Nobody Released on $20K Bail, Not Allowed to Speak Publicly

Nobody is out on bail!

Nobody is out on bail!

Nearly six months after his arrest in an insanely destructive 6am raid back in March, longtime Free Keene blogger Nobody has finally been granted bail. The judge in his case suggested that Nobody, who changed his name from Rich Paul to run for Mayor in 2019 then Governor in 2020, was being held illegally.

As was the case with my bail conditions, the federal “magistrate judge” denied Nobody’s bail initially and the defense had to appeal that “de novo” to the actual judge in the case, Joseph Normand Laplante. Laplante also happens to be the chief judge for the entire Federal District Church Court. Thus far Laplante has been much more reasonable than the magistrates, though the bail restrictions on the Crypto Six have varied wildly.

For instance, Aria DiMezzo is highly restricted on what websites she can visit and must ask permission from her probation officer to go to any sites that are outside her limited “whitelist”. However she has no restrictions on drug use. In contrast, I am able to go to any website except for sites for buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency, am on home confinement, and am subject to random drug testing. I am allowed to use alcohol, though I prefer not to.

No co-defendants are allowed to speak with each other, though after filing motions with the court to remove the contact restriction between us, Aria and I were granted an exception by Laplante for the purposes of being able to perform and run our nationally syndicated radio show, “Free Talk Live“. I have a long list of people in addition to my co-defendants with whom I am prohibited from speaking. This includes my longtime co-host and co-minister in the Shire Free Church, Mark Edgington. As part of his bail, Nobody is also prohibited from speaking with the same list of people. Aria has no such restriction.


The BEARCAT bashed in Nobody’s front door.

At the de novo bail hearing, unlike the magistrate, Laplante didn’t seem concerned with Nobody’s statements on the recorded jail phone that seemed to be in favor of shooting police. He agreed with the defense that Nobody’s comments were just blowing off steam as Nobody was frustrated by the outrageous arrest and subsequent caging. Despite Laplante’s voiced opinion about Nobody’s lack of dangerousness, in a frustrating concession to the prosecution, he has restricted Nobody’s freedom of speech and prohibited him from making any public statements on media or at protest events. Here’s the relevant portion from page six of Nobody’s bail conditions:

  • Defendant shall refrain from the use of any social media platform to make any publicly viewable posts…
  • Defendant shall refrain from public speaking engagements on radio, television, or podcasts, and shall also refrain from “taking the mic” at public rallies or public events.

Federal Church Concord

Federal District Church Court

It was stated during the bail hearing that the concern was not that Nobody himself would commit violence but that he might influence listeners or followers to do so. So now he has no freedom of speech. This despite an accused person supposedly being allowed to be “at liberty” prior to trial. Does the first amendment not apply to people on bail? Strangely, he had more free speech inside the cage at the Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat where he was held the last several months. Nobody could, and did, call in to Free Talk Live on more than one occasion – so long as Aria or I were not on the show. Now he is specifically prohibited from any audio or tv appearances. He had also, while in jail, begun a newsletter for his church. Will he even be able to continue it?

Arguably, the restrictions as-written don’t prohibit his newsletter or perhaps even blogging. However I wouldn’t blame him if he chose not to rather than risk a post to Free Keene being considered “social media”, violating bail and getting locked back up.  Hopefully his attorneys will be fighting to get his right to free speech respected again.  On the positive side, he’s not restricted on travel and can leave his home without permission from his federal handler.

So much for freedom of speech. That said, I’m glad Nobody’s finally out.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene and listen to Free Talk Live for the latest on Nobody and the rest of the Crypto Six.

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  1. Did the judge forbid his punning? SOMEone should!

  2. It’s about time

  3. This good soul… so glad he is out and maybe can be in a better atmosphere to plan his defense from the government attackers. All the best RP!

  4. Glad Rich is uncaged! Pretty telling that those levying threats are so keen to keep him silent.

    I like that Rich slipped in a circle A on his signature line (on page 5/5 at: — yes, let’s hope that order emerges from this charade.


