24/7 Protest in Lebanon Against Vaccine Mandates for Nurses

If you drive to the wrong location in New Hampshire, you may still end up at a protest. Nikki, (a nurse from Massachusetts,) and I intended to drive to the vaccine protest going on in Concord, but we drove to the wrong Dartmouth-Hitchcock location, the one in Lebanon. There is a larger gathering going on certain days at the Concord location, so at first we thought, “Where is everybody?” There was a group of just three guys on the side of the road by the entrance to the hospital with signs saying things like “No forced shots”. We went up to them with our camera and found out that the organizer of this protest and his wife had only left for a bit and would be back, and that the organizer had been sleeping in his military-style truck on the side of the road every night just to keep the protest going. We had accidentally found a second protest, and it was a 24/7 protest!

The organizer and his wife, a nurse named Nicole, returned and I interviewed her about her opinions on Dartmouth-Hitchcock mandating COVID vaccines for all of their staff. Their protest is getting a lot of attention from people driving past, and even getting conversations started. A group of teenagers whose parents flipped the protesters the bird as they drove by later returned without their parents to ask questions. They have sueDHMC.com on a huge sign that is visible from the road. Keep up the great work, protesters! Here’s the video:

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  1. Looks like some people are about to be unemployed. Maybe they could join Silvia and Intrigare in Galt’s Ghetto.

  2. Nobody can tell you what to do with your body

  3. Patty, I am in total agreement. My body, my rules!

  4. This is a no-brainer: sorry Bonnie I have to disagree with you the mask mandate for healthcare people and nursing homes workers should have been implemented at the outset a year and a half ago.
    If any of those institutions are collecting tax dollars then perhaps they should stop getting tax dollars but as private businesses they should have implemented masked mandates at the outset, a year and a half ago.
    But in my opinion the mass mandate should have been because the patients and the patients loved ones or whatever pressured the hospital into doing it pressured the private business into doing it and they did it.
    End of story

  5. Anyone know how legal immunity was granted for “vaccine” manufacturers ? That’s sort of a giant red flag.

  6. freekeeners interfering with health and medicine. The vaccines do work. Unfortunately the delta variant is in full swing. The numbers of people infected are rising everyday. It’s a major concern in the southern states.

    Some health care facilities are going to require their employees to be vaccinated. There is nothing you can do about that. Even in my facility my employees are required to get the vaccination. It used to be on a volunteer basis but with the virus making a comeback especially from those who were not vaccinated, it is now required. I’m sure before long patients who are admitted to my facility will be vaccinated. Especially after the two week quarantine. We all have to work together to get this resurgence under control. The world is not going to stand by anymore as patients fill up ICU beds and death toll numbers climb.

    No one has the right answer and no one has the wrong answer. Just remember the resurgence of covid and the D variant are because too many people did not get vaccinated.

  7. Irving Needlemyer’s mother-in-law: this article doesn’t mention masks. It mentions vaccine mandates.

  8. mother-in-law:

    This article doesn’t mention masks.

  9. Oh Jacks, you and your paranoid delusions.

  10. Interfer… Yes that’s what I meant..vaccines but Masks too.. both… By the demand of the customer… But both probably get tax funding which makes it more of a sticky wicket

  11. What about the nursing shortage?

  12. What about my extra long shlong, Intrigare?

  13. It will be okay.

  14. Intrigar… The market will sort it out
    I thought you were a liberty person, but now your arguing against the market

  15. Oh. Okay then.

  16. “Anyone know how legal immunity was granted for “vaccine” manufacturers ? That’s sort of a giant red flag.”

    Don’tcha worry, Bob. Everything will be all right. You see, according to Karl, the Feds have sole access to this fantastic thing called “jurisdiction” which allows them to do whatever they want, whenever they want. Pretty cool, huh?

  17. Look, this is the problem with government mandates. In a free market you’d have hospitals that mandated and hospitals that didn’t. You’d have nursing homes that mandated and you’d have nursing homes that didn’t. You’d have businesses that required passports and businesses that didn’t. The only real issue here is government interfering with the free market. Private businesses and non-profits including hospitals shouldn’t get stolen money from non-consenting individuals (people who do not wish to pay taxes). The solution isn’t that complicated. You want access to a hospital? You’d been think about how you’re going to pay for that cause while you won’t have as much money stolen you also won’t be guaranteed a bed.

