Last interview prior to the raid: Savage Truth 603

A few weeks before the coordinated, unnecessarily destructive, expensive raids on the Crypto Six, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Skylar Bennett aka Savage Truth 603. We talked about cryptocurrency and the awesome New Hampshire Goldbacks:

Thank you to all the great bloggers here at Free Keene who continued cranking out the content while I was being held in jail for 69 days. Also thank you to everyone who is supporting the Crypto Six. Please don’t forget that Nobody is still behind bars after being denied bail. You can write to him at the address you can find on

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  1. Mmm hmm. That’s nice, Karl. Thing is, I don’t have any real interest in doing that kind of legwork, especially for a putz like you. If you were so inclined, you could look these things up yourself. Since you’re not, I guess you’ll have to continue operating under the fantasy that the libtard politicians who’re telling you to yield your rights to them will immediately give them back once the current crisis is over.

  2. Well, I guess that means you’re full of shit, as usual.

  3. No Karl. What it means is that you’re a greedy little pig bottom. And that no matter how much you wish you could ignore us, you’ll always come back for another ass-reaming.

  4. Where else could we find accurate medical information, if not from the WHO and CDC?

  5. (I had to break up the above posts and edit the links a bit to get past the spam filters.)

  6. It wouldn’t let me post the link about the CDC advising us to NOT wear masks March last year, but here’s a message from the lips of Pope Fauci himself around that same time

  7. God that spam filter is fucking annoying, isn’t it? Anyway, fine work, Intrigare. I mean, you even managed to exclude right-wing sources so Karl’ll have absolutely nothing to complain about. Weird how he keeps pretending none of this kind of news is out there, huh? I wonder if he’s suffering from that brain thing Jacks has?

  8. I’ve suspected he’s suffering with the belief that the government is omnipotent and can speak things into existence or make 2+2=5. But yeah, that or brain thing. Same difference.

  9. Yeah. Didja see what he did the other day? He yelled at me with his caps lock on! And all I did was voice some skepticism about the COVID vaccine. What a spazzoid, huh? Jacks would never do that. Well he would, but he’d do it with class. Maybe even call me “chuckles” or something. And afterwards he’d give me the silent treatment. God he’s such a rascal. 😉

  10. Mmyeah I think he was making the point that we should let the government inject us whatever the hell it wants to, and its not our place to question and certainly not to resist.

    Imagine where we’d be if only everyone throughout history behaved that way.

  11. Hey did you happen to watch the Fauci Vid I posted above? Who other than we libertards could ever have trouble accepting such condescension from someone with that level of prestige, eh?

  12. Funny story about that video you’re mentioning, Intrigare. Turns out that when the COVID Pope was questioned about his mask flip-flop a few months later, he let rip the whopper that he said that because he needed to save the nation’s diminishing stockpiles of PPEs. Politicization of science at its finest, huh?

  13. Now that’s a trustworthy source of accurate medical information right there…

  14. I’ll say. Anyway, it’s good you took the time to post that because now Karl can’t tell us it never happened. Unless of course he pusses out and just doubles down like Jacks always does. Ya think he’s big enough of a wuss to try that on us, Intrigare?

  15. Yeah I don’t know how that one slipped through all the big tech censorship. I’m pretty sure that one is a blatant violation of YouTube’s TOS regarding medical misinformation. It appears the Ministry of Truth needs to up its ante a bit with the erasing and rewriting of history.

    Anyway, it’s all moot anyway, isn’t it? If the government says it, then its truth by definition. And if we disagree with it, then we’re “full of shit,” if I may quote out friend Marx here 😉

    Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

  16. Yup. Libtard weirdos like Karl are quite a sight to behold, aren’t they Intrigare? But don’t let these guys fool you. It’s looking like the truth is starting to spread a little easier, especially now that some of them are making it clear they don’t see any difference between their friends and their enemies.

  17. What? You mean it’s not just libertards causing all the ruckus? Or are all these people libertards? So confused

  18. Lol. Anyway, Intrigare, both those VA PTA boards are proof that the worst thing you can do is elect people who possess equal measures of both purpose and self-righteousness. Because once they have any sort of power over you, they’ll browbeat you with their twisted moralizing and public displays of rabid virtue-signaling until your ears bleed. Angry parents in VA, likely all liberals as well, are now finally realizing the truth. Good luck to them. Hopefully they won’t make the same mistakes in the future.

  19. Uhh… did you actually read those links?

    Just so I understand you clearly, your argument is that the CDC isn’t a reliable authority on medical information because they got some of the scientific details surrounding COVID wrong in the early stage of the pandemic. It turns out that COVID transmits easier than thought, and people should have been wearing masks earlier than recommended. That’s what your sources say.