  6. What a ridiculous situation and bail. Y’all are doing good work.

  7. More proof that the state is absolutely schizophrenic, in addition to dangerously and completely insane.

  8. I wonder what the argument was that persuaded rich to stay in.
    I guess his public defender said staying in was good or something?

  9. So glad he’s out.
    You know you’re making a difference when the feds are doing so much to silence you. Love having friends on the right side of history!!

  10. I wonder how long it will be until he is sent back to jail. This article is ridiculous. I wonder where he got the money for bail. I believe RNP will start yapping the minute he gets a chance.

    Does he even have a place to live or is he sponging off someone?

    I would recheck Aria DiMezzo’s probation orders. I seriously doubt DiMezzo is allowed to take illegal drugs. You whine and cry about restrictions yet if this were to have happened several years ago, you all would still be sitting in jail. Be happy you are on home confinement.

    The things you are not allowed to do are very minor inconveniences you can live with. Anyone have a prediction as to when RNP will break home confinement and put back in jail? .


  12. What a sad day when this danger to the community is set free. This felon will once again be terrorizing the Granite State. Fortunately after the trial he will spend the rest of his pathetic life in Federal Prison. At least in the mean time he won’t be able to engage in homosexual acts with James “Aria” Baker.

  13. In unrelated news: 007 aka BOND is back on Pluto TV

  14. Oh Jacks you and your paranoid rants.

  15. I was released on PR bond. They said I couldn’t jack off in public anymore. What about my rights though? I thought it was innocent until proven guilty. Dirty statist pigs!

  16. I bet the defense wanted Rich Paul to be barred from social media and radio more than the prosecution. He’s such a fucking idiot lol

  17. People say a lot of wild things on this site. As a New Hampshire resident, I am not worried about Nobody “terrorizing the Granite State”. I am far from a fan. But, whenever possible, defendants should be freed pending trial because they are still innocent. Nobody was only being held because of some very stupid things that he said that sounded like threats. I have no opinion about his actual guilt or innocence on the specific charges because I simply don’t know.

  18. Sometimes if a person is silenced it’s because what they might say reveals ugly things about the people who would forcibly silence others.

  19. Hi Karl. Hey, top-notch contribution on your first day back, by the way. Still siding with the bad guys, huh?

    Anyway, guess what? Apparently, while the NH division of libtard weirdos were engaging in anti-crypto operations against harmless bitcoin entrepreneurs and stuff, the DC division decided it was sound defensive policy to strengthen the position of homicidal tribal savages in Afghanistan by handing advanced military weaponry and an airport over to them. Boy. I feel safer already.

  20. Thanks cupcake, I appreciate your encouragement. Anyway, as it turns out, I don’t have to troll you anymore as part of my job! I guess they said that the libertarian dipshits in New Hampshire aren’t a concern anymore. Something about how you guys haven’t made any meaningful progress after a decade or so, and how most of the troublemakers have already been taken care of. They’ve mentioned unfair trials, long prisons sentences, conspiracy to keep free men of the land as slaves to the corporate global elites in control of government yadda yadda yadda. Something along those lines. Also, you will have to pay to register your car. That was in the plans too. It’s really horrible, I know.

    Don’t worry though sparkles, I will still comment here on my own spare time. I just enjoy our time together so much, and it wouldn’t be fair to leave you like this!

  21. Wow. That’s so awesome, Karl. You got out just in time too, didn’tcha? Good thing too, cuz it’s not like you had any chance against us anyway. I mean us libertarians are way smarter than you are. Don’t forget, we figured out long ago that you libtard weirdos don’t really give two shits about saving lives from the corporate global elites. You just want to replace them with your own kind. Funny thing is, you schmucks couldn’t manage an ice cream truck let alone an entire global economy.

    Anyway, not to sound like a broken record or nothing, but didja know that those libtard weirdos controlling Joe Biden just gave up a shit ton of high-tech military weapons to a bunch of homicidal barbarians who’re still living in the dark ages? True story. Boy, I’ll bet you wish you could take those votes back, huh?

