Ross Ulbricht Speaks Truth to Power

For the first time since being caged, Ross Ulbricht — no stranger to readers of — candidly, and powerfully spoke out. In this 25-minute audio recording he:

  • details his motivation for creating the Silk Road and his subsequent character assassination and caging
  • implores his captors to act not with contempt but compassion
  • shares his excitement about the liberating impact of decentralized cryptocurrency for individuals & humanity

On the use of the phrase “Speak truth to power”, let’s turn for a moment to a passage from Ben Stone’s Sedition Subversion and Sabotage Field Manual No. 1, where he notes:

“Speak truth to power” is an old Quaker phrase that has been co-opted by several groups for different purposes. Although it didn’t make it into print until the twentieth century, its origin is commonly believed to be a nineteenth century description of an event in 1655 when Quaker activist George Fox was captured and brought before Oliver Cromwell. Facing the threat of death by flames or worse, Fox proclaimed without fear or respect of person, the truth as he knew it to be. Cromwell, a Puritan and a sworn enemy of the Quakers, was so impressed by this man of faith that he let Fox go free. Twice. Subsequently the story has become perverted to purvey the idea that Fox spoke “truth to power” to influence government to do his bidding. Balderdash! Fox had exactly ZERO influence on the Cromwell government.

George Fox almost certainly believed himself to be a dead-man-talking as he rebuked, condemned, and reviled the murderer, Cromwell. The fact that Cromwell’s conscience struck him and caused him to act in mercy towards Fox speaks to Cromwell’s Christian upbringing and parentage and not to the absurd idea that facing death, Fox tried to use the government that he so reviled. The witness of George Fox’s life proclaims that any words he spoke to Cromwell were spoken with a full knowledge that he was speaking to the ages, not to some usurper on a man-made throne of blood and gore! Thus we have the key. We must boldly speak truth in the face of power. Not to influence power, but to state truth for posterity’s sake.

However, Ross not only stated truth for posterity’s sake, he made a direct appeal to those responsible for his caging. To each individual’s conscious. He retains hope, because he has seen more than one friend overcome a life sentence — something he likened to a “miracle”, and thusly called for “more miracles.” I think this is worthwhile, because individuals can and do modify their ideas. If thought otherwise, what’s the point of doing outreach at all?

Further — and this speaks volumes about his peace of mind — Ross explicitly stated that he:

…forgave all the people involved in putting me in prison. I had to. The anger I felt wasn’t hurting them but it was hurting me. So for the sake of my sanity I had to let it go.

Overall, this was a very powerful commentary. I’m so glad Ross finally spoke out. More than once, I was in tears. And I was happy to be able to communicate my appreciation to his mother last week when at PorcFest.

Edward Snowden once said, “There are no heroes. There are only heroic decisions.” If that’s the case, then Ross Ulbricht has been making heroic decisions for years. I — and many others — look forward to the day when we can tell him face-to-face, and uncaged, that his actions were not in vain.

Ross called on listeners to “set your sights on the hardest problems.” Let’s do it. Let’s lift ourselves and each other up.


Hello, this is Ross Ulbricht.

I’m calling you today from prison. From a maximum security federal penitentiary. We don’t have much time together today and I don’t know if I’ll get another chance to talk to you like this. I’ll say as much as I can but when it’s time to go I’ll have to hang up and go back to my cell.

I have lost my freedom. That’s what I want to talk to you about today.

I want you to understand what it means to lose your freedom.

But first let’s talk about bitcoin. I was there during bitcoin’s early days. Back then bitcoin made me feel like anything was possible. Bitcoin was open to everyone, right. That’s what I loved so much about it, like it leveled the playing field.

When the idea of bitcoin really clicked for me, I got so excited I thought with bitcoin I can try to do something that actually makes a difference. And by the way, before I was put in prison, we didn’t have all these different cryptocurrencies and tokens and everything. I missed all that. So to me it’s all one thing, the forks, the new blockchains, all of it. So when I say bitcoin, I’m not making those distinctions. To me, it may sound kind of corny, but, to me we’re all one big family.