  18. Free Market- You have the right to do whatever you want with your body. You don’t have a right to employment. So if your employer wants you to do something to your body that you don’t want to do, you can quit or be fired. Plain and fucking simple.

    I will support any and every company that enforces vaccine mandates. That’s my choice. You do you.

  19. I hate government mandates. If there weren’t government mandates I could wank any time in the park. Last time I tried a bunch of anti-freedom thugs kidnapped me and threw me into a cage. There weren’t any signs saying I couldn’t either. It was bullshit. I am a peaceful individual!

  20. These hospitals and clinics can make it mandatory for it’s employees to have the vaccine. There is no getting around that.

    Most hospitals require new employees to have a TB test when hired. If the skin test is positive, the hospital or clinic will put you on a medication that you have to take for 6 months, INH. So what do you think you are going to do? I don’t know of any health workers around me that haven’t been vaccinated.

  21. That’s bullshit, JJ. First they want staff to be vaccinated, next they want their customers to cover their genitalia at all times. Oh, and erections are no bueno either apparently. It’s a natural function! Of course I’m going to stroke it too. I’m not hurting anybody. You’d think of all people a bunch of doctors and nurses would understand.

  22. The power of the science compels you, huh Jacks?

  23. The power of something compels me to jack. Not science though.

  24. I appreciate that I’ve found a community of like minded, freedom loving people. We need to fight against these boot-licking statist pigs that would dare to tell a man (who has needs!) to keep his member in his pants. What, am I supposed to be chained to only relieve myself inside my house, like I’m some sort of caged animal? Where is my freedom to jack off in public? My ancestors had that freedom and it’s part of my natural rights, which the government UNCONSITUTIONALLY took away from me. I paid for those parks, and the roads, and the courthouse, and many other places. Hell, I even went to a coop near me that said everyone welcome, but when I went in and jacked off they kicked me out! WTF.

  25. Say Jacks, didja know that the tuberculin skin test is prone to false positives? Up to 3% of the time in some states. Sound familiar? It should, cuz covid tests are prone to giving false positives too. This is should be a precautionary tale for anyone to say the least, huh munchkin? Ha ha. Just kidding. I know you can’t be bothered with these things. The power of the science compels you.

    Anyway, down with the patriarchy and equal pay for women and stuff. Oh, and go Vikings.

  26. Yeah Jacks, you idiot!

    HIV tests also have false positives. I have to keep telling my doctor that. “Hey, It’s just a stupid false positive, ya moron!” The dumb doctor keeps pleading with me to do follow up testing and treatment but I’m not just going to let the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY get all my money like I’m some sort of SHEEPLE.

  27. Uh huh. Like PM says. It’s all a farce. A Delta Farce. But mask up anyway or else. Oh, and maintain social distancing by keeping 3 or 6 feet apart depending on which state you’re living in. The power of the science compels you.

  28. I think it’s bs that I have to wear a mask and stand six feet away from people when I pleasure myself. Sometimes you just want a human connection, ya know? In the good old days before COVID I would try to get as close as possible without the other person knowing. It was a hoot! Anyway, now I have to socially distance? What bs.

  29. Geez. I’ll bet it’s huge, too. Just how big are we talking, anyhow? Don’t be self-conscious, PM. I’m just asking for research purposes.

    Oh, not to change the subject and stuff, but guess what? Turns out that the predisposition of public health officials towards poor risk analysis over the course of the pandemic, as well their unwavering support for vaccines whose long-term efficacy is questionable, is leaving a negative impression in even the most gullible of libtards these days. How much longer do you think this covid scam can go on now that it’s been made abundantly clear that there’s no end game in sight?

  30. Oh, I’m easily in the 90th percentile for girth and length. It’s quite the specimen. It’s mostly a curse. I can’t wear sweatpants out in public. Well, I couldn’t if I cared about what the people that call themselves “the police” or “city librarian” or “small school aged children” have to say. Losers.

    I don’t know. I’ve been facing the “WEAR PANTS, PERVERT” scam for a long time coming now. Really, all of my life. There’s probably no end in sight until New Hampshire is the liberty mecca we’ve all dreamed about. It’s good to finally be in a group of people that get me. You all really understand where I’m coming from with personal freedom, ya know?

