My response to the Jonna Carter / Conway Daily Sun hit piece:

I responded to this following hit piece on the Free State Project:

My response was as follows:


Have you ever met a Free Stater? Had a conversation with one? Because you seem to be completely clueless about us. For one thing, few if any of us were fond of Trump. I proudly voted for Gary Johnson in 2016 and for Jo Jorgensen in 2020. I am no more attracted to the tyrants on the right than I am to the tyrants on the left. What I want is freedom, which is why I moved to the Live Free Or Die [ fighting ] state over 10 years ago.

Do I want to escape from the US government? ABSOLUTELY! The US government has done nothing but bleed the people dry to pay for endless, pointless wars and corporate welfare. They have propped up their endless attacks on freedom with lie after lie after lie … spending most of their time, when they are not making war on foreign nations, making war on their own people, with their insane and racist war on drugs, their nasty habit of shooting innocent people in the street for no apparent reason, and their constant encroachments on our right to speak freely, to make our own decisions, an to control our own bodies.

I am pro-choice, but unlike “pro-choice” leftists, I REALLY BELIEVE in “MY BODY MY CHOICE”. Of course the right to abortion is important … too many women — and men — throughout history have been trapped in poverty and hopelessness by their inability to control their own reproduction … but that is not the only right that we have over our own bodies … we also have the right to make our own medical decisions, whether that means choosing for ourselves to treat our PTSD with MDMA, or our alcoholism /drug addiction with Mushrooms … both of which have been done with great success at John’s Hopkins.

And we also have the right to make our own economic decisions. The government could end homelessness overnight, simply by ceasing to cause it. They could get up off the millions of acres of land that they hold for no purpose, and allow people to homestead. That’s all it would take. Once people had a piece of land on which to pitch a tent, the next step would be to start a massive “habitat for humanity” program, not just building houses for people, but teaching them what they need to know to help their neighbors, and to earn money once the immediate crisis is past.

But the government always works to enrich the rich, while further impoverishing the poor. Sure, they sent us $1200 at the start of the pandemic ( which they may well have caused ), but at the same time they did so, they sent 3 trillion dollars in corporate welfare to their cronies. Do the math: Three Trillion dollars divided by Three Hundred Million Americans is 10,000 dollars per person that they handed out to make the rich richer, while returning to the people only a small fraction of that. I hope that you will take the time to get to know a Free Stater. I would be delighted to buy you a cup of coffee any time you are in Keene, or perhaps when I visit my girl in the north country. I think that if you approached us with an open mind, you would quickly learn that we are not at all what you think we are. And if, after that, you choose to remain enslaved by the government, I will quote Thomas Paine by way of farewell …. may your chains sit lightly upon you, and may history forget that ye were our countrymen.

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  1. Good response. And great to see you post, Nobody. It’s been a while 🙂

  2. You can tell how good things are going by how maniacally they scream.
    I read the 1st initiation of the of the article and it was pretty maniacal sounding.
    So that’s good.

  3. What’s wrong with Jonna Carter’s silly rant? Nobody knows! Good job.

  4. What Jonna Carter should learn is Nobody’s business is nobody’s business but Nobody’s.

    Didn’t find any relevant substance and saw some open-ended unsubstantiated allegations and maybe fear induced whining in Jonna Carter’s commentary. Looked and smelled like a derailment type hit piece, a veritable meatless sandwich.

    What I got was, “Free Staters are bad”, and we can’t have State Reps going against some kind of oath they made to keep all the “free” people of NH in some kind of perpetual bondage to Carter’s preferred Ultra Overlords, the Federal Government. Uhhh, sure. Eyeroll.

    I’m not a fan of democracies, as they’re usually an expression of the suppression of individual consent of otherwise peaceful people. Oddly, I didn’t see Carter championing the democratic process, which is the usual position of big government types when they attempt to buttress their lame arguments.

    I’m also not clairvoyant, but I’m guessing Carter is harboring two opposing thoughts at once, “let’s protect our democracy” and flopping to “let’s not protect our democracy, if it means it brings things that scare me:”. Intellectual inconsistencies can be so troublesome to forming a cogent argument eh Jonna Carter ? Commence distraction and whining and call it an argument. Yawn.

    Isn’t that all Mike Sylvia and crew are trying to do? “Allow” the NH oxymoronic free subjects to decide if they want to remain politically bound to the feds? Put it to a vote?

    Apparently, Carter’s preference is to remain in Fed bondage. Okay. At least that point was clear.

    My preference is not to be in political bondage to anyone or to use a vote to ensure others are. If a vote to REDUCE the weight of the chains is possible, that’s a different and interesting alternative. Hmmm.

    I’m also one of those crazies that can’t find where I would ever get the right to force anyone to be in any kind of human association, if that association features the removal of consent as it’s primary plank of existence. That circumstance will exist whether masters name is Mr. Fed or Mr. N.H.

    Would Mr. N.H. be a kinder gentler master than Mr. Fed? Probably. Only one way to find out!

  5. Thanks for the responses! I’ll be back!

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