So I was excited back then but I was also very impatient. I saw what bitcoin could do for freedom and equality but I didn’t take the time to really understand it. I didn’t fully appreciate the principles it’s based on. Things like immutability and consensus and of course decentralization. I had so many big dreams for bitcoin and what’s so beautiful is, slowly those dreams are coming true. That’s because of you, you are making those dreams a reality. You are doing what I didn’t have the patience for. These last eight years now in prison, over and over I’ve been so impressed with how far we’ve come. But back then I was impatient. I rushed ahead with my first idea, which was Silk Road.

Silk Road was a website I made when I was 26 years old, more than a decade ago now. It used Tor and bitcoin to protect people’s privacy. I called it an anonymous market. At the time I thought, if bitcoin makes payments anonymous and private then, what are we waiting for? Why are we sitting around talking about it, let’s put it into action. That’s impulsive. That’s a 26 year old who thinks he has to save the world before someone beats him to it. I had no idea if Silk Road would work, but now we all know it caught on. It was used to sell drugs and now I’m in prison. I was given two life sentences without parole plus 40 years.

I’m a non-violent first-time offender but if nothing changes I’ll spend the next few decades in this cage. Then sometime later this century I’ll grow old and die. I’ll finally leave prison but I’ll be in a body bag.

I got a letter the other day. It was from someone I hadn’t met before. He was thanking me, he was grateful I had put Silk Road online all those years ago. He believed that bitcoin wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for Silk Road. I’m not sure. For better or worse, Silk Road is part of bitcoin’s history now, but I worry that by putting Silk Road online I made things harder for us. There’s no way to know how things would have turned out differently but I just want to say to the extent that I made things harder for us, I’m sorry. The extent that my actions led to drug abuse and addiction, I’m sorry. I was trying to do something good, I was trying to help us move toward a freer and more equitable world. But we all know the road to hell is paved with good intentions right, and now here I am. I’m in hell.

I want you to understand what it means to lose your freedom.

Let me start by telling you about the hole. It goes by many names: the shoe, segregation, the box. But for me it’s the hole. The hole is the prison within the prison. I once spent four months straight in the hole. Not easy for me to talk about but I will. The hole can make you or break you and there was a time when it broke me. It started with my mind racing out of control. I felt like the walls were crushing in on me like I just had to get out of that cell. This lasted days. Then I started beating the walls and kicking the heavy metal door. Something, something deep inside me cried out for freedom. I couldn’t accept where I was or what had happened to me. But eventually I realised I had to get a grip. The stress was destroying me.

It may sound strange but what saved me was gratitude. But what could I be grateful for in that little cell? Well, I had to start small. I had air, right? Maybe it was stale and foul but I had air. I had water that didn’t make me sick. Food came through the slot in the door every day.

I knew I wasn’t forgotten. My family, I knew someday it would be over and my family would still be there. I forgave all the people involved in putting me in prison. I had to. The anger I felt wasn’t hurting them but it was hurting me. So for the sake of my sanity I had to let it go.

I had a dream when I was in the hole and in the dream I was free. I was in a park and I felt this huge relief. I wasn’t in prison anymore and then I got worried. Am I out on bail or something? Or are they gonna put me back in? Are they after me right now? And I started trying to get away and the anxiety, it just woke me up. And there I was again. In the hole. And it was like everything that had happened to me over all these years, it all came slamming down on me at once like life without parole, maximum security. I’ve been in the hole for months and there’s no end in sight.

I want you to understand what it means to lose your freedom.

