Keene Police Lieutenant Advocates Mask Civil Disobedience

Jason Short Dodges DEA Questions

Jason Short, in 2014 outside Phat Stuff DEA raid.

In the most pleasantly surprising news of the year, the Keene Sentinel has broken a story about Keene Police lieutenant Jason Short advocating mass civil disobedience regarding the city’s recently passed mask mandate. Though the Sentinel piece appears to want to shock readers with Short’s opinions, those of us who have engaged with him over more than a decade of peaceful civil disobedience activism are proud to see his evolution.

The Sentinel reveals that Short posted the following to his facebook account:

“Remember the bad guys in movies don’t know they are bad, they think they are doing the ‘right thing’ for the benefit of society. It is only when the ‘good guy’ stands up to them that they realize they are wrong. Citizens need to stand up and stop simply complying to this nonsense mandates.”

The rest of the Sentinel piece is designed to gin up outrage that a police officer dared to openly speak against the city gang’s precious mask ordinance. However, surprisingly, Keene Police chief Steven Russo actually covered for Short rather than throwing him under the bus, explaining to the reporter that it’s Short’s right to express himself as Short doesn’t lose the right to free speech just because he works for the state. Russo claims, “Lt. Short will enforce the Ordinance consistent with my guidance and in the same spirit as all of our Officers regardless of his personal feelings”, but doesn’t say what his “guidance” is. There is a good chance Russo’s “guidance” is to encourage Keene police to use discretion regarding enforcing the ordinance.

Many people, including those railing against Short online for expressing independent thoughts, simply do not understand that all police officers have discretion. Discretion is the ability for each officer to decide whether to enforce any given statute or ordinance, with few exceptions. As I understand it, generally, police officers are only obligated to enforce certain violent felonies. So, even if Russo tells Short to enforce the mask mandate, Short can still use his discretion and the worst than can be done to him is he’d likely get a stern talking-to or perhaps reassigned to the night shift.

Keene Police Officer Jason Short

Keene Police Officer Jason Short, Civil Disobedience Advocate

City mob boss Elizabeth Dragon was even approached by Sentinel reporter Caleb Symons for comment on whether Short could be disciplined, but she wisely refused to return his calls, as she probably doesn’t want to admit there’s nothing the city council can do if the police refuse to enforce their ordinance. From what I understand, Short isn’t the only police officer who feels as he does.

A decade ago, Short was the antagonist during Derrick J Freeman’s “Victimless Crime Spree“, arresting Free Keene blogger Derrick J in Central Square for open possession of cannabis. In 2014, as the DEA was raiding then-Main Street business Phat Stuff, Keene police were running cover for them and I confronted Short outside the business about his role in the situation. During the conversation, I asked him how he feels about a productive downtown business being destroyed by the DEA, and he told me, “what I feel don’t matter”. I responded that it does matter, which is why I asked him for his opinion.

Now, more than half a decade later, Short appears to have changed his tune, and for the better. He’s not only expressing his opinion about bad law publicly, he’s also taking the correct position – that the mask mandate is evil and needs to be disobeyed. That’s because good people disobey bad laws and good cops refuse to enforce them.

If Jason Short can go from bad guy to good guy, maybe there is hope. Whether or not activists like Derrick J have had a positive influence on Short over the years, kudos to Short for taking a stand.

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  1. I guess there’s only unsmart people around 🙂

  2. Unsmart. Ha ha. Totally. 😉

    Anyway Dave, guess what else? Turns out that really famous British politician Tony Blair agrees with ya. And this is in spite of the fact that covid vaccines aren’t preventing transmission which also means that getting vaccinated won’t protect others no matter how many boosters ya get.

    Oh, and didja also know that without the covid vaccine, there’s a 99.8% survival rate for everyone younger than 70 years old? It’s true. Hand to God. Oh, and the risk of hospitalization is less than 2 percent as well. Pretty wild, huh?

    Didja also know that according to Gallup, many people, especially libtard weirdos like you, mistakenly think that the risks are much, much higher? That’s the kind of shit that happens when you only rely on experts to tell ya how to live. But you already know all of that, don’tcha Dave?

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  4. Uh huh. Obviously.

    Anyway Dave, John here’s totally right about that compliance thing. Ya know what’s even worse about it? Turns out vaccine compliance has been making it more likely people’ll be infected with Omicron in as little as 3 months after they’ve taken the jab. Oh, and guess what else? To keep vaccine effectiveness, vaccinations once a month are now needed. Weird how the worm turns, huh Dave?

    Oh yeah. I almost forgot. Have ya heard the latest news concerning Sandy from the Bronx? Turns out she’s been lounging it up in FL, in large crowds of all things, while MASKLESS. All while NY is experiencing a surge in Omicron cases and expanding mask mandates and vaccine booster requirements and stuff. Isn’t that awful? Ya know, Sandy wouldn’t be so thoughtless if she were dating a Republican, am I right?

