A Message from Jay Noone Regarding DCYF Targeting His Family

Jay Noone speaks out as his family is being targeted by DCYF. He explains the situation and how you can help. Here’s a link to his givesendgo and crypto addresses appear at the end of the video.

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  1. The Noone’s are such good decent people, and just another example that we MUST restore our NH Constitutional Republic, and remove the Communists. We need to dismantle ALL state departments. A coup d’etat has stealthily taken place under global elitist Sununu. He’s the domestic enemy within and needs to be charged for tryanny.

  2. He slings right wing crap in with his freedom crap.
    Which isn’t winning support from this quarter.
    For some reason, some, so called, freedom people think the right is freedom.

    I hope they harass the shit out of him
    I was a supporter before.
    Now I see him as a hypocrite/liar

    Families can be the worst place for a innocent child and some families are the worst place for that child to be!
    That there is a place for DCYF type agencies.
    Though they go overboard and they have very powerful power..
    In certain respects they are more powerful than the courts.

    And yea they will send your child to child molesters..
    That is well documented.
    So I do agree with firmly resisting them, as he is doing

    Just quit with the LEFT/RIGHT false dichotomy …Because it exposes the truth of you; that being that you ARE NOT a freedom person

  3. The tie-dyed Anarchist/Coexist shirt with colorful peace sign suspenders wasn’t enough for you, eh David? Hehe

  4. Oh man, so many angles to approach this video, so little time.

    First: That description you give yourself at the beginning is hilariously bullshit. Farmer/rancher/modern day cowboy/mechanic/blacksmith/influencer/inspiration-to-others/creator-of-mancamp/husband/father… LOL

    You are really full of yourself, aren’t you?

    Second: yet another libertarian asking for a handout. Without fail, every time. lol

    Third: Once again we see a supposed libertarian aligning themselves with the right wing. Stop pretending to be different then them. You are not.

    Fourth: You want this to be over? Why don’t you show DCYF that your kids are well taken care of. (unless of course, you can’t.) This would have been been over a long time ago, but you chose to make a mountain out of a molehill.

    Fifth: This isn’t the 18th century. Kids need to learn how to read and write, not become blacksmiths. There’s no way that your kids are getting a proper education.

    Anyway, I’m going to see if there is a link to donate to DCYF. They seem to be doing a great job here.

  5. Ha ha. Nice one, Karl.

    Anyway, here’s the thing – turns out the rest of us normal folks send our children to school cuz we expect teachers to behave as educators and not as libtard weirdo activists seeking to destroy their innocence with queer and sexualized messaging.

    Which is exactly why the libtard weirdos in VA and NJ got shellacked in the last election cycle by voters just like me. That never would have been possible if you dickfarts couldn’t stop bragging that you’re coming for our children.

    Boy, you commie fruitcakes are your own worst enemies, aren’tcha Karl?

  6. I stand with these peaceful people, the Noone’s. It’s their life. Leave them alone. Mind your own business. Don’t you have enough to deal with just figuring out your own life? Don’t tread on honest, worthwhile people, because some of us who support them feel very passionately that the government is the tool that’s doing the destroying more than anyone, ever. Live free or die!

  7. I have no opinion of Jay or his family. Nor am I an expert on the New Hampshire DCYF. But if I saw any two year old left unattended in a running car for over half an hour…I would be extremely concerned. Wouldn’t you ?

  8. Who remembers when Ian was arrested for defending Noone down in Palmer?????

    Yep, trouble sure does follow Jay. He’s being “targeted” by DCYF like he was “targeted” by Mass officials who auctioned off his house for refusing to pay property taxes. Noone is not the hero you’re making him out to be. He’s an extremist that is run out of every place he lives. He refuses to follow ANY laws. So many suckers giving him money. It’s sad.

  9. I hadn’t known “givesandgo”.. It says they are affiliated with “the body of Christ”..

    I hate the”body of Christ”

  10. It wouldn’t rule me out, if I thought the cause was worthy.

    The body of Christ doesn’t necessarily make the cause evil.
    Or unworthy.
    I actually think it is worthy.

    But if he has a farm in all this other stuff than he’s richer than me so that would probably make me not.

    So it is definitely worthy.
    Part of me says “just let them look at your kid, save yourself all these headaches.”

    Or at least consult the lawyer and say should I let these people look at my kids?
    But then a big part of me says yeah, he’s doing exactly what he should do, because they can’t be trusted, at all

  11. None,…
    Mister Noone just makes different decisions than you do.

    I’m sure he would disagree with you.

    Did you see the part where DCYF had law suits etc .

    He’s not rolling over for the people that CAN NOT be trusted.
    I guess you’d do it differently.