My mother, this was after I was sentenced, my mother was invited to give a speaking tour in Europe. She was raising awareness about what had happened to me and was looking for help. At a talk in Poland she started to feel a bit sick and had to fly home early. So the next morning I called my sister from the prison and the first thing she said was: “Has anyone told you about mom yet?” I said: “What about her?” and, she said to me in this voice, she said: “Oh Ross, Ross, Ross.” and I knew our mom had been feeling sick and in that moment I just knew my sister was gonna tell me our mom was dead. But she said: “Mom’s in the hospital.” and I was like: “Oh thank God she’s not dead.” but I was like: “Wait, the hospital? That’s not good either.”

Technically our mother had died. Her heart stopped at the breakfast table that morning. My uncle kept it going with CPR and she was rushed to the hospital. She was unconscious in the ICU when I called. It was a long time before I was able to talk to her. I didn’t know if she would live. We didn’t know if there would be brain damage. No one would say it but I knew it was my fault. She had been redlining for two years since the day I was arrested. Pushing, pushing, pushing, every moment of every day for my freedom. Stress-induced cardiomyopathy. I call it broken heart syndrome. I broke my mother’s heart and it nearly killed her.

The pain I’ve caused my family. I didn’t think of them, not as much as I should have when I was taking those risks when I was risking my freedom. My mom made a full recovery, thank God. Eight years later she still pushes for me every day but the whole ordeal, my imprisonment, has been devastating for her. And not just her: my fiance, my father, my sister, everyone. They’re all hurting.

I want you to understand what it means to lose your freedom.

There’s more to losing your freedom, It’s more than being locked in a cage and the devastation that brings to your family. Locking someone in a cage until they die, it’s such a horrific thing to do to a person. To lock someone in a cage until they die, the public, you, you have to be convinced that person is evil. That they are somehow less than human.

After I was arrested another prisoner came up to me, a young man. He had a magazine and he said, he said: “Ross, they wrote an article about you.”. So I flipped the article and I’ll never forget what I saw. It was an illustration of me and what was so strange was the face had my features and proportions but the skin had a putrid color. The eyes were bloodshot. I was, I was hunched over like some kind of ghoul. I pushed the magazine away, I just couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t face what I was seeing. It felt like, I could feel physical pain in my chest like claws were tearing through me. The young man, he said: “At least read what they’re saying about you.” and, and I said: “Why? Why listen to someone badmouth you and lie about you, if you can’t say anything back?”. It got quiet.

Later that day he told me they had done the same thing to him. Not on national news but in his local paper. “They do it to all of us.” After I said I didn’t want to read it he tore out the article and shredded it, right into the trash and he said: “I don’t want to read it either.”. That meant so much to me, “I don’t want to read it either.”. See, he gave me hope that you wouldn’t look at me like I’m some sort of monster.

The caricature they created was a violent drug lord. That is not who I am. That is a lie. It’s a lie that was carefully crafted to justify keeping me in this cage until I die. It’s a lie designed to turn you against me. To turn your heart off.

They lied, it’s on the record. They cheated, that’s on the record. They stole. Two of them went to prison over the stealing. They hid evidence, that’s on the record. They destroyed evidence, that’s on the record. They planted evidence, that’s on the record.

At one point they were looking into how they could give me the death penalty. They wanted to inject chemicals into my veins that would stop my heart. I had this dream where one of them was pointing a syringe at the soft spot on my neck just under my chin. He kept getting closer and closer and I backed away but my back was against the wall, every muscle in my body was tensed as I strained to get away. I was practically climbing the wall as the tip of the syringe came right next to my skin. I woke up in that exact same position, I was hyperventilating, my heart was pounding, I could still feel the needle coming toward me.

Are you starting to understand what it means to lose your freedom?

It means living in constant fear. Why has it taken me all these years to finally talk to you? I’ve been afraid. Even now I was strongly warned against talking to you. You’ll only anger the authorities even more or you’ll ruin what little chance you have left in the courts. Well, it’s not my intention to anger anyone and yes, I’m afraid. I’m afraid of retaliation. I’m afraid that because of what I’m saying to you today I’ll be thrown in the hole or worse.

