“New Hampshire Nine” Status Conference featuring Footloose

The “New Hampshire Nine” are a group of peaceful people who largely didn’t know each other that were arrested in October 2021 at a meeting of the “executive council”. They were arrested on victimless “crime” charges like “disorderly conduct”. Here’s video of their last court hearing where a crazed bailiff threatened “Absolute Defiance” founder Footloose in the lobby with video cameras.

Today, the nine and a courtroom packed full of supporters were back at Concord’s district court for a short status conference. During the hearing, Footloose was charged with additional counts of “disorderly conduct”. Now, in addition to the disorderly charge that kicked off the NH9 arrests, where he was sitting quietly in the audience, they are charging him with ANOTHER disorderly for speaking loudly in protest while he was being arrested. Further, he’s being hit with a disorderly and “breach of bail” for speaking in the hallway at the Legislative Office Building in November.

Stay tuned to Free Keene for more on this developing free speech case.

Here’s the video of today’s hearing:

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  1. What a shocker. This idiot has nothing better to do than play games he is destine to lose.

    Ian, Shouldn’t you be writing about the crypto6? When is your court date? I wouldn’t have the idiot in this story at your trial.

  2. Every time I see this toddler in a video he commits another act of disorderly conduct lol

    NH has got to be the only state that is this lenient with these outbursts in the courtroom. Anywhere else, this jackass catches contempt of court.

  3. Uh huh. Ya know what’s even more shocking, munchkin? That after years of government schooling you libtard weirdos still don’t know why we need things like the First Amendment. But I guess that makes since, huh? Especially now that we’re finding out that for years taxpayer-funded teachers have been way more interested in sexualizing children and grooming commies than they have been teaching anybody marketable skills.

  4. Imo it’s a chess game. Yelling and screaming doesnt win a chess game.

    Who’s going to like his yelling and screaming?

    Aside from that. I think the judge shouldnt be wearing a mask: It IS a “hearing” and she should be HEARD..

    His strategy of dominating by yelling louder …..its a sucky strategy…it isnt tactical and it doesnt win friends and influence people

    thats my opin and im sticking to it


  5. its like “i wonder if hes guilty?”…he just stupid.. everytime he screams it’s exibit A or another count of disorderly…he might as well be saying Im guilty..without saying it… In the last video I swear the judge didnt want to enter the court till he shut the fuck up as Im sure it could clearly be heard in the chambers and out in the hallway.. She probably didnt want to enter at all…He’s lucky its been mellow women that for some reason dont take a stearn tone with him.. He is virtually being a bully in the courtroom…If i was the judge hed be held in comtempt..

  6. Uh huh. Thing is, Dave, the game you’re trying to compare this to resembles poker way more than it does chess. You’ll never guess why.

    Oh, and Dave? Before I forget, have a happy Easter ya greasy atheist. 😉

  7. Can’t hear the judge at all..
    Him you can probably hear out in the street.

  8. Uh huh. Judges. Whatta bunch of jerks, am I right Dave?

    Anyway, didja hear that Karl here is thinking about making a donation to the DCYF? God he’s so awesome, isn’t he? I wonder if Jacks will do the same? He could totally take that money out of his CARES relief checks and stuff – you know, just like the other libtard weirdos have been doing? I mean they’ve been defrauding the shit out of that program six ways from Sunday so why shouldn’t DCYF have a taste?

  9. JJ
    Ian can’t take about the crypto six court; it’s part of the rules of his release.
    Ian’s court in is November.
    Unless they change it again

  10. Mmm hmm. Like you said. Those judge assholes and their rules, huh Dave?

    Oh, and don’t forget those Twitter assholes and their rules, too. Now they’re banning the Libs of Tik Tok for abuse and harassment of all things. Boy those guys are dicks.

    Anyway, that reminds me, didja hear that Twitter’s board members just announced a “poison pill” to put a stop to the Muskinator from taking over their company? It’s true, Dave. No foolin’.

    Well turns out that the Muskinator has his own plan. According to the New York Post, he’s going to be bringing Silver Lake Partners on board to help him pants those faggoty Twitter twinks and kick ’em to the curb. Pretty cool, huh? Boy, I can’t wait to see how things unfold next week. Can’t you?