  22. Obviously.. Youse are too chicken of big brother.. Because youse dutifully obey and oblige his dictates as regards being out of the can..
    Like so many obeying “house n***ers” saying yes massa ..
    Such is the state of the real libertarians
    Oh the humanity!
    What happened to in your face open and blatant and *public* disobedience
    I’m depressed

  23. You know what David, you’ve inspired me. I have been a complete chicken of big brother. Hiding behind anonymity, too scared to stand behind what I have to say. What a coward I was! From now on, I will be open and bravely libertarian! Whenever people catch me wanking in public, I’ll be sure to tell them who I am and what I stand for! ! Don’t worry, I’ll let them know that you encouraged and supported me as well.

    From now on, I will lose the anonymous name of Public Masturbator, and go by my real name, Peter File!

  24. I’m glad to hear that he’s out on bail, but it sucks that he has been barred from speaking out.

  25. Banning this menace to the Granite State from speaking publicly works in his favor. This moron would just start advocating shooting cops or dodging taxes by starting a church. This dumbfuck has no internal filter.

  26. Jumping Jacks, you’re one of those statist thugs that wants to shut down everyone’s rights! You’re too scared to live in a world where people can proudly exclaim they are breaking the law, because freedom scares you. I bet you’d like me to stop masturbating in public too, but It’s my first amendment right to express myself, and I’ll keep doing it. Live Free or Die, baby!

  27. “This dumbfuck has no internal filter.”

    No internal filter? That must he a term you picked up in med school, eh Jacks?

    Anyway, it looks like your bud PM/PF is still itching for a fight. You’re not gonna let him talk to you like that are ya? Don’t disappoint.

  28. I happen to know he has a charcoal filter that filters out all the impurities

  29. Oh, and Jacks? Once you’ve finished showing Pete who’s boss and stuff, do ya think maybe you can give Karl a swift kick in the nuts as well? Turns out he totally hates women and thinks we’re all prostitutes and stuff. God he’s so gross.

  30. It’s so great to have you back nobody! And to Nobody’s haters you’re really going to hate what is coming soon… there is a bill to declare New Hampshire independence being proposed that has a lot of support in the legislature. In a matter of a week we went from 2 legislators to 5 and a week later there were more than 10! In another couple of months it’ll probably be 1/3 or more of the legislature! The feds may not be an issue for Ian and Nobody in short order.

  31. No Silvia, I don’t think all women are prostitutes. Just you. Also, what’s wrong with being a prostitute? That’s not very libertarian of you…

    “It’s so great to have you back nobody! And to Nobody’s haters you’re really going to hate what is coming soon… there is a bill to declare New Hampshire independence being proposed that has a lot of support in the legislature. In a matter of a week we went from 2 legislators to 5 and a week later there were more than 10! In another couple of months it’ll probably be 1/3 or more of the legislature! The feds may not be an issue for Ian and Nobody in short order.”


    Do you think the feds are going to let NH go? Keep dreaming.

  32. That’s nice, Karl. Thing is, your past statements tell us all a different story.

    Anyway, didja hear the news? The skinny out of DC is that Pope Saint Fauci the Great (may he live forever) is a dirty little liar. Yup. It’s true. Remember that gain of function stuff I mentioned to you a few weeks ago? Well it turns out the Covid Pope actually was funneling taxpayer money over to the Wuhan Institute to study that shit. Thankfully he got caught red handed by Sen. Rand Paul. He’s a real, live doctor by the way. Not a pretend one like Jacks is. Oh, and get this – apparently NIH grant money is continuing to flow over there even as I write this. Pretty messed up, huh Karl?

  33. Do you even know what gain of function research is?

    Also, Rand Paul is an ophthalmologist, not a virologist, epidemiologist, or immunologist. You should google those big words. They are totally different fields with different specializations. It’s a bit more complicated than just opening up your legs for the next John. By the way, do you know who is an immunologist? Dr. Fauci. Interesting, don’t you think?