    So based on that, you’ve come to the conclusion that wearing a mask and getting vaccinated is bullshit….

    good logical reasoning dipshit lol

  20. It seems Free Keene could teach those PTA boards a thing or two about winning the community’s hearts and minds ;). Lol

  21. Dang, Karl. It’s been awhile, huh? No worries, pal. No worries. While I was waiting for ya, I had a fun conversation with Intrigare while I was watching that new Nicolas Cage movie that just came out. It’s called “Pig,” by the way.

    You know, it was a lot like “John Wick.” Except Keanu Reeves’ part was played by Nicolas Cage and instead of a dog there was a pig. Oh, and Cage was an ex-celebrity-chef instead of an ex-assassin. Boy, Hollywood just doesn’t give a fuck anymore, am I right? In any case, afterwards I had a bowl of Spaghettios for a midnight snack and then I saw your post. Perfect timing, right?

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see what Intrigare has to say about this. I mean you doubled down like a putz just like I said you would. Hey, do I have your number, or what?

  22. Silvia, your posts just aren’t the same without some homophobia.

    Anyways, I can’t spend all my time with you chucklefucks. I’ve got some gay to do. Or something.

  23. Ok, Karl. I get it. I get it. You’re a pig bottom and stemming the rose is top priority. Oh, feel free to tell your fruit rollup I said “hi,” by the way. 🙂

  24. “So based on that, you’ve come to the conclusion that wearing a mask and getting vaccinated is bullshit….

    good logical reasoning dipshit lol”

    Ha except I didn’t reason that. Those links were to help you in case you were genuinely wondering how someone could possibly doubt the credibility of the CDC. But if you’re already content with your “becuz libertards” answer then I’m not here to change it. Everyone happy! Carry on troll.

  25. Nope, I wasn’t wondering that, nor did I ask. You were answering your own question buttercup. Also, it actually doesn’t answer why YOU don’t trust the CDC, since if you thought the CDC wasn’t taking this seriously enough you’d wear a mask and be the first in line for the vaccines. You clearly aren’t doing that, so your reasoning is…?

    By the way, if you wanted to answer the questions I asked, here they are again for your convenience. Be warned though, they do require a fourth grade reading level to comprehend.

    Where do you think accurate medical information comes from? How many doctors and scientists disagree with the CDC and WHO? And don’t quote me what your friend’s brother’s auntie who is a nurse said. Give me some actual reasoning or data here.

  26. Well how bout this, Marx… Since your questions don’t really challenge anything Silvia or I have said, if you ask me nicely then I might answer those questions..

    But! I can’t guarantee that the answers won’t be pretty generic, won’t already have been stated by myself or other ‘libertards’ here in this or other posts, or help you prove whatever point you’re trying to make about our dangerously flawed philosophy or my level of intelligence or lack thereof 🙂

    What do you say bud?

  27. Answer the questions or back out of the conversation, I don’t care. I already know what you are going to say, and it’s just more bullshit.

    Hey remember that this post is about Ian? Anybody want to make this interesting? I’ll wager 0.1 btc that he’s going to jail. I would do more, but I sold most of the ponzicoin back in March. I’ll probably buy in a bit, the manipulation the big players are doing is really easy to see, and reminiscent of what the stock market was like before government regulation.

  28. “I already know what you are going to say, and it’s just more bullshit.”

    Aw come now, you don’t know that. Here, I’ll throw this one in for free, just to challenge that assumption:

    “How many doctors and scientists disagree with the CDC and WHO?”

    According to WebMD, “Among doctors, 31% said they trust the CDC in general, compared to 25% of nurses and 45% of WebMD readers.”

    Still bullshit, Marxy boy? I can call you Marxy boy right?

    “I’ll wager 0.1 btc that he’s going to jail.”

    I propose another wager. I’ll wager that Ian Freeman is going to keep writing articles pointing out the errors of state violence whether or not he’s caged. If I win, then you and Jumping Jacks have to tell us who sponsors the troll farm you hail from. If you win, what would you like? I don’t have .1 bitcoin unlike many libertarians I missed that boat lol

  29. Nice, an online poll that only questioned people that read Medscape articles. What a great sample size. I just took the poll myself. I called myself a doctor as well even though I’m not lol. I chose emergency medicine as my specialty. Can you imagine me being an ER doc? I wouldn’t touch that job with a 10 foot pole.

    I notice you keep skipping my first question. It’s actually the one I care about. Where do you think accurate medical information comes from? Is it one of these doctors that distrusts the CDC? Who do you trust? Do you just trust your gut? Do you just type “is covid real” into Google and trust the first couple links? Are you a biomedical researcher with your own research group and years of experience?

    Oh, Ian will be writing all kinds of bullshit until he dies, no disagreement there. I think Keene dipshits though start to go away once Ian is in the slammer. Mark Edge already has two feet out the door on FTL with his free cities/ Caribbean island scam, and the rest of the lackeys can’t run an interesting show to save their lives. I can’t make it through the vast majority of episodes anymore because it is just so boring.