But I’ve learned that listening to your fears can be just as dangerous as ignoring them. Somehow eight years have slipped by. It’s been easier to ignore the lies and everything else to just focus on getting through each day and trying to be strong for my family. But today, right now I have a message for those that have been lying about me and those that have been thoughtlessly repeating those lies. Please stop. You are hurting me. Please stop. You know what you’re saying isn’t true. You’re hurting me and you’re hurting my family. Please stop.

I want you to understand what it means to lose your freedom.

The irony is that I made Silk Road in the first place because I thought I was furthering the things I cared about. Freedom. Privacy. Equality. But by making Silk Road I wound up in a place where those things don’t exist. I am not alone. These prisons are full of people who don’t deserve this. We are mothers and fathers, we are sisters and brothers, but we’ve been made into monsters in your eyes. We’ve been made less than human.

And then next to all that there’s bitcoin. Bitcoin has been transforming our world since that very first block in the blockchain. And let me tell you something. We are just getting started. Wherever bitcoin has been embraced, anywhere in the world, freedom and equality follow. Bitcoin is the embodiment of freedom. So now look what we have, on one side we have loss of freedom, we have despair and darkness. And on the other side we have bitcoin. We have freedom, equality, and hope. The two can’t sit side by side so the darkness has to be kept out of sight. It has to be ignored and forgotten. But listen, here I am, I’m crying out from that very same darkness. This is a cry for help. My mother can’t do this by herself and I’m crying out not just for me but for all of us. We need your help. We need you to care. We need you to look at the stark contrast between the freedom of bitcoin on the one hand and what it means to be locked in a cage until you die. We have a choice, today, right now, do we ignore what’s happening? The loss of freedom, the dehumanization, or do we wake up? Listen, bitcoin is strong, bitcoin is powerful, we are powerful and our work is not over. It’s time to wake up, it’s time to take the next step.

I’ve spent the last eight years watching bitcoin grow up from in here. I’ve seen incredible innovation. I’ve seen inspiring courage. We didn’t know how things would turn out for bitcoin back in the beginning but over the years I’ve been continually impressed what you’ve accomplished. I am proud of you and I have no doubt we can do anything we set our minds to.

We are transforming the global economy. We have brought a taste of freedom and equality to far corners of the world. I know we can transform criminal justice too.

And now, today, I challenge you to set your sights on the hardest problems. I challenge you to shine bitcoin’s light into the darkest places. I challenge you to set us free. I’ve seen several of my friends go home after years, even decades in prison. More than one overcame a life sentence. Each time it happens I weep for joy. Seeing a person regain their freedom, seeing them reunite with their family, there’s nothing like it. It’s so beautiful it hurts, it feels like a miracle. We need more miracles.

I have to go soon. I don’t want to go. I don’t want to go back to that cell. I want to be there with you. This call. You’ve done so much for me today. Talking with you today is the most freedom I’ve felt in a long, long time. Thank you. Thank you for giving me your attention. I will never forget this day. The memory of this day, this can never be taken from us.

I’m gonna go now.

Thank you.


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  1. We got 4 feet of snow in one day last December, dipshit. Same shit happed to Texas in fucking February. How’s any of that “mild” in your book?

    By the way, sounds like your neighbor might be one of those preppers. I hope he was smart enough to put up a wall around his property. Gotta keep you chicken fuckers away from the hen house when the race war starts, am I right?

    As for when the next Ice Age is coming? Well the Climate Priests holding Mass over at the Church of Climate Change seem to think the current interglacial period will end in the next 1,500 years. That’s when it’s supposed to get cold again. But apparently that’s been deferred indefinitely because of coal plants, Chick-Fil-A, and my ’73 Lincoln Continental and some shit. At least that’s what Saints Al Gore and Greta Thunberg have been telling everybody.

