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For years, Free Keene has been reporting on the uncensorable, decentralized, blockchain-based, media-sharing protocol, LBRY, and recommending it as an alternative to big tech platforms like YouTube. Our videos from YouTube have been mirrored there since 2018 via their awesome “YouTube Partner Program“, which easily allows anyone with a YouTube channel to import their channel’s content onto LBRY, and their new front-end video-sharing site, Odysee. On more than one occasion, our content being on Odysee/LBRY has allowed it to stay online when YouTube deleted it.

Though our YouTube is still online after receiving a bullshit content “strike” on a 10+ year old video, it could be taken down completely at any time. As a result, the time has come to finally migrate fully to exclusively posting our full video content on Odysee / LBRY. Starting today, the only videos that are posted to the Free Keene YouTube channel will be promo videos for the full versions which will exclusively be available on our Odysee channel.

How can you help? If you haven’t yet, please create an account on Odysee and follow our channel there. We have over 20,000 followers on YouTube but just over 300 on Odysee, so your assistance there would be appreciated. Of course, share your favorite Free Keene videos from our Odysee channel instead of YouTube. Our full catalog is on Odysee. Finally, if you really want to support the LBRY network that backs Odysee, you should go ahead and download the app for your desktop/laptop. Then, every video you watch of ours there, you’ll become a seed for on the network, which helps ensure our videos stay readily available online. Please visit, which will take you right to our Odysee channel. Thank you!

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  1. Bravo! I totally support this decision, Ian!

    I’m happy to hear that you aren’t going to post content on the largest video sharing platform in the world. The number of eyes on the nonsense you promote are bound to decrease. Youtube’s censorship plan worked!

  2. You know, I probably don’t give the free market enough credit, (I mean, I am the ghost of Karl Marx), but the Free Market has spoken, and they don’t like your ideas. Otherwise, why would a private company censor you? They must be acting rationally to appease their customers after all, as all companies must. You should be proud! Your censorship is a victory of Capitalism!

  3. By that logic if YouTube were the free market (and its not, because the free market would also encompass their competitors) then the free market actually likes Free Keene’s ideas because most of their videos remain uncensored and hosted on their platform. Not to mention the 20k followers…

    And its Free Keene who is leaving for greener pastures so yeah, this is a victory of Capitalism.

    Nice try though, Marxy boy! And I’m glad you got by this site’s censorship and it’s letting you post more than one sentence at a time now. The Free Market must love you too.

  4. 20,000 followers. Wow. Much impressive. Truly a YouTube giant. It only took FK 15 years. How will YouTube make ends meet without Free Keene? lol

  5. Oh. I guess you haven’t heard the news, Karl. Alphabet, Inc. has been allowing YouTube to run its operation at a loss. You’ll never guess why.

  6. Oh, I know! It’s got to be the shadowy reptilian overlords controlling YouTube as a source of pro-government propaganda, right?

    Or it could be that Alphabet is using YouTube as a loss leader to improve their data analytics to then strengthen its core business of advertising. Nah, that’s too boring, I’m sure it’s the first one.

  7. Actually, I thought it was because more than a third of YouTube’s viewer base watches their content from linked or embedded sources, which generates significantly less revenue. But hey, Karl, you’re the expert.

    Anyway, speaking of shadowy reptilians, how’re you able to get a full chub now that YouTube’s turned off the comment sections for all their under-18 videos? I’ll bet you’re filling the void by sniffing tween’s bicycle seats aren’tcha turd twaddler?

  8. Not really my thing, bub. Maybe you should ask Ian.

  9. “20,000 followers. Wow. Much impressive. Truly a YouTube giant.”

    Well they’re no Baby Shark Dance, I’ll give you that. Lol

    “Loss leader”.

    To improve data analytics… yeah, that .. nothing to do with people not liking censorship. Move along conspiracy theorists, nothing to see here …

  10. Well yeah. See, advertisers are interesting in people with money to spend (aka those darn libtards). As it turns out, these people primarily dislike conspiracy theories, racists, and general dipshits spreading misinformation. If these things are prominent on a given platform, these people will leave. Now, Google has to make a choice on who they want to cater to, and sorry, but the people with money win in a capitalist society. So the losers who spread COVID bullshit are shown the door. This highlights nicely the Free Market we are in, isn’t it?

    Man, listen to me! I sound like a real Adam Smith! Or the welfare queen Ayn Rand!

