Historic Constitutional Amendment Filed for NH to Exit United States

State Reps Mike Sylvia and Matt Santonastaso

State Reps Mike Sylvia and Matt Santonastaso

Thanks to two heroic state representatives, New Hampshire has now taken the lead nationally in the independence movement. Yesterday, five-term state rep Mike Sylvia filed the text of a constitutional amendment that would, if passed, declare independence from the United States:

“Are you in favor of amending the first part of the New Hampshire Constitution by inserting, after article 7, a new article to read as follows:


[Art.] 7-a. [Independent Nation.] New Hampshire declares itself as independent from the United States and peaceably, immediately proceeds as a sovereign nation. All other references to the United States in this constitution and state statutes and regulations are nullified.”

To pass, it must first receive over 60% of the vote in both the state house and senate. If it does, it will then be placed on the 2022 ballot and then must receive over 2/3rds of the vote to be enacted. If so, it goes into effect immediately. There would be no political games like with United Kingdom’s “Brexit” from the European Union, which took several years to hammer out after the vote. New Hampshire will instantly declare our independence and nullify all standing agreements with the federal government gang. Compare this to the thus-far unsuccessful attempts in other US states.

In recent years, secession movements around the country have sprung up and made headlines in California and Texas, but with very little legislative support. In Texas, a state rep filed a bill this year that if passed, would merely have placed a non-binding referendum on the ballot for Texas voters to register their opinion on whether the Texas legislature should begin an arduous process of figuring out how to leave the United States. This bill’s filing resulted in plenty of media coverage and discussion, however, it died before even receiving a committee hearing. A key reason that New Hampshire was chosen as the destination for the Free State Project is that EVERY bill gets a public committee hearing, no matter how much support it has from the state reps. Most states are like Texas, where it’s a political game whether a bill even gets a hearing.

Foundation for New Hampshire Independence Logo

New Hampshire Independence

In California, a left-leaning group called “Yes California” has been trying for years to get an independence question on the ballot by gathering the hundreds-of-thousands of required signatures. If passed, the measure would require the legislature to declare independence from the US and become its own republic. So far, they have been unsuccessful despite garnering significant media coverage. Currently their website is offline, though their Twitter is still active. Even if they do get the question on the ballot and it passes, they may not survive the inevitable court challenge given the CA state constitution provides that California, “is an inseparable part of the United States of America.”

While I want to see both Texas and California exit the United States, it’s clear that with the filing of this constitutional amendment bill – called in NH a “CACR” or, “Constitutional Amendment Concurrent Resolution” – that New Hampshire has taken the clear lead in the race to see who will leave the union first. Plus, unlike California, the NH constitution clearly protects the “Right of Revolution” in Article 10 and “State Sovereignty” in Article 7 of the NH Bill of Rights.

Representative Sylvia, in an exclusive interview with Free Keene, had this to say on why he filed the proposed amendment, “The people of America have forgotten their history, if we take the time to look at our roots we can see that our constitutions have received ‘lip service’ for far too long. While I can not change the direction of the federal government, I can hold up the New Hampshire constitution and demand that we honor its clear directives. Article 10 reads in part, ‘whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government.'”

The 2018 liberty “Legislator of the Year” representative Sylvia is joined by freshman state rep from the Keene area, Matt Santonastaso as the co-sponsor of the amendment. Other state reps have been approached and have expressed support and a full list will be released when the amendment is assigned a CACR number and moves onto a committee.


NH Independence NOW!

The process is just beginning, with Sylvia submitting the proposed text to NH Legislative Services on Monday. It may take several weeks for them to officially draft the CACR and send it back to Sylvia for final approval. It then is assigned to a committee which will then hold a public hearing sometime in early 2022. What happens from there is up to the committee and will largely depend on how much public support the amendment receives at its hearing.

Even if it doesn’t pass this time, it will get many conversations started about the evil federal government and why peacefully declaring independence is the best solution. Minds will be persuaded and changed. Many media and political attacks will be brought against us, as the power-seekers will be desperate to keep the status quo. Potential migrants to New Hampshire will be energized and make-the-move.

To learn more about why NH should divorce DC, check out the Foundation for NH Independence’s Frequently Asked Questions and Liberty Block’s “70+ Reasons to Divorce DC” and “Twelve Benefits of NH Independence“.