    You should have asked me earlier! We’re funded by the FBI of course lol.

  30. Nice work, Karl. You lied on a poll. But of course it’s absolutely ludicrous for anyone to think you commies would ever cheat in an election, huh?

  31. Silvia, on the internet nobody knows you are a dog. A gay dog. A dog that does gay stuff. Does that turn you on buddy, gay dogs? Seems to fit in with all of the homoerotic stuff you post, but who’s to say? I just want to make you happy.

    Yeah, I lied. It’s okay though, champ. They’ll know my answer is phony. This was a private online poll put on by a private company in the Free Market. They didn’t need to have any verification whatsoever, because being in the Free Market, they can identify and eliminate fake responses with ease. It’s only those stupid inefficient government and academic polls that require that kind of rigor. lol

  32. Uh huh. We know. We know. You libtard weirdos will stage a double-cross at every opportunity if you think the ends justify the means. Who do ya think you’re talking to, Karl? This isn’t news to us. Sheesh. When are you finally going to bring something juicy to the table?

  33. “Nice, an online poll that only questioned people that read Medscape articles. ”

    Okay, so you don’t like my source. Before I fire up google again, where are you going with this anyway?

    “I called myself a doctor as well even though I’m not lol. ”

    Well you’re more honest than your collegue Jumping Jacks here at least, I’ll give you that. Is this like good cop bad cop or something? Jumping Jacks is tired so you take over or what?

    “I notice you keep skipping my first question. It’s actually the one I care about.”

    Aww you do care! Hmmm, but your previous post said you didn’t care… Which is it, Marxy boy? Okay since you did ask kind of nicely, I’ll answer another one.

    “Where do you think accurate medical information comes from?”

    It doesn’t come from any one place or central authority. It comes from a marketplace of ideas. Broad question, broad answer.

    As for covid, I’ve gathered most of my information about that simply by… looking around! You hear that, Marxy boy? I developed my own conclusions based on my own observations, and those could differ from yours or the CDC’s, oh my! And based on my observations, the government response to covid has been far more damaging to people’s lives as a whole than the virus itself ever could. You or the CDC could come up with a different perspective, and I’m okay with that. The problem occurs when you or they try to force your views on me. You’re creating one social ill, violence, in the name of stopping another, a perceived medical threat. That seems a bit counterproductive to me.

    And there I go trying to give an honest response to a fake person, a paid troll again, undoubtedly for it to be called bullshit or retarded or perhaps even be used as evidence against me in court. Oh well maybe if someone else reads it they may get something more out of it 😉

    “We’re funded by the FBI of course lol.”

    I suspected as much. I suppose I should consult an attorney before saying anything else that could be used against me in court, eh? Oh and be a pal would you? If you have any insider information, some advance notice about an impending raid on my home would be very helpful. I hate to be caught ass naked if you know what I mean. For modesty’s sake of course, not for mine.

  34. You’re like the Karate Kid, Intrigare. But instead of kicking the crap outta Cobra Kais you tell begrudged and inflexible libtard weirdos like Karl here all the different ways he can suck it.

  35. Well thanks, Silvia! That’s the first time I’ve been told that. And I think Marxy boy was the first who ever suggested to me that I thought I couldn’t be anything less than perfect. Well I suppose something positive other than entertainment has come out of my time here afterall 😉

  36. Where am I going with this? Well, I am trying to figure out how you came to your conclusions. Since your decision making is a gut check based on “looking around” instead of evidence, I doubt any evidence I present is going to change your mind. You cannot reason people out of a position that they did not reason themselves into. This conversation is more or less at an impasse.

    Oh, yeah. Jack’s desk is down the hall. He’s on vacation now though. He’s going to a Caribbean resort, paid for by your tax dollars! We stole that money under the threat of violence from poor libertarians who just want to live peacefully. Totally broke the NAP, as if that’s actually real and not some made up bullshit lol. You’re not going to do anything about it though, because you are too weak. Just keep crying, maybe things will change lol.

    Oh, you might want to be naked for the raid, Like TJ the flunkie spy. Otherwise we might just pretend you have a gun and shoot you. Might shoot you anyway, but we’ll probably keep you alive. One of the greatest joys in life is to hear libertarians complain about how mean the government is. It’s brings joy to my ears. Better than sex. Better than gay sex I suspect, but you’ll have to ask Silvia about that.

  37. Marx, I can certainly be reasoned out of my position, but if your reasoning includes something along the lines of “the CDC said!” then certainly you may have a tough time swaying me. And if your evidence includes the latest government-sponsored research, then I may give it a chance but it would be taken with a huge grain of salt as government funding is biased and those findings often don’t stand the test of time either.

