkey wrench in the works for you libtard weirdos’ plans to control everybody else’s lives?

  36. I was never a prison nurse frankenstein. I did a clinical rotation through one but I was never a prison nurse.

    So what are you freekeeners going to do now that all your hideaways are pretty much closed down. Are you going to go hang out at the gazebo? Maybe you clowns will protest outside the jail.

    Looking at the federal prisons in New Hampshire, there I only one. Federal Correctional Institution Berlin. If it’s full, Ian and RNP could be sent to another federal prison in the USA.

  37. Uh huh. Got it, Jacks. Never a prison nurse, always a doctoral candidate, am I right? Like I said munchkin, you’ve led a super exciting life. No one can take that away from you. I mean that, big guy.

    By the way, speaking of prisons, I think the best actor to play Frankenstein’s monster was Clancy Brown. Remember him? He played the prison captain in that movie “The Shawshank Redemption.” God he was so hot back in the day. Way hotter than Sting.

    Anyway, so you’re toying with the idea of selling t-shirts and bumper stickers, huh? You know, you might want to discuss this with your accountant first before you start sinking your sweet, sweet rehab clinic paychecks on any of that shit. I know it sound glamorous, but the merch business isn’t as lucrative as you might think. Trust me on that. But hey, you did a clinical rotation at a prison, so I’m betting you have the force of character to make things work.

    Oh, before I go Jacks, what the hell happened with today’s posting of covid stats? I mean I know the Dementia Joe administration’s put the kibosh on that “vaccine passport” thingy and everything, but you’re still on a mission from God, aren’tcha? Anyway, check this out. It’s from Canada. That’s where the best journalism comes from.

  38. Frankenstein – The only real frankenstein out there is you. It would be impolite to not address you appropriately. Don’t worry about the t-shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers. I will do what I want to do. My money so why would you care.

    You sounds scared of the whole toys, trinkets, and trash ideas. Why would I ever take advice for you frankenstein?

    As far as the “vaccine passport” goes, I was never a fan of that anyhow. I’m glad Biden shut it down.

  39. i agree with Jack in one thing; that this guy with sentences for a name is a fucking clown…. not worth reading (except jack reads Jim; i don’t)

  40. Hmm. Not a fan of vaccine passports, huh Jacks? Geez. Well that seems a bit out of character. Especially from the guy who expresses such fondness for the idea of a police state raining hell down on pretty much everything he doesn’t like.

    Oh, and I see you have an admirer now. “Donna.” What a hot-sounding name, right? Reminds me of that Ritchie Valens song. Anyway, it’s pretty obvious she’s one of those harpies who hates anything that’s harmless and fun. Kind of like you, munchkin. I hope she sticks around. This comments section needs more of you types.

    Anyway, I still don’t see how this merch thingy of yours is going to make you any money. Unless of course you were to take crypto exclusively as payment. You know big guy, those things have been going through the roof lately. Especially Ethereum and Bitcoin. But that’s all just crazy talk, isn’t it? I mean, if you were to take crypto, then that would make you a hypocrite, wouldn’t it? Can’t have any of that, can we?

  41. Frankenstein – What do you care? This has absolutely nothing to do with you. You continually try to push my buttons but it doesn’t work.

    “I hope she sticks around. This comments section needs more of you types”. “You types”? What exactly does “you types”? mean? I know it could use less of you types.

    In the end, you are just another anonymous freekeene troll.

  42. Hehe so cute to see Jacks using pet names again. It seems things are getting back to normal around here then. Ah, finally.

    I am curious though. Jacks, although you’re not a fan, would you still be proud of your staff if they all got vaccine passports?

  43. If that is what any of my staff wants to do, That’s fine with me.

    I don’t see the big deal if they want to or not.

  44. Sheesh, Jacks. Take a chill pill or something. Or maybe make yourself a couple of Mai Tais and give your feet a good soak in one of those foot spas. That’s what I do when I’m beside myself.

    Anyway, by “you types” I meant “libtard weirdos” obviously. You know who I’m talking about, munchkin. The kind of people who think they’re the only ones who understand the big picture in any conversation and therefore are the only ones qualified to bring an educated, common sense approach to any and all of what they regard as “society’s” problems. Even if no problem actually exists. Pretty assholish, am I right?

    Oh, before I go, I found this photo on the internet. I thought you should see it. It was taken a few days ago in Arlington, TX. Wow. Look at all those people enjoying themselves! I’ll bet this really pushes your buttons, doesn’t it Big Guy?

  45. I know, right Intrigare? Jacks just keeps setting the standard here.

    Oh, and it’s pretty sweet that Jacks just lets his staff do whatever they want and stuff, huh? I sure wish my boss was that awesome.

  46. Silvia DeSitter – You are not smart enough to be my employee. Maybe you can hook up with Ian or RNP and get a degree in prison.

  47. Uh huh. You know Jacks, it’s uncanny how you free and easy libtard weirdos are always talking about how you want to imprison people who say things you don’t want to hear, huh?

    Anyway, the good news is I already have a degree, munchkin. Want to play a guessing game to find out what subject it’s in? I’ll give you twenty guesses which I’ll answer as being “hotter” or “colder.” Let me know when you’re ready, big guy. Boy, this is going to be such fun!

  48. Oo oo can I play? Can I play?

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