  5. I’m sorry but; whoever wrote that last gobbledygook.

    Doesn’t seem to have much of a intellect engaged behind what they write.

    Nothing personal

  6. Good people implement good laws.

    Ipso facto

    The city father’s are doing the bidding of good people .

    Aka they are doing what I say.

    We have to make dumb people do smarts things. Like being their parents and making them eat their green beans.

    So masks are like greenbeans for babies.

    And you guys are the babies

  7. Uh huh. Got it. Nothing personal.

    Anyway Dave, there’s more. Turns out Sandy told her boss she couldn’t come to work because of all the Omicron going around. Pretty tight, huh? Way better than playing the “I have cramps” card, am I right? God she’s so commielicious.

  8. This is Australia, but it’s a good example of “people nullification” of silly mask ordinances or whatever they call their mask tyranny over there.

  9. Is “Sandy” your adopted foster child?

    I don’t care.

    I’m just wondering why the world turns around her, for you.
    And why you act like others should be that way to

  10. That’s nice, Dave.

    Anyway, didja know that school kids in NYC are being forced to eat outside in 30 degree weather while the Sandinator is living it up in FL? Can ya guess why, by the way? It’s cuz she knows she’ll never be held accountable for any of it. Certainly not by libtard weirdos in the media and definitely not by low-information NYC voters. Cool, huh?

  11. Welp… Yes…NY is a statist state
    So, if one is wanting less government perhaps that’s not the place to be.

    So that’s their problem or solution.

    Different states roll differently and you get to choose where you live!

  12. I already told you that you aren’t smart.

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  13. Oh Dave. I just love it when you spit game.

    Anyway, there’s even more news coming out of NY. Turns out a libtard weirdo in Long Island has been arrested for illegally administering the covid vaccine to a 17-year-old boy on New Year’s Eve in her home. Oh, and get this – she’s a teacher and this was all done without parental consent. Outrageous, huh? Say, ya think Sandy from the Bronx is giving two shits about any of this between Jell-O shots and Mai Tais?

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    Anyway, guess what? Turns out Sandy from the Bronx is back in NYC from her short vacay in FL. Oh, and good news – since the cameras were on her, she made sure she had her mask on this time.

    I’ve been thinking though, Dave. Don’tcha think it’s weird that a pro-science social media influencer like her would be caught dead in a place like FL? Especially since it’s a red state with a governor who wants people to get sick and die. Ya know, I’m starting to think the Sandster may not be as afraid of the ‘rona as she expects us the rest of us to be. But hey, that’s just crazy talk, am I right?

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    Anyway, there’s more news coming out of FL. Get this. It turns out the Surgeon General down there is discouraging coronavirus tests for people at lower risk of severe outcomes, such as children and those without symptoms. Guess that’s why Sandy from the Bronx had to get out of there so fast, am I right?

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  19. Oh you.

    Anyway Dave, there’s even more good news. Turns out Rand Paul’s kicking YouTube to the curb and is moving to Rumble. Ya know, if this kind of stuff keeps up it’s going to be something Big Tech’s shareholders won’t be able to ignore. Pretty cool, huh?

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    Oh, by the way, I’ve got some more news out of FL again. Don’t worry, it’s not about AOC. This time it’s about Eric Swalwell.

    Anyway, turns out the pro-mandate, pro-mask, San Fran rep was spotted hanging out without a mask on at a high-end Miami Beach hotel. No one saw any Chinese spies around him, though. Go figure, huh?

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    You should know that already and take it to heart

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  24. You have commitments, Dave? Wow. That’s totally rad. Ya know, a lot of libertarians don’t have those. True story.

    Anyway, didja hear that just last week Swalwell was blaming FL Republicans for – get this – prolonging the pandemic? It’s true. Hand to God.

    Still, FL is a key travel destination him and libtard weirdos like him seeking to escape their own heavily regulated states.

    I guess that’s also why Nancy Pelosi slapped $25M on a mansion down there, too. That way, once she retires from Congress this year, she can spend what’s left of her golden years unmolested by mask nazis and the like. She deserves to be happy, am I right?

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  28. I agree. Trump is pretty awesome, isn’t he Dave?

    Anyway, you’ll never guess who else has been caught maskless in the Sunshine State. Don Lemon of CNN of all people! You know, that same guy who ripped parents who opposed mask mandates as conspiracy theorists who shouldn’t have kids? God I hope CNN never fires him.

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  31. Uh huh. Spot on, Dave.

    Anyway, here’s the latest out of FL. Get this. Turns out White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told a lie on Thursday suggesting that Gov. Ron DeSantis failed to advocate for covid vaccines in his state. This despite the fact that DeSantis has always promoted the widespread availability of vaccines, even prioritizing such for seniors and the vulnerable. Wow. Those libtard weirdos just don’t give a fuck about the truth, now do they Dave?

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