  11. Ah okay. And I thought the libtards cared about the little guy…

    Well at least Donald Trump the rest of us undesirables, all us poor folk have somewhere else to go. And we won’t let the door hit us on the ass on our way out! And don’t be following after us a few years from now,. You know, like everyone moving out of California..

  12. Do you define the little guy as dipshits who spread COVID misinformation? lol weird definition, dude.

    So, you don’t want Californians leaving their state and bringing their attitudes and values with them? Makes sense. Hey, what was the Free State Project all about again?

  13. What’re you talking about, spunk spitter? There are plenty of conspiracy theorists, racists, and general dipshits on both sides of the political spectrum for advertisers to patronize. Instead, YouTube deliberately excludes certain companies from its AdSense program. Case in point, which organization do you think would like to advertise on a channel like Prager U? Smith & Wesson or Planned Parenthood?

  14. Maybe this helps…

    Libtards – “people with money to spend” (your definition above)

    Little guy – Everyone else (me following your definition above)

    “So, you don’t want Californians leaving their state and bringing their attitudes and values with them?”

    Analogy – a comparison between two things, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.

  15. Were you trying to make an analogy with your comment? You mention Donald Trumping undesirables, whatever that means. Not seeing where a comparison comes in.

  16. Nah, the vast majority of the trash are on the right. lol

    Yeah, and what do both of those companies have in common? They are controversial and can turn people away. Thanks for making my point. YouTube, like most companies, cares only about the money.

    Also, Prager U? lol

  17. Hey, remember when Free Keene was the home to the Cryin’ Nazi? I wonder why YouTube isn’t Keene (get it?) on keeping the channel around on their site.

  18. Well, I’ll be tickled! You learn something everyday! I didn’t realize Google doesn’t run gun ads, but they are okay with advertising basic health services that includes abortions. Maybe they do have a conscience! I guess they don’t want the blowback when another elementary school gets shot up.

    Thanks Silvia, you’ve changed my mind. I have a slightly higher opinion of Google now. Good job!

  19. Silvia, my post made sense to you, right? I’m starting to get a nagging suspicion that Marx is here just to give me a hard time Its starting to “haunt” me. Get it? 😉

    *Hard is not meant in the literal sense

  20. Alright, maybe I’m having a stroke. Lets go through this line by line.

    “Ah okay. And I thought the libtards cared about the little guy…”

    Alright, off to a good start then. You think my previous comment is contrary to the idea that liberals care about the little guy. I am not sure what in my comment gives you this impression, but I understand it.

    “Well at least Donald Trump the rest of us undesirables, all us poor folk have somewhere else to go.”

    Uh… what? The first part appears to be missing a verb.

    Are you using Donald Trump as a verb? What does it mean though? Is Google going to throw undesirables out of office, like Donald Trump? Let them enjoy their freedom after inciting a riot?

    Did you mean to include a verb, but forgot? Is this a Mad Llb, where I add what I think fits? “doesn’t give a shit about” would fit perfectly after Donald Trump I guess. What does that have to do with poor people having somewhere else to go?

    “And we won’t let the door hit us on the ass on our way out!”

    When the poor folk go somewhere they won’t look back. Okay.

    “And don’t be following after us a few years from now.”

    Why would I follow poor folk going somewhere? What?

    “You know, like everyone moving out of California.”

    People moving out of California are following poor folk somewhere? Huh?

  21. “Well at least Donald Trump the rest of us undesirables, all us poor folk have somewhere else to go.”

    Okay, missed a comma. Darn things. And an “and”.. sorry bout that. The rest of the sentence is intentional bad grammar. Its to portray the stereotype of someone who would be excluded from high society, or in this case youtube. Fixed sentence:

    Well at least Donald Trump, the rest of us undesirables, and all us poor folk have somewhere else to go (someplace other than YouTube, where we are supposedly unwanted )

    I threw Donald Trump in there since, well, he was censored too, so he must be one of us, right?

    As for the rest of my post, I’ll see what Silvia thinks first, because I still suspect you’re trying to patronize me 😉

  22. Perfect sense, Intrigare.

    But you know, I really don’t have the faintest idea why Karl’s being so mean to you. I mean he’s always been super nice to me. Hey, remember that one time he called me “sparkles” because he loved my sparkling personality so much? What a charmer, huh? Anyway, maybe you should try giving him a compliment? I hear libtard weirdos just melt at that sort of thing.