  11. The fact that Footloose DIDN’T get held in contempt just goes to show the effectiveness of recording and of FK. IDK if I’ve EVER seen govt workers that polite before. Amazing what happens when cameras are rolling and everyone starts to get smart enough to realize when you arrest one person for yelling then it just might create 10 more doing the same. Thanks FK!

    Bullying? Nah more like BEEN bullied, had enough and now raising hell. Bureaucrats should get more used to that. Like telemarketers getting cussed out… if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to call.

  12. I don’t think the court has any problem enforcing “order in the court”.
    Which is all the judge would be doing.
    And is expected.. And wanted by most people.
    Some judges are more tolerant.
    He’s been lucky

  13. I don’t think he would be looked on favorably by almost anyone.
    If the judge has discretion, do you think the judge would like a person with a abrasive personality who screams at them.

  14. i guess hes got some $ : to have TWO lawyers for a disorderly charge

  15. Ian’s going to be like Ross Albrite … Everyone is going to take a plea and Ian will be like ” you bunch of pussys”
    THEN he’s be in jail for the rest of his life… Knowing he stuck to his guns.. Life in jail is nothing.
    Bc mah freedom

  16. Ian’s going to be in jail like Ross Albrite because he doesn’t take a plea because he’s too smart to take a plea

  17. Aria is going down with Ian. Should have taken a plea.

  18. all i know is that the Plea is a bird in the hand.. and Ross Albrite is in jail for LIFE and Ian, it seems, could have some serious time in the cards… It’s a gamble (imho) but he knows his status better than anyone else.. …But he has been know to make some stupid decisions …so..Let the chips fall where they may…if i was his consigliari …idk…you call always take the plea right up to the date almost…so Hes still got time… I personally dont care if he gets a long bid in the big house… He was a unrepentant douchbag to me so fuck him…he can rot in the hoosegow….for some unknown reason JJ wants to attend his hearing..I dont …at all…im fine with hearing the outcome later.. And it will be fine with me if he gets alot of time in jail
    He could have 10- 20 years on the table…maybe longer….OR alternatively he could walk a free man..
    Lots of people get suprised at the outcome … when they thought they had it in the bag or thought theyd win
    If I was his consigliari: if they offered a deal for no/minimal jail time I’d advise him to take it

  19. People have been jailed before for less and certainly will again. Ian isn’t alone. Contrary to what some believe Ian isn’t stupid, and I’m sure he’ll make the right decisions for himself and those closest to him when the time comes.

    Dave I’ve seen you advise someone else in this forum to “let it go.” That was good advice– and I don’t know what Ian did to you but perhaps worthwhile to start reflecting on why you’d be okay with jail for someone who didn’t inflict that kind of harm on you or anyone else.

  20. I don’t think I have said “let it go” to anyone.. that doesn’t sound like me…

  21. Ok while not those actual words, similar meaning.

    “A few members of stop free keene would *join people to the group unbeknownst to them.
    He’s probably one of them.
    Because his hate fuel is still strong
    He should get over it.
    And move on”

  22. It’s in the name.

  23. The judge wearing a mask pretty much telegraphs her politics. I’m skeptical that she is fair and impartial. (eyeroll)

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  25. i think it telegraphs that she doesnt want to get sick.. or spead it to others.. ..Shes obviously a horrible person for that bob

  26. Leave it to the right to make not getting sick political.
    “It’s our right to get sick if we want to damit”
    “We will fight to the death to get sick if we want to”

    Under “stupidity” in the dictionary ^ that should be there.
    It’s the stupidest thing they’re right ever did in my lifetime and they’ve done some pretty stupid s***.
    I thought Bob was smart too!

  27. Masks were never political for some people..For some people they just made sense. The RIGHT , in their infinite idiocy, made being healthy political. She telegaphs that she doesn’t want to get sick.
    You, bob, telegraph that you suck the worst president in histories, cock.

