1st Amendment Auditor “Press NH Now” Visits Keene

First amendment auditor “Press NH Now” came to Keene this week and stood outside Samson Manufacturing on Optical Avenue, simply recording video in public and had Keene police gang members called on him. Press is experienced at interacting with the cops and doesn’t answer their questions, putting them in their place. Watch the video here:

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  1. “Hopefully one less libertarian to complain when somebody correctly calls you all out as right wingers.”

    I think we’re just as often called hippies or lefties… Are you going to help us set those guys straight too Karl? Lol

  2. Getting shot or attacked bye a dog was brought to the table also..[not just jail^]
    Can you say ABSURD
    Can you say petty…
    And as the fellow was saying; the irony/hypocrisy that gun people are ALWAYS yammering on about “mah freedoms”

  3. Ha ha. Ya know, Karl’s called me a “libertard,” a few times in the past. I don’t hold it against him. It was before we became best friends forever and stuff. πŸ˜‰

  4. “I can see why you voted for Darrell Castle, Intrigare.”

    Hehe thanks Silvia. I thought it would be pretty obvious to everyone but yeah…

    Isn’t it funny how libtard weirdos often double down on something after it’s already been demonstrated that they’re wrong? As if that strengthens their argument or something… Lol

    Hey, we should ask Dave what type of logical fallacy that is… He knows that kind of stuff.

  5. Dave, I thought that the vid occured in a seemingly random place was kinda the point… Recording doesn’t have to happen in a highly sensitive area in order for people to start freaking out and shit.

    And yeah, the fact that it was outside of a gun manufacturer just adds to the irony. Do you think they’re afraid of a liberal anti-gun lunutic extremist scouting the place out or something?

  6. Yup. If there’s one thing Dave’s good at, it’s showing us all how stupid all our ideas are and stuff. In fact, over here at Casa de la DeSitter, we’ve even coined a term for Dave’s unique method of trolling: argumentum ad intoxicatum. πŸ˜‰

  7. Oh, and stop talking crazy, Intrigare. You and I both know that libtard weirdos are never wrong. Haven’tcha been paying attention to Dave, LFoD, and Karl? Us libertards need to just shut up, stop hating America, and vote and stuff. God. Get with the program, why don’tcha? πŸ˜‰

  8. Lol

  9. no clue about jj..hes just a pathetic person thats all…i dont think hes in keene

  10. I agree with Bob that people should *try* to resist without antagonism..
    Maybe that’s not the best word for it but.. people get the idea.. I’m not saying I could do it very perfectly but it’s like… The tip of the spear meets the person who supposedly in charge of that spear.
    Who’s the Boss.
    It’s a tough spot to be in and I don’t think I’d be very good at handling it

  11. I dont know why LFOD complains about my letter that was calling out the school board!

    Is he aware that they are in charge of the $$$ that the schools get?
    Is he further aware that the lions share of the property taxes go to the schools?
    Keenes’ property taxes are the highest property taxes in the state of New Hampshire.
    Which is, if not the top highest property tax state, a contender for highest property tax state, in the nation!
    My letter, basically stated that the tax payers should get *better* for the over seventeen thousand dollars {and rising] per student, per year, that they are paying, but I guess he disagrees with that.
    Which is nuts imho
    Why do you disagree that the tax payers should be ok with the news about the schools?
    Unlike you, I think the schools shouldn’t be having the horrible issues that they are having

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