    Anyway, pervert, glad to see you’re circling back to the one thing you have the most expertise in. Well to answer your question honestly, I’m not completely sure that even YOU like the butt stuff. I mean I’ve been operating under the assumption that you’re one of those “pig bottoms” I’ve read about in Scientific American, but I suppose you COULD be a “top” if you wanted to – assuming you wanted to prove you’re a real man to your dad or whatever. You freaks call that “switch-hitting,” right cum gargler?

    Oh well. Good talk. Good talk. Let me know if you’ve got anything else you’d like to get off your chest. You’re good people, even if you are an AIDS-ridden, morally bankrupt, Marxist lunatic.

  2. Oh, so you don’t understand climate change then. Gotcha. Maybe you should research the things you are against? The timeframe isn’t year to year, it’s decade to decade silly willy. Extreme weather events will increase in frequency too. I’d explain further, but I think you need to research the basics before I go into more detail.

    Never had the butt stuff. Wasn’t ever my cup of tea. Of course, you won’t believe me, because that ruins your fantasy. Just for you though Silky, I’ll consider it. But only if you pay in authentic Federal Reserve Notes that have been blessed by The Central Bankers™. None of this funny internet money made out of bits and bobs. I also want a receipt, so I can accurately pay all of my income taxes at the end of the year. Government is the best, wouldn’t you agree?

  3. Uh huh. Know why the timeframes are so long, genius? It’s because when the shamans in the climate cult predict that Cambodian spotted prairie dogs will be extinct in the Antarctic from heatstroke in a hundred years, none of those assholes will be alive to take shit for it when their stupid bullshit doesn’t come true. Then the next wave of shamans can start the process over again. Rinse. Repeat. Wicked smart, huh?

    Anyway, all government’s ever done for me is give my tax dollars to freakshows like you. Just so you can keep going to the hospital for free to get those greased up bowling pins you keep “accidentally” sitting on removed. Christ. And they wonder why I drink.

  4. Climate change is affecting us now. You’d know that if you did any research at all. The only thing we can do as a collective society is to eliminate the worst case outcomes. Of course, since we can’t even get a bunch of libertards to wear masks when it is in their direct personal and financial interest to do so, we’re pretty fucked.

  5. Uh huh. That’s nice, Karl. Anyway, guess what? A lot of us have figured out that the only things your “collective society” intends to eliminate is the right to control our own lives and the means with which to defend ourselves from Marxist lunatics like you. Maybe you should save the recruitment rhetoric for some easier marks, huh shit dick? Like the underage boys you keep trying to pick up with that ice cream truck of yours.

  6. “Of course, since we can’t even get a bunch of libertards to wear masks when it is in their direct personal and financial interest to do so, we’re pretty fucked.”

    Score! Except we can’t take all the credit for that. Even the ones who claim to believe in all that behave just the same when they think no one’s looking.

    Anyway! While you’re on the wire, err “Karl Marx,” if you don’t mind, curious to know what’s the statist answer to this one:

    Why did the government lock everything down last year if 100% compliance rate was essential for lockdowns to work? Didn’t they know in advance that 100% would be unachievable?

  7. No, people that believed in masks wore masks. Don’t project your beliefs onto other people. I wore my mask as required until I was vaccinated and the mandate was lifted. I’ll go back to wearing masks if the coronavirus continues to mutate further due to people’s reluctance to get a vaccine or wear a mask.

    One thing libertards don’t get is that a policy doesn’t have to be 100% successful to be effective or worthwhile doing.

    Even at the compliance rate we got, infection rates were reduced and lives were still saved. Still, I dispute that 100% compliance was necessary, or that the actual rate necessary was impossible to reach to stop this thing. Of course, the hurr-durr my-freedoms crowd fucked it up. Enjoy the state of the world now. I hope the freedom to not be mildly inconvenienced was worth it.