    Then it would be a crap shoot where those people put your precious children.

    *They are the ones that need to *prove that they can properly care for children.
    Their track record proves that *they are the ones to keep your kids from.

  12. All that said.. Lol

    I do agree with the lady that said that a 1/2 hour in a car alone for a toddler or however old.. Is too long
    So imo they should be reprimanded for that mo

  13. Did he consider letting them talk to his kids alone, contingent that he have a camera watching the interaction, that he could view afterwards and have as evidence

  14. Wow – leaving the two year old in the car – BAD idea – I’m not surprised someone turned you in – don’t do it again – but the breathtakingly broad fishing expedition? Wow!

  15. Yeah 30 minutes in the car idk where she’s getting that. Prob another hater.

    Couple minutes left sleeping in the car in rural area while you’re in earshot the whole time… That’s a bit different… Almost a non-issue? I mean, 2-year-olds are technically unattended at home when their parents sleep also… So not black and white… and kids are never 100% safe… Nothing in life is…

    I’d say the real danger to these kids here is the DCYF itself.

  16. Oh that was LFoD that said the 30 minutes… Yeah def another hater lol

  17. Weird how libtard weirdos chaff at the thought that anyone would ever, ever lie about something like that, huh Intrigare?

  18. Oh that 30 minute figure is from the vid.

    Apologies to LFoD

  19. “You are really full of yourself, aren’t you?”

    Yeah next thing you know he’ll claim to be working on his medical doctorate like our friend Jacks here, eh Karl? 😉

    “Second: yet another libertarian asking for a handout. Without fail, every time. lol”

    Yeah you got us… Many of us believe in helping others out… And stuff… And asking for help when we need it even. *shock*

    “Third: Once again we see a supposed libertarian aligning themselves with the right wing. Stop pretending to be different then them. You are not. ”

    Sshhh don’t tell the right wing that. Ha no but I’ll admit some of what he said at the end there did sound misguided at best… But hell we libertarians are a diverse group… And we do share a lot in common with the right… And the left. When did Noone claim to be libertarian anyway? I missed that part.

    “This would have been been over a long time ago, but you chose to make a mountain out of a molehill.”

    Yeah because tyrants stop and go away when you submit to them and stuff.

    “This isn’t the 18th century. Kids need to learn how to read and write, not become blacksmiths. ”

    Yeah I’d bet his kids learn to read and write earlier than most kids.

    “Anyway, I’m going to see if there is a link to donate to DCYF. They seem to be doing a great job here.”

    I’m sure they’d appreciate it. I hear the IRS accepts donations too… Check it out there bud.

  20. “When did Noone claim to be libertarian anyway? I missed that part.”

    You know what? Valid point. In that case, we have yet another example of Ian propping up alt-right views on his media platform. Remember that neo-nazi, Chris Cantwell? Funny how you all claim to be neither right nor left wing, and yet it’s always the right wing nutbags that get attention in libertarian media.

    “Yeah I’d bet his kids learn to read and write earlier than most kids.”

    I’m sure if that was true he’d be bragging about it. Instead we get farming and blacksmithing, because he feels the need to LARP as a 18th century peasant ol

  21. Ha ha ha. Kind of like how you and Jacks are always bragging about how you’re both doctors and stuff, am I right Karl?

  22. You and Intrigare have both brought up doctorates way more than Jacks and I ever have. I think you might be a bit insecure about your education there, snookums.

  23. Yeah I remember some pro-BLM posts here too.. But I’m sure you didn’t find those convincing.

    And idk about Silvia but I talk about Jack’s doctorate because I think its hilarious. The only reason anyone should be in this comments section anyway is for entertainment purposes, right? That or quickly be eaten alive by all the trolls.

  24. Uh huh. Intrigare’s totally right, Karl. Nothing’s more fun than needling you stick-in-the-mud libtard weirdos about your doctorates. You have no idea.

    By the way, what’s your doctorate in, anyway? Cuz the guys over here at Casa de la DeSitter are just dying to know and stuff. I’m thinking it’s something like Art History or Art Therapy or Leisure Studies or some shit. Am I close, Karl?

  25. Ooh ooh another degree guessing game… Yay! We never did nail down what your degree was in Silvia. STEM right? Was psychology already guessed?

  26. I think Karl’s degree was in sociology… Or anthropology… Or philosophy. Or political science… Or IT. Or criminal justice. Maybe a major/minor thing Idk hard one he is smart about a lot of stuff.

  27. Another freekeener about to lose their children. This scenario seems to play out a couple of times per year. I’m sure there is a reason why the dcyf wants to do a visit. If you have nothing to hide, Let the dcyf do their investigation and that will be that. If you did do something it’s a relief the dcyf are there.

