Footloose Sentenced for “Disorderly Conduct”, Goes Off on Court Goons!

At the end of December of 2021, Frank “Footloose” Staples was put on trial for “disorderly conduct” for allegedly speaking “too loudly” outside NH governor Chris Sununu’s house. The robed woman at Exeter District Court in Brentwood, NH found him guilty and scheduled a sentencing date, which was today.

Here’s the full video of the entire hearing, where Footloose goes off on the court goons, getting much louder than he did outside Sununu’s house. He also outright refused to pay the fine and demanded he be put in jail instead – the robed woman ignored it and left the court. Enjoy!

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  1. This man is an overgrown child throwing a temper tantrum.

  2. It’s so funny to watch how wishy washy the freekeeners are. If they win a case, then the red carpet comes rolling out from the judge’s decision and the freekeeners are happy.

    If they lose, the freekeeners blame the judge, the system, and anyone else they can target. The person convicted got what he deserved. He decided to play the system and obviously he lost.

    More hollering, more argumentative crybaby remarks. freekeeners complain how much they have to pay in taxes yet, they are wasting tax payer money on frivolous court trials. This guy is a major clown. He should be entertaining children at birthday parties.

  3. I dont think brow beating the court is a good tact.
    I have a court date coming up.
    Im going to take note of his assertiveness… But I’m hoping that, for me, the “you catch more bees with honey” defense works better. (with assertiveness)

  4. I have nothing better to do than be a troll on Free Keene.

  5. Uh huh. Got it, Jacks. So to summarize, you propose that everyone always plead guilty. Every time. No matter what. Cuz they deserve it and cuz trials are super, super expensive. Boy, that sounds like a really, really smart plan. Nothing could ever go wrong with that, am I right?

    Anyway, what’s the skinny on that totally amazeballs doctoral degree you’ve been working on? The guys over here haven’t heard a peep about it from you for what seems like ages now. Come on, munchkin. Don’t be so bashful. Inquiring minds want to know. 😉

  6. lol what a chucklefuck

  7. Yo Marx, not cool to cast judgment like that. The dude is mentally retarded. He got that way after a concussion or something. He clearly doesn’t have a good understanding of anything. Try to be a more compassionate libtard.

  8. Frank Staples is a Goat . Sununu will forever be a King.

  9. As usual. The childish freekeeners steal my name and make derogatory statements. It shows what a lower class of scum freekeeners don’t take this forum seriously. Very childish. It also shows they have no respect for others or respect themselves.

  10. Yup, Jacks. Stealing names. Very childish.

    Anyway, turns out that not every trial this week has resulted in a conviction. Remember Gretchen Whitmer, Jacks? She’s the governor of Michigan. She’s also one of the most preeminent murderers of elderly adults in American history.

    Apparently, she was also the target of a kidnapping plot. Not a real kidnapping plot, mind you. A fake one cooked up by a bunch of lying FBI agents. Weird, am I right?

    Here’s the skinny. Once upon a time there were a bunch of Michigan potheads who hated Gretchen Whitmer’s absurd covid lockdown policies. Then one day some undercover federal agents showed up and tried to egg the potheads on into committing a felony – you know, cuz you need a crime to be committed first before you can arrest anybody.

    Anyhow, long story short, the potheads sort of went along with the conspiracy and were arrested. Then they refused to plead guilty – you know, cuz of entrapment and stuff – which forced the feds to take the case to trial.

    Can ya guess what happened next, munchkin? You’re gonna love this. It turns out two of ’em were acquitted of all charges while two others were granted a mistrial after the jury deadlocked. It’s true. No foolin’. Good thing they were ballsy enough not to take your shitty legal advice and plead guilty to everything under the sun, huh?

  11. He’d have to be mentally retarded to be a part of Free Keene lol.

  12. Utterly childish pathetic tantrum. Your criminal record will stop being brought up when you stop BREAKING THE LAW Frank! You obviously haven’t turned your life around for the better if you keep being dragged into court. And why the judge didn’t sentence you to time in jail for contempt of court I have no idea.