    As for the rest of your post, lol.

  38. Silvia, is hearing libertarians complain about how mean the government is better than gay sex?

  39. Hmm Jumping Jacks and Mark Edge both going to the Caribbean… Coincidence?

  40. Thanks for asking, Intrigare. I’m always glad to lend a helping hand in these sorts of situations. But I gotta tell ya, I might have to start withholding my help if Karl doesn’t stop making death threats towards us.

    That being said, at first thought I’d say that getting your colon churned by a huge, throbbing cock would probably hurt a hell of a lot. So I’d say no.

    But thinking about this further, I suspect that, at least for sexual deviants like Karl here, said ass pounding would feel super good because pain triggers their brains to release dopamine. For a dopamine addict, this would turn an act that would normally be pure torture into one that’s just pure heaven. So then I’d say yes. Got it, fellas? 🙂

  41. Well what about for a woman like you, Silvia? Gay sex must be better than hearing libertarians complain. AmIright?

  42. Another great question, Intrigare. Well, all carpet-munching aside, any form of good, old-fashioned American skepticism towards authority has always been music to my ears.

    You know, before the libtard weirdos took them over, that used to be the default reaction for liberals. Now all they wanna do is go from platform to platform setting up standards for what everybody is allowed to talk about. What a bunch of assholes, huh?

  43. “Well, all carpet-munching aside, any form of good, old-fashioned American skepticism towards authority has always been music to my ears.”

    Well it looks like we’ve managed to find more common ground with Marxy boy here. Fantastic.

    “You know, before the libtard weirdos took them over, that used to be the default reaction for liberals. Now all they wanna do is go from platform to platform setting up standards for what everybody is allowed to talk about. What a bunch of assholes, huh?”

    They’ll swing back around. Look at Marxy boy here… He even started to admit he cares ;). Now if we can get the death threats scaled back, we’ll be half way there.

  44. All I’m gonna say is that salad tosser’s lucky I’m still tired from staying up all night watching that “Best of Blanche” marathon on the Hallmark Channel. 🙂

  45. Hmm… I think the spam filter caught my post. Let me see if I can get my link past the filter. You might have to add the periods in the link.


    Let me know what you think, Intrigare. This was a study done by a private company that didn’t accept federal funding, so that meets your criteria. Although, you’ve put a pretty narrow limitation on the evidence you will accept, as the majority of private companies do not fund public health research because it does nothing to increase their profit. Bit of a downside to the Free Market, eh? I have more links, but I don’t want you to get bogged down with a lot of information. I know how difficult it is for you to read.

    Speaking of reading comprehension, If you read carefully you’ll notice I didn’t threaten the homophobe. I only suggested that they should commit suicide via guillotine. Big difference. A credible threat violates the NAP, and the other is a beautiful expression of free speech. You should be okay with that, right? After all, the NAP is all that matters.

    Unless you are talking about that taxation stuff, lol. In that case, I was joking. You might not have picked up on it though. I’m actually not a member of the FBI, and I’m not paid by tax dollars. I’m actually funded by George Soros lol.

  46. At first glance, “Pfizer was responsible for the design and conduct of the trial, data collection, data analysis, data interpretation, and the writing of the manuscript.”. Hmm, how’s my reading comprehension so far?

    A Pfizer study having favorable findings for a Pfizer vaccine. Okay… You do know that pharmaceutical companies get sued quite often for making false or misleading claims about their own products?

    Look, I know I’ve set the bar pretty high for what I’ll accept as fact. Perhaps if the CDC did this, it wouldn’t keep reversing its guidance as often as it does and perhaps lives would be saved.

    To be honest, I didn’t think you were making death threats. I thought it was a quip on Nobody, who used the same word “guillotine” and had it used against him in court as evidence that he’s a danger to society. For the record, I don’t think you’re a danger to society, Marx. At least not more so than any Marxist. I can call you a Marxist, right Marx?

  47. Sure, there is a bias, and you are right to look at it with a skeptical eye. Do you think they are lying though? If so, based on what? Do all companies that make positive claims about their products lie? Or is it just pharmaceutical companies?

    If not, what problems do you see with this study?

    Don’t worry if they are making false claims though. The Invisible Hand of the Free Market provides a protective barrier around market participants protecting them from such things.

    The guillotine comment was my roundabout attempt at getting Silvia to understand Jack’s comment about removing the fastigial tumor. Silvia thought Jacks was talking about an actual tumor and not a fun way to refer to the brain lol. It’s a fun happenstance that it matched Nobody’s outburst. I’ll pretend that was intentional.

    I wonder who is going to jail longer, Ian or Nobody? I get the impression that Ian is the guy in charge, but Nobody has more serious priors that could affect sentencing. What do you think?

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