  28. ^^^ Said by pretty much every anti-Fourth-Amendment person and well every tyrant in history.

    Hey Jacks this article was posted days ago. You’re getting a bit slow at this game my friend. Btw Silvia was asking you earlier how your Doctorate’s going. How’s that coming along anyway?

  29. Yup. STEM. But nope, not psychology, Intrigare. Not even close.

    Anyway, weird you mentioned anthropology, cuz I usually feel like I’m Jane Goodall or something whenever Jacks enters the convo. Boy, I’ll bet he’d just love a delicious banana right about now. 😉

  30. Lol. Hey a banana actually sounds pretty good to me right now too. The fruit kind of course lol

  31. it seems like a third person will be taking a plea also

  32. Oh I threw Anthropology in their because its another social science. Something about Karl screams social science… know what I mean?

  33. in there*

  34. I do. 😉

    Hey, have ya heard that Elon Musk’s gonna buy Twitter, Intrigare? Totally awesome, right? Boy, that should put those anti-speech libtard weirdos like Karl and Jacks and Dave in their places, am I right?

    Ya know, though, what I’m really hoping for is that he decides to buy Netflix next so we can finally watch good movies for once instead of all those shitty B-flicks they’re always producing. I just watched “Choose or Die” this morning and it sucked so bad I almost gouged my eyes out with an ice cream scoop. No foolin’.

  35. Yeah he turning out to be like the Ellis Wyatt in Atlas Shrugged that liberals fear so bad, isn’t he? Ha I remember these guys were celebrating the idea that we were no longer welcome on Youtube… my my how the winds change.

  36. Yup. All this hysteria towards the Muskinator from the libtard weirdos is absolutely delicious, isn’t it?

    Take the Washington Post for instance. According to them, it’s important that regulations be enacted ASAP to keep rich people from controlling the channels of communication.

    You read that right, Intrigare. This is coming straight from the same Washington Post owned by Amazon gazillionaire Jeff Bezos.

    Democracy dies under libtard weirdo hypocrisy, doesn’t it? Ya know, the sooner we deport them all to Canada with the rest of the anti-speech dickfarts, the better, am I right?

  37. Lol
    Deport them?.. Aw where’s the fun in that? What if this comments section were managed that way… then you and I may be in the market for another entertainment medium.

    Aside from that, I don’t really care what libtard weirdos do, as long as they don’t do it in the streets and frighten the horses (to butcher a quote widely attributed to Victor Hugo.) 😉

  38. That’s right, Intrigare. I said it. Deport ’em. As in expel them from Libertopia with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a character reference for Justin Trudeau’s brownshirt legion. They’d do the same thing to us given the chance. I mean look at what’s happening in Shanghai right now. And don’t get me started with the Australians. 😉

  39. None, Jay’s dad never had a wet ink, meeting of the minds contract to The Town of Palmer (aka COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS) for taxation. ToP could never produce the instrument that compelled him to such.

  40. In that is our path. Not in dealing with t.h.e.m.. Not in trying to scare t.h.e.m. by trying to get frn’s from t.h.e.m.. If one lives without depending on t.h.e.m. THAT is the key! The issue is you can’t be insured IF you live as an Adult.

  41. The DCYF is funded thru a threat of force. The entire organization is corrupt by that aspect alone.

    Things which are funded with a threat of force against disinterested, but otherwise peaceful people can’t possibly be a thing which “protects people”.

    The involuntary nature of the funding should make that self evident. Stop funding thugs who think they have a mandate from heaven to first steal money and then “protect” children.

    If the people that work at DCYF don’t have a service which people value enough to pay them on a consensual basis, they should stop forcing people to pay them. That sets a horrible example for children.

  42. I agree with alot of what Bob says.

    But, It’s probably that most people looked toward the government to fix the problem of abuse of kids.

    And pesto, DCYF was created.

    It’s unfortunate that often government agencies are THE WORST at doing jobs.
    They sure don’t have market forces keeping them in check. That’s true.
    I don’t trust DCYF.

    Jay is correct

  43. Hey “Ghost of Karl Marx” – You complain, “Funny how you all claim to be neither right nor left wing, and yet it’s always the right wing nutbags that get attention in libertarian media.”

    Have you brought any cases of government abuse of people on the left to the attention of libertarian media? I know they exist – I read about them in libertarian outlets like Reason – but I question whether you really care about them. Maybe you are more interested in attacking libertarians than in defending left-wing victims of government?

    Tell us about some cases of government abusing your ideological comrades that you think libertarian media should cover, but isn’t covering.

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