  8. I meant to say ‘many’ of the ones who claim to believe… Yes, I know there are some who bought it hook line and sinker and put the edicts fully into practice. I’d say those are in the minority. And then there’s everything in between. To be fair, there were people on all ends of the political spectrum who didn’t take it seriously.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the number infected from covid are about the same as the number typically affected from the flu. So either covid is much more contagious than the flu, or the mandates did nothing.

    You enjoy the state of the world now. I know of many many people, myself included, who’s have been negatively affected by the scamdemic in a big way… way beyond mild inconveniences. The cause isn’t of any virus, but what always happens under totalitarianism.

  9. Oh no, the people that didn’t take this seriously (and continue to not take this seriously) are overwhelmingly conservative or libertarian leaning. Don’t come at me with this both sides bullshit. I also don’t know where you are getting the impression that a majority of people who support masks don’t wear them. Sounds like something pulled from your butt.

    Yes, the coronavirus is more contagious than the flu. it is also more deadly. The mandates also had the benefit of dropping the number of flu cases as a silver lining.

    This could have been over in two weeks if people complied. It really sucks that you are facing negative effects now from our over year long battle with this crap – I guess you should have worn a mask. But yer FREEDOMS!

    Guess what, this could be over even faster if you vaccinate, but you probably won’t, because like a petulant teenager you won’t do something the government suggests because that would mean the government had a good idea, and that just can’t be possible!

  10. “Don’t come at me with this both sides bullshit.”

    Hmm that seems a bit out of character, wouldn’t you say Marx? Ha I did always prefer Richard Marx anyway.

    Anyway, I guess I’ll just consider it an inconvenient truth and leave it like that. If you’re ever interested to pursue further, ask anyone who works in customer service who give the most grief when it comes to putting on masks. Ask any Uber or Lyft driver. I was trying to be balanced but I hate to tell you in many cases its the leftist who find themselves unable to swallow their own hogwash.

  11. And how would an employee working in a customer service role know the political stance of the dickbag giving them grief over a mask? Does working in a customer service role give some sort of magical vision?

  12. By profiling?

  13. I guess. I can’t imagine it is very reliable though.

  14. Wow. The COVID Pope’s pretty much got you in the palm of his hand at this point, now doesn’t he Karl? I mean, it’s not like the reduction in flu cases would have anything to do with the reporting of flu cases as COVID ones, right poop pusher?

    But I get it, Karl. I get it. When the lies stop winning people over and even the science isn’t on your side anymore, the only option you commies have left is to throw up the letter “Q” and shift the blame over to whitey. Easy, peasy, Japanesey.

  15. Nope, the test for COVID isn’t the same as the test for the flu. Nice try though, Silky.

    Science has always been on my side. Maybe you should review it? You can dive in after you read my works! Boy are you going to feel silly for having your current opinions!

    I’m white. I have no idea why you think I blame white people for things.

  16. That’s nice. Thing is, Brokeback Mountain, H1N1 testing kits were being used as substitutes for COVID testing months before the actual COVID test came out. Pretty dishonest, huh?

    Speaking of which, Liberace swore up and down that he hated turd burgling and was totally down with the sweet, sweet poontang. Anyway, it turns out the commie asswipe was lying through his teeth and really was gay as fuck. Then he died of AIDS. Can you guess the moral of this story?

  17. No they weren’t. Show me where this happened.

  18. They were. The original intention was to use H1N1 kits to rule out flu infections. But then some testers started using them incorrectly as positive confirmations for COVID. Look it up. You have working fingers, don’tcha faggot?

  19. Nope. I am not going to spend time proving your bullshit. You make the claim, you prove it. Until then, it stays bullshit.

  20. Mmm hmm. ‘Fraid of what you’ll find, huh peanut pumper? Oh well, I get it, commie. I get it. Ignorance is bliss.

    Anyway, had any time to ponder the moral of my Liberace parable? You should. It’ll change your life. I promise.