To help the movement, you can contact your local state reps in support of the amendment, connect with other supporters online, and more. Visit the “How You Can Help” page on NHexit.us for a full list of ideas.

Stay tuned to Free Keene and the Liberty Block for the latest on this historic process.

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  1. This is fantastic! I can’t wait for the haring. Irregardless of what actually happens just the proposal by legislators is a huge step forward. It’s great living in New Hampshire, and it’ll be even more fantastic to live in a free and independent land.

  2. Do you autistic faggots seriously believe this will turn out well? Mike Sylvia may become more of a menace to the Granite State than Rich “Nobody” Paul, Ian “Freeman” Bernard and James “Aria” Baker.

  3. Jumping Jacks: Ya scared? Kinda funny. Not to worry. The libertarians aren’t looking for a violent revolt, but a peaceful exit. This is likely just the start of talks anyway. The immediate chances of this passing are low, but increasing every day thanks to the successes of the Free State Project and increasing numbers of people migrating. It should actually be pretty easy to win in the long haul given that the government is actually controlled by a very small number of people and we’re almost at the takeover point. In fact your team has even been freaking out lately in its admission that free staters have taken over. It’s half true in that the leadership in power is becoming more and more liberty-friendly and run by those who have migrated to NH for freedom.

  4. It will get many conversations started about delusional libertarians

  5. Ha, what a joke. Texas, and other states have tried this stunt and failed. New Hampshire does not have enough resources to survive as it’s own entity.

    It’s always the libtards that come up with these crazy ideas. Do you honestly believe the governor or president would allow such a thing to happen.

    Keep living those pipe dreams or maybe don’t use the pipe so much. It’s making you people goofy.

  6. It’s unfortunate the moderators of this forum allow childish postings while pretending to be you. This is what you can expect from childish libtards who choose to drop back to their grade school years. With this type of behavior, you honestly think the state of New Hampshire will just become it’s own entity with idiots like that? You actually hurt the process more than not doing stupid pet tricks for attention.

    The posting after Jon is not me. It’s a bunch of childish idiot freekeeners. Thanks for demonstrating your stupidity for your cause.

  7. Let’s be honest. We as Americans have reached a point of irreconcilable differences. Any perusal of Facebook or Twitter will quickly validate that claim. It’s time for a divorce – well past time actually. So here’s a path forward – to do this thing amicably. Put me down as strongly supportive of the proposed amendment in New Hampshire, and hopeful that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will soon follow suit.

  8. New Hampshire was the first colony to declare its independence from England and it can lead the way in being the first to declare its independence from the newest empire as well.

  9. Nothing better ever happens with people like Jumping Jack around.

  10. Insane way of thinking this shit will never pass

  11. Jacks still thinks there are moderators here 😉

  12. ‘And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind is closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. Rather, the citizenry infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and do it gladly so.’

    Julius Caesar

  13. thats good

  14. everyone should make there name Jumping Jacks

  15. Let freedom ring!

  16. I am sparticus…I mean JJ

  17. You fucking libtards need to stop impersonating me. Your childish games are not amusing. Fortunately cult leader Ian will soon spend the rest of his miserable life in federal prison.

  18. While this is a fun idea, it’s a bit absurd to talk about New Hampshire being independent, we cannot even be independent from Massachusetts, after nearly 200 years, we are still tied as tightly to our neighbor to the south as we were when new Hampshire was just a region in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. And I believe that Sununu’s fight with the state of Massachusetts over Corona income taxes a clear example of that.
    Independence is not the answer… Walls are not the answer, isolationism is not going to fix anything. And the majority of the people in this state although we may be troubled by it have great love for this country. But to see the state ripped out of the nation on the will of some imports from out of state. You guys don’t stand a chance, cheap I don’t I think anybody told the free status but I’ll tell you now If your family doesn’t go back to generations you’re not a native, but most of us are…. And we will not stand idly by what you play this political satire… I mean look at us standing in line with such great states as California and Texas two states that the majority of people in this NH do NOT want to align with socially or politically. but here we stand arms around them both, California for all of their ultra liberal nonsense home of the tech companies that are threatening to destroy us all, in Texas a state that puts mentally handicapped people to death.
    If you think this state fits into either of those categories you don’t know New Hampshire. And I don’t believe that you ever will.
    Wait for me to put it in the terms that we NH natives have long used over the past hundred years….

    Welcome to New Hampshire, now go the fuck back home!