  31. Hey, do you think Ian would be alright if I made up some shirts with the FK logo that said “Free Keene for Free Peen?” I’d have a graphic under it of a guy wanking off next to a bus stop.

  32. 90th percentile? Wow. I’ll bet it takes a ton of spit to lube that thing.

    Anyway, not to change the subject again or anything, but didja know that the outbreak of new cases ascribed to the delta variant are worst in the countries with the most heavily vaccinated populations? It’s totally true, PM. No joke. So why do you libtard weirdos still want to mandate these things?

  33. Wow-Douche Woman Anti Vaxxing Dumb Ass and Public Masturbator. Free Keene…you must be so proud. Hey, like Phil Valentine, you can write a song like “Vaxman” ridiculing us vaccinated fools…and then die of Covid .

  34. PM – What is your problem? Do you think you’re funny? You should be in a psych ward. I hope your parole officer has you staying away from children. You have said absolutely nothing regarding this article.

  35. Hey Jacks, I don’t have a problem, that’s what I keep trying to tell everybody. I was just in a psych ward, but they let me out because they didn’t have enough funding. Defund the state, WOO! The stupid government can’t keep this free bird contained!! What my parole officer doesn’t know can’t hurt him, or me I guess.

    I’ve given my opinion though, bud. I think it’s great that people are coming around to the concept of my body, my choice. If it’s my right to determine what goes in my body, I should have the ability to determine what comes out!

  36. Boy. I was wondering which one of you libtard weirdos would be wishing death upon us again. Ya never disappoint, do ya LFoD? Anyway, guess what? Statistically speaking we’re all more likely to die in a car accidents than we are from covid. Are you afraid of your car, LFoD? I’m not afraid of mine. Or yours, for that matter. Pretty brave of me, huh?

  37. Oh, and Jacks? I know you’re all mad at us and stuff because we’ve been avoiding you, but don’t take it too personally. It’s just that talking to you about pretty much anything is about as fun as going to the dentist.

    Anyway, tell ya what. Maybe in December we can set some time aside to reminisce about all those things you love so much – you know, like drug laws, parking tickets, and prison rape? Sound like a plan, munchkin?

  38. I’m actually interested to see what the outcome of the standoff between newcomer PM and our long-time local favorite JJ will be. It’s breaking up the monotony we’ve had around here winning arguments over and over, don’t you think?

    Will JJ successfuly recruit PM and his “long schlong” to join him at the psych ward? Place your bets.

  39. Hmm. Jacks has his doctoral candidacy, a wildly successful substance addiction counseling business, plus a talented family tree of teachers and deputies.

    PM, on the other hand, has a big, fat, veiny meat musket and absolutely no sense of shame or restraint whatsoever.

    Oh, and Jacks also has that weird brain thing, so…

    Ya know, this is gonna be a tough call, Intrigare. I’m gonna have to crunch some numbers and get back to ya. BRB.

  40. I don’t think you two have won an argument on here since Daddy Ian first added comments to his shitty WordPress blog. lol

  41. Uh huh. Don’tcha forget, libtard weirdos like Karl here need you to listen to THEIR experts, not THE experts. Oh, and just as soon as theirs starts disagreeing with the party, stop listening and wait for further instructions. Seacrest out.

  42. Not true at all that I want you to die. Just the opposite.

    To quote our conservative friend Phil Valentine, “I have a very low risk of (a) getting Covid and (b) dying of it if I do”

    Rest In Peace, Phil.

  43. We must be so proud – Where did you get the statistic of “We are more likely to die in a car accidents then from Covid”. I’d like to read that article.

  44. Na, Silvia doesn’t do sources, JJ. She just makes shit up that fits her narrative.

  45. Ha ha ha. God that’s so funny, munchkin. You reading things, I mean.

    Anyway, guess what? Unlike you and Karl here, I didn’t need libtard weirdos to lead me around by the nose. I simply looked up the numbers using my favorite search engine and made my comparisons from there. It really wasn’t hard.

    You know, you two could totally do the same. I know neither of you will, though. Especially Karl here, as doing so runs the risk of spoiling his own narratives.

  46. “Not true at all that I want you to die. Just the opposite.”

    Your previous statements say otherwise, LFoD.

  47. My favourite search engine is bing. Lots of good porn results.

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