  21. I am not going down the inane well of conspiracy theories from which you’ve drunk.

    Are you trying to tell me something about your own life? Well, I guess you have some homosexual feelings to work out. I hope you can overcome the negativity that you have about your sexual attraction to men. I think you’ll find society is more accepting of your lifestyle. Also, HIV tests are readily attainable, so get tested if you are engaging in risky sexual behaviors. Modern medication can suppress HIV and prevent AIDS from developing, so be sure to get tested early and often.

  22. Uh huh. So what you’re saying is that if you get tested early and often, then collective society will just have to accept your disgusting sexual practices and leave you to your own devices? Wow. That sounds totally rad, Karl. Still doesn’t explain why you commies are always throwing peaceful homos in the gulags, but hey, you’re the expert on these things not me.

    Anyway, speaking of conspiracy theories, didja know that CNN colluded with US intelligence agencies to drum up controversy about a pee tape (starring Donald Trump and a bunch of Russian hookers) that never, ever existed? True story. You know, made up stories are becoming kind of a recurring theme with corporate news these days, huh crack creeper? And you commies just eat it all up and ask for more, don’tcha?

  23. Collective society is accepting of homosexuality, aside from some hillbillies in the shithole parts of the country. You can come out now. Nobody cares if you suck a dick.

    Which communist societies are throwing homosexuals in gulags? The USSR dissolved in 1991, you’re a bit behind the times buddy. You should see what capitalist societies did and are still doing to people. Read up on it sometime!

    Silky, I’m having trouble believing anything you type, since you aren’t willing to support any of it.

  24. That’s nice, Karl. Thing is, in Russia it’s still illegal to pack the fudge. Same in China and Cuba. You’d know these things if you spent less time on Grindr trying to spread AIDS across the Eastern seaboard.

    Anyway, remember when CNN led a corporate press lynch mob against some innocent high school kid just because some mentally-ill old coot pounding a shaman drum said the kid was smirking at him? Boy, it’s a good thing us hillbillies have camera phones, huh? Otherwise we’d never catch you underhanded libtard weirdos in the act.

  25. Russia isn’t communist, and homosexuality is not illegal in China nor Cuba. LGBTQ+ rights are lagging behind in those countries (As they are in many capitalist countries), but they are a far cry from being rounded up and placed in gulags.

    You should try this website next time. It’s called Google. It would do you well to use it, as otherwise you look like an idiot.

    I don’t know what you are on about with that old news (which isn’t quite what happened btw)

  26. That’s nice, Karl. Thing is, though, it is. Oh, and by the way, all communist prisons are gulags. Do you know why? You should look it up. You’d be really surprised by the reason.

    Oh, and Karl? What I described in my last post is exactly what happened to Nick Sandmann. There was a happy ending, though. He lawyered up and sued those commie bullshit artists over at CNN. They ended up having to pay up a lot of money, too. Then of course Brian Stelter broke the network’s confidentiality agreement and talked about the settlement on his show, and even tried to lie about the amount in damages CNN would have to pay in order to save face. What a bunch of grifters, huh?

    Anyway, rectum riveter, I got another one for ya. Remember when the Clintons accused Donald Trump of colluding with Russia? Remember when it turned out from John Brennan’s own memos that the intelligence communities already knew before their investigation even started that the accusations were fake and that it was the Clintons who were conspiring with Russia to manufacture and release false evidence? Wow, pretty messed up, huh? Good thing they’re all on your side, am I right commie?

  27. You really can’t stay on one topic, can you?

  28. Good question, Karl. You know, Jacks will never be as inquisitive as you are. That’s why you’ll always be so much better than he is. Hey, didja know he’s a doctoral candidate? That’s a real big deal, isn’t it?

    Anyway, remember the Hunter Biden laptop scandal? Turns out that just before the election, Big Tech ran a full-on censorship campaign to protect his father Joe. Of course now they all admit that was a mistake. So no harm done. I mean, the election’s over, so who cares, right scat skimmer?

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