  19. The absurd can not come to fruition.. Without first being suggested.
    One step at a time.
    Here Here!
    Good work people!

  20. Zen riots,

    Without the Federal Government, who would start the wars ? Inflate the currency ? Drone the children ?

  21. I think it’s the best thing ever..

  22. Thank you Zen Riots. Exactly right. Radical freaks like Bob C.and kk and Creepy Crawford don’t speak for us. This is a patriotic state.

    By the way, it is also not true that New Hampshire was the first colony to secede from England. Also worth noting that supporting a vote on succession is not the same thing as supporting succession.

    Free Keene has two Board Members. One is a convicted murderer. The other is facing a 10 year minimum sentence on a federal RICO charge. Former Free Keene icon Chris Cantwell is in Marion Penitentiary. Nobody and Aria have court dates and face prison time.

    Isn’t it time to smarten up ?

  23. Lfod shush

  24. ZenRiots: Wow man. I didn’t know anybody hated New Hampshire so much. It might be the case that you should move out of state similar to how the libertarians moved to New Hampshire and took over.

  25. Live Free or Die: Umm you do realize that patriotism in early America was centered around the state and not the federal government, right? I’m not a fan of blind patriotism like you are, but it’s arguable that you are just flat wrong. If you think otherwise then let me ask you this? Why are you not taking up arms against the United States. Real patriots after all swear their allegiance to to the king, not the terrorists or took over this land.

    You mention that “Free Keene has two Board Members” which is actually not true. Free Keene is just a blog. The Shire Free Church on the other hand does have a board and there are currently two members on it. The board has varied in size over the years.

    “One is a convicted murderer.” – You clearly don’t know the whole story and to claim he murdered someone is malicious and misleading. He didn’t murder anyone. He wasn’t even aware that his so-called friend was about to murder someone. He was in an unfortunate circumstance where he effectively got screwed by the state because of dumb laws that make you guilty of something someone else does. Mark was guilty of one thing and one thing only. It was panicking after the fact. Seems hard to fault a young kid who didn’t make the right call, wasn’t fully aware of what was even happening, and then freaked out about it afterward. When your own life is potentially threaten by someone murdering someone else in front of you it’s not hard to make the “wrong” decision. If someone is holding a gun to your head are you guilty of theft because you handed over the cash to the register during a robbery? Of course not! Yet somehow someone who is “involved” unknowingly in murder is guilty of being a murder. Sorry. I’m just not buying the bull shit. Mark is one of the nicest persons I’ve gotten to know and the mistake he made (probably the friends he chose) could have easily have been made by anyone in his position.

    “The other is facing a 10 year minimum sentence on a federal RICO charge.” Being accused of a crime does not make you guilty of a crime. If it’s always the case that a false accusation is true simply because you say it is then I’m going to accuse you of being a child molesting serial killer.

    ” Former Free Keene icon Chris Cantwell is in Marion Penitentiary.” A guy who was ousted from the Free Talk Live because his views changed and later did NOT align with libertarian values. Yea… one person… hard to fault a group over one guy out of 10s of thousands and hundreds of co-hosts over the past decade.

    “Nobody and Aria have court dates and face prison time. ” For non-violent “crimes” of which they’re most likely not even guilty of committing. Again- it’s hard to take a child molesting serial killer seriously.

  26. As long as the libertarian utopia of New Hampshire guarantees my God given right to be naked in public with an erection, you’ve got my support! I should also be able to meet my needs and live my life, as long as I am not harming anybody.

    I was accused of being a child molester once. All I did was masturbate in public in front of a playground! Sure, there were a few children of course, but I wasn’t harming anyone. That’s NOT child molestation. I’m not into that at all. There was no violation of the nonaggression principle. I am a dedicated and proud libertarian. If the children’s parents didn’t want their young child to see a grown man jackin’ it, they should have went elsewhere. Or to a private playground. These anti-pleasure fascist pants nazis are going to get what is coming to them!

  27. People know when it’s not you JJ…
    That’s probably the only plus of being so spinless as to not stand behind your words… And use your real name.. at least they are using the phoney name you created Jumping Jacks

  28. So it’s the *other* phoney name saying phoney things

  29. It’s this in committee yet… Or have a date for the public to speak

  30. Matt is a good friend and my State Rep- I JUST LOVE THIS. Fitzwilliam resident since 1994. LIVE FREE OR DIE, BAby!

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