Government Introduces Bitcoin To Prisoner Scheme: Send Your Caged Friends Books & Pay in Bitcoin

Political Prisoners Being Held At The Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat

Political prisoners being currently being held at the Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat: Nobody (formally known as Rich Paul) & Ian Freeman

The Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat has taken it upon itself to open it’s doors to our political prisoner’s request(s) to receive books paid for with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. How does this work you might ask? Well through an intermediary ( you can now order books and have them delivered to the jail’s inmates via Amazon. You see Amazon is the exclusive entity available by which inmates are allowed to receive books and Purse is the company which handles the cryptocurrency part of the transaction. When you purchase a book for a prisoner and pay in Bitcoin Purse’s ‘earners’- individuals who wish to acquire Bitcoin will purchase your chosen book from Amazon and have Amazon send it directly to the political prisoner. Instructions on the steps to accomplish this are below.

Currently there is an Amazon wish list setup for Ian Freeman:

A wish list for Nobody (a political activist, one of two Crypto6 victims currently incarcerated at the Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat) is currently in development. An update will be posted once we have a 2nd list available.



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  1. Oh Jacks,

    Its so cute when you attempt to figure things out and fail.

    But still, maybe let Lars try? Speaking of interesting, I bet he’s got some ideas worth sharing. Only if that’s okay with you Jacks.

  2. Intrigare – You are quite the ignorant person. All the information I know about the crypto6 is from the real main stream news. I will believe that over freekeeners who skip over pertinent information. It must be tough competing with the real news. I’m sure it triggers your behavior of painting on the walls with your own poop

  3. Real mainstream news huh? Oh my… who could compete with that? No wonder you’re so smart Jumping Jacks 🙂

  4. Intrigare – Thank you for the compliment.

  5. is “funned” a word?
    I’m just wondering if spellcheck could have inserted it but I guess that mean not be the excuse Lol.. It seems like that 1 might have been typed out

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