  34. I tried prostitution, but I don’t get the same enjoyment from masturbating in front of somebody who expects it. I like to surprise people with my willy. It’s the best part about being libertarian. I get to enjoy my freedoms, my way.

  35. Boy. What a great question. Turns out I do, actually. Hey, do you know what an argumentum ab auctoritate is? I’ll give ya a little hint, Karl. It’s Latin.

    Anyway, guess what, chicken butt? Despite all you libtard weirdos efforts to hide the truth, the news is finally out – ivermectin is effective against covid. True story, Karl. Hand to God. Just ask all the ophthalmologists, virologists, epidemiologists, and immunologists.

  36. “argumentum ab auctoritate”

    Yeah, an example of this is when you called Dr. Paul a real doctor, as if that’s why we should listen to him for some reason. lol

    ” ivermectin is effective against covid.”

    I’m sure you have plenty of studies supporting this claim. I’ll be waiting for them. I won’t hold my breath though.

  37. Exactly, Karl. Rand Paul is a real doctor. And Anthony Fauci is a confirmed liar. Guess who I think is the best guy to listen to? By the way, you really should watch that video where Rand hands Fauci’s ass to him about all that lying stuff. It was a total laugh riot.

    Oh, and Karl? There’s really no need for you to wait. The relevant research is right at your very fingertips. All you have to do is search for how ivermectin interrupts covid’s replication process by interfering with RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and stuff and then go see where the science takes you. Ha ha. Just kidding, Karl. Ignorance is bliss to you libtard weirdos, am I right?

  38. I see that there are some promising early studies. but that the science is still inconclusive on invermectin’s efficacy. There, I followed the science. That’s a far cry from what you said, buttercup.

  39. Uh huh. That’s nice, Karl. At any rate, today is a great day for Rand Paul who was right all along about Anthony Fauci.

    Before I go, didja know that way back in 1983 Fauci was accusing children of spreading AIDS? He came to that conclusion because he relied upon untested theories instead of empirical evidence. In turn, the corporate-owned media ran with headlines that declared his word as being equivalent to the Word of God – just like they do today.

    Trust the science, Karl.

  40. Uh huh. That’s nice, Karl. At any rate, today is a great day for Rand Paul who was right all along about Anthony Fauci.

    Before I go, didja know that way back in 1983 Fauci was accusing children of spreading AIDS? He came to that conclusion because he relied upon untested theories instead of empirical evidence. In turn, the corporate-owned media ran with headlines that declared his word as being equivalent to the Word of God – just like they do today.

    Trust the science, Karl.

  41. Oh, were bouncing back to Fauci? Great.

    Care to mention where you are getting your facts? I know, I know. It’s hard to copy and paste a link from your web browser. It takes all but two seconds or so. Can you do it for me though, darling? I’m not interested in spending all day proving your points. That’s supposed to be your job, silly.

  42. Gosh, Karl. So it’s exclusively my job to make sure you and the rest of the libtard weirdos are up to speed with the rest of us? Wow. I didn’t know that. Anyway, that all sounds absolutely exhausting. And since I like the way we’re doing things right now, I’m going to have to pass on your proposal. Thanks for asking nicely, though.

    Moving on, have you noticed that Dr. Fauci keeps changing the covid narrative again and again? That’s really odd, don’tcha think? Especially considering that recent statistics have revealed that covid is not the biggest killer – with heart disease, dementia, and cancer each claiming four times as many lives in an average week last month. Hey, any idea why he might be doing that? The guys over here think it has something to do with you libtard weirdos’ fetish over controlling everything.

  43. So apparently Silvia, you made the news for the world’s least attractive prostitute. I mean, that’s hardly news, you are libertarian after all. It also says in the article that you like kicking puppies in your spare time. why would you do that? I won’t link the story though, you’ll have to look it up yourself. It would be absolutely exhausting for me to do it.