  13. I’m a upper class of scum

  14. His trial was a sham even if his behavior seems a bit much and to a great degree his outrage is entirely justified. When someone hasn’t broken the law they shouldn’t end up with a conviction whether or not they put on a good defense, bad defense, or no defense at all. The government is suppose to prove their case, not make up lies or deceive the court about what happened. The court had no reason to believe that footloose actually violated the law (he hadn’t) and the conviction was based on more less his behavior which is not how it’s suppose to work. Judges have authority to manage their courtroom more or less, but that doesn’t mean they have unlimited power, and he mostly did behave himself when warned. He knew the line upon which he could not cross and if he had the judge would have thrown him in a cage. Judges deal with much worse behavior on a regular basis and should really be able to handle a little bit of problematic out-of-proper behavior as not everyone knows or understands (in fact most people don’t) proper court etiquette or even how a court works.

  15. This was an interesting article. It didn’t take very long for two of Ian’s criminals to turn and accept a conviction of guilty. You never know, the others may roll over on Ian.

    Ian is looking at a mandatory minimum of 10 years. If Ian’s crypto6 tells the court how it all went down, He may get more time in prison.

  16. You’re right, Jacks. That was an interesting article. Ya now what? I found another one. It’s all about why defendants in federal courts plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit.

    Oh, and munchkin? Guess what? There’re tons more of these kinds of articles on the web. I know you have that brain thing and all but you should do a Google search for more of them. You’d be surprised to find out who the real criminals are.

  17. two of the crypto 6 are just getting probation
    Obviously this will bumb out JJ because he wants
    bad punishments

  18. Yeah Dave. Jacks really has a passion for governments that rule with an iron fist, doesn’t he? Ya know, he keeps saying it’s cuz we’re all in this together, but I can tell it’s really because the sight of the righteous being crushed by a corrupt bureaucracy makes his junk all tingly and stuff. Gross, right?

  19. Except now that they pleaded guilty they can be compelled to testify against Ian. In fact, if they have anything useful to know it wouldn’t surprise me if that was part of their plea agreement.

    Government 2, Crypto Dipshits 0

  20. I think some here like to fantasize/speculate about bad punishments and betrayal.. Theyd simply *hate it* if the 6 were loyal to eachother and didnt back stab…They want people to betray eachother and back stab! Right Karl!
    And get years in jail to boot!
    They are just negative haters. Thats all
    I trusst that they arent going to be happy with the outcomes.

    But they can fantasize all they want; like fantasizing for a lover you aint getting! lol

  21. I found another one. It’s all about why defendants in federal courts plead guilty to crimes they didn’t commit.

    You know what, those articles have nothing to do with the topic at hand. You have no argument.

  22. I dont think there are any big secrets or things to be revealed… that anyone *COULD* “expose”
    … It just that the application of the law being applied isn’t *applicable…
    That’s why most aren’t pleaing: Because they aren’t GUILTY of the CHARGES

    Defense Lawyers like pleas because it’s less work for them. The prosecution like’s pleas because it is a easy conviction AND there are no appeals.
    The court agrees to pleas because it’s expeditious and disposes of cases. There’s lots of reasons.
    Being actually innocent factors in very little.

    The court scares the living shit out of people that are charged they get pleas

    Watch Frontline episode “The Plea”

  23. Wow Jacks. That was a totally insightful and well thought out response.

    Ha ha ha. I’m just kidding. That was actually one of the soggiest brain farts I’ve ever read from you. And that’s saying something. Ya know, it’s hard to believe you’re a doctoral candidate and stuff when you post things like that.

    Anyway munchkin, have you heard of the Innocence Project? I know. I know. It has nothing to do with the topic at hand, am I right? But hear me out. Cuz it turns out that they’re this super cool activist organization whose goal is to advance the innocence movement through the passage of state laws and federal reforms. Awesome, huh?

    Now I for one don’t think there’s much to be gained in trying to reform something that’s totally corrupt from top to bottom. That’s why I fancy the secession movement over other sorts of activism. But hey, we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?

    You should check them out, Jacks. You won’t regret it. I promise.

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