  23. Ah okay. I see. And you are making an analogy between people leaving YouTube and people leaving California. I don’t think many liberals are leaving California though unless it’s to primarily liberal areas like Austin, TX or the Pacific Northwest. I think there are a lot more conservatives in the exodus.

    Don’t worry, I don’t think many people are leaving YouTube anytime soon. Odysee and Bitchute are all yours lol.

  24. Silvia, where are my homophobic comments? Honestly. I think they’ve awoken something in me. I think I’m gay now. I’ve been using your comments to get my motor going, if you know what I mean. I need more material sweetheart.

  25. You’re finally coming out of the closet, huh Karl? Congratulations! Just remember, use spit, never lube.

    Anyway, Intrigare might be paying you a compliment pretty soon. You’d better say thank you if you know what’s good for ya.

  26. Ah okay. Yeah, I’m writing this all down. I have so much to learn from you. How do you know so much about being gay?

  27. Oh wait, it’s silly of me to even ask. What am I thinking? You must watch a lot of gay porn. Of course!

  28. I’m so in love with you right now.

    Anyway, guess what, Karl? Didja know that YouTube cares about things other than money? Right now their crisis of the day is this thing called “misinformation.”

    What is misinformation? Well I’m glad you asked, scat scrambler. Turns out it’s this brand new category of off limits speech which Trump voters use to cast doubt on, well, whatever you libtard weirdos have agreed to believe in right now. It’s so effective at doing this, you can even be deplatformed for posting it. Isn’t that crazy?

  29. I see the Ian and the rest of the the minions are still trying to scam people out of their money for ridiculous youtube clips you can find on line.

    This reminds me of the Derrick video that was being pushed by freekeene. It was so Derrick could have money to finance his BS to escape the law by running to another state and staying there until the statue of limitations ran out. What is amusing about this is Derrick is always preaching taking responsibility for your actions. Derrick never took accountability for his actions. If he did, he would probably be sharing a cell with RNP

  30. Fun Marx is back! Stay like this, Marx :).

    Did Jumping Jacks take over the keyboard for a while or something? And that’s why you became slower angrier hater Marx? And Jacks is back under your desk now? Doing only non-gay things, of course 😉

    The case that youtube represents the free market, and the free market has spoken against the Free Keene and the right, is interesting to think about even if flawed. So we advocate for the very system that destroys us… Would it be any better for us under Marxism, Marx? Or are we just doomed to forever live outcasted in the fringes for all of our existence no matter what economic system is in place?

  31. Youtube clips you can find on line, Jumping Jacks? You don’t say…

    Hey, how is that doctorate coming along?

  32. Silvia! I would reciprocate that love, but I’m gay now darling. Also, I don’t know what you look like. You could really be ugly. I can count on one hand the number of attractive libertarian women I’m seen. Of course, it would probably only take me two hands to count all the libertarian women in general. It is quite the Porc sausage fest you guys have over there, isn’t it?


    It’s definitely that last sentence there. You are definitely doomed to forever live outcasted in the fringes for all of your existence. Or you could, like, stop being a dipshit, lol. Happy to clarify that for ya!

  33. Idk Marx, sometimes its nice to live in the fringes. At least there I dont have to take it from behind from those damn reptilian overlords. That bothers me a bit Marx, unlike some 😉

    And sometimes I like Baby Shark Dance… so what am I to do? Decisions, decisions…

  34. Well then, what is to complain about, buddy? You are living on the fringes, which prevents the reptilian overlord government from taking you from behind, and the rest of us are free from those who have a problem with the reptilian overlord government. Sounds like a win-win!

    You’ve got some good taste. Better than the Hallmark channel. I didn’t think anybody actually tuned in to that braindead network.

    Baby Shark doo doo doo doo doo doo

  35. That’s cool, Karl. That’s cool. Hey, that doesn’t mean we can’t still hang out, does it? I mean I’m totally down with being a fag hag you know. Just puttin’ that out there.

    Anyway, ya hear about all those protests and stuff going on in Cuba right now? Apparently they have absolutely nothing to do with the resource shortages brought on by central planning and almost everything to do with global warming. At least, that’s what Dementia Joe says. He won that election fair and square, by the way. I know because Andrew Cuomo’s brother told me so.

    Oh. Fun fact. Didja know that the name “Cuomo” is derived from the Old French name “James?” This in turn is derived from the Hebrew name “Jacob,” which means “deceiver.” Weird coincidence, huh?

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