  44. Ha ha. You said “hardly.” Good one, Karl.

    Say, speaking of puppies, are you a dog person or a cat person? You know, I usually have a sixth sense about these sorts of things, but with you I just can’t tell. I’m a bird person, myself. Own two monk parakeets named Cheens and Cheeves. Taught ’em how to say all sorts of funny phrases, too. You’d just love ’em.

    Anyway, guess what? More than 900 pages of materials related to US-funded coronavirus research in China were released following a FOIA lawsuit filed by The Intercept. You know what they found out? That the EcoHealth Alliance awarded $600K of NIH funding to the Wuhan Institute which was then used to identify and alter bat coronaviruses for the purposes of infecting humans. This is the crap which Fauci has insisted before Congress is NOT gain of function research. Wow. What a lying wuss, huh?

  45. I like birds, but I’m not a big fan of keeping them in cages. Ironic, I know, since my life’s work involves keeping people in cages and subject to the global elites.

    Yawn. That wasn’t gain of function research. I’d explain it to you, but instead I’ll just tell you to look it up, Silvia-style. Man, this is fun when you don’t have to actually support what you are saying. It’s very freeing.

  46. Gee Karl, if it’s not, then why spend $600K to identify and alter an animal virus in the first place? I mean it’s already infecting bats, right? So why should Wuhan scientists want to alter it to infect humans in the first place? Unless…

    Well, in any case, I did look it up. Turns out the documents The Intercept sought in their FOIA request do indeed support Dr. Paul’s gain of function allegation. In fact, they contain critical information about research done in Wuhan which – get this – included the creation of novel coronaviruses. In particular, ones constructed for the purposes of testing their ability to infect transgenic mice that were engineered to produce human-type ACE2 cellular surface protein receptors.

    Oh, and since this research was paid for by the EcoHealth Alliance (c/o NIAID Director Anthony Fauci), it’s entirely plausible that Fauci was privy to the Wuhan lab accident theory as early as December 2019. Yet warned no one.

    Follow the science, Karl.

  47. Did you actually read the article by the Intercept?

    “Scientists unanimously told The Intercept that the experiment, which involved infecting genetically engineered mice with “chimeric” hybrid viruses, could not have directly sparked the pandemic. None of the viruses listed in the write-ups of the experiment are related to the virus that causes Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, closely enough to have evolved into it.”

    No, this isn’t the smoking gun of the “Wuhan lab accident” theory. If anything, it is evidence against it.

  48. I’m pretty sure my shlong was genetically engineered. It’s magnificent. Long and thick. Really girthy. Sometimes I wonder if the government gave my pediatrician a grant to develop gain of function on it. I’ll have to ask the doc next time I am in town.

  49. Uh huh. Thing is, Karl, The Intercept published more than one article concerning this subject. Unlike you, I took the time to read all of them. Had you done your due diligence, you’d know that the claim of scientific unanimity The Intercept reported is false given the statements from two scientists interviewed in a previous Intercept article.

    Take Dr. Alina Chan – a molecular biologist at the Broad Institute – who said the documents show that EcoHealth Alliance had every reason to take the lab leak theory seriously. “In this proposal, they actually point out that they know how risky this work is. They keep talking about people potentially getting bitten – and they kept records of everyone who got bitten. Does EcoHealth have those records? And if not, how can they possibly rule out a research-related accident?”

    And Dr. Richard Ebright – a molecular biologist at Rutgers University – who said the documents contain critical information about the research done at the Wuhan Institute, which in part included the creation of novel coronaviruses. “The viruses they constructed were tested for their ability to infect mice that were engineered to display human type receptors on their cell.” Ebright also said the documents make it clear that two different types of novel coronaviruses were able to infect transgenic humanized mice. “While they were working on SARS-related coronavirus, they were carrying out a parallel project at the same time on MERS-related coronavirus.”

    You need to do better at following the science, Karl.

  50. Don’t just tell us about it, Peter. Post some pics of it for Christ’s sake.

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