  28. I guess the three who took pleas admitted what they did, which, I don’t think will help monsieur freeman

  29. Maybe they could have admitted their parts *after Ian’s trial, that way their testimony couldn’t be used to to Freeman’s detriment.

  30. JJ shut your flapper.
    I’m reported that in the message before your last idiotic message.
    Though I did it without your negative f****** b******* why don’t you go away idiot

  31. Awe,,, Poor baby can’t stand that his hero is looking at some serious jail time. Everyone is rolling over on Ian. It must be demeaning for you to walk around with your finger up your nose everyday. Grow up. You will always be Ian’s minion. A pure freekeene loser.

  32. That isn’t it you dimwit. what I said was that your a fucking idiot. Read the.over a few times ..I mean the words i SAY you fucking dimwit. GO THE FUCK AWAY!
    Is that clear enough for you is that clear enough for your stupid brain!?

  33. Oh Jacks,

    Remember back in 2010 when you said FK was seeing its final days? Hahaha!

    Remember when you said covid would take care of FK? That we had to pay thousands to access the same PDR you had? Or what Ian would run to Mexico if he were granted bail? That bitcoin was a bad investment? Etc Etc

    Hehe Jacks you need to return that crystal ball of yours there my friend. I think anyone betting against your predictions are doing quite well for themselves by now.

  34. Really. So, how many freekeeners are there today as compared to 2010? I’m quite sure, less. As you people stumbled through court trial after court trial losing 99% of the time you clowns have showed how far down society’s ladder freekeeners will go. What is more interesting is the crimes freekeeners have been doing have escalated to more and more serious crimes all the way up to Ian who is the main character in the crypto6 and is facing a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years.

    Yeah, it really sounds like the freekeeners have come into their own. grow up idiot

  35. JJ, Why are you such a moron?
    I guess it’s genetic
    Your mom was a moron,
    Your dad was a moron
    And so they wrought a moron.
    They should be chastized for multiplying

  36. You just said im a moron because Ian yadda yadda blah blah yadda

  37. You see through me like so many sheets of Reynolds wrap… I guess I’m busted lucky thing we have jumping jacks to the sci-fi and read between the lines That’s impressive

  38. anywhooo….

  39. I got convicted of disorderly not so long ago.
    Ya I took a stupid plea.
    JJ was walking down the street and I kicked his butt.
    And it got plead down to disorderly
    It was worth it though

  40. Quite sure, eh Jacks? Now that’s convincing.

    Hey remember when Nobody was threatened with 100 years imprisonment for not wearing a wire? The current threats kind of pale in comparison to that, don’t they? Who says FK hasn’t moved up in society?

  41. Yeah. I remember that. Say, didn’t the feds let a heroin addict go so he could help them entrap Rich in the first place? Wow. A “law enforcement” agency that frees “criminals” so they can use them to spy on political rivals. Weird how eager Dr. Jacks is in turning a blind eye to this kind of misconduct, huh Intrigare? Ya think his daughter the deputy takes part in these sorts of things?

  42. Obviously everyone’s happy that Elon musburger bought Twitter so that monsieur Trump can come back!
    But Mr Trump might not come back, he might spurn mister musburger’s red carpet invitation because he has something that is the biggest, hugest, most enormous thing, ever to have ever existed, AKA : Truth Social… Which will make Twitter look like the kiddie pool

  43. Dave – Awe, Dave still has one finger up his nose and another down the front of his pants. I really feel important. You trying to remember everything I supposedly said all these years ago. It seems like you are more towards obsessive stalking me than standing up for freekeeners. I’m sure you want me to leave a window open so you can watch me dress. You are a pervert and a stalker. Maybe I should take sometime to go to the police station and fill out a report on you revealing how unstable you are. I think that is the task I need to do. So long Dave. Have a nice day.

  44. For some reason Deputy Raineesha Williams from Reno 911 is what always comes to my mind when I try to visualize Jacks’ Deputy daughter. Any resemblance there, Jacks? Or way off?

  45. Is my Ex Silvia still posting here?
    I mean some things can make up for poor hygiene.

    The guys have her that name but..I never thought it was right.. Though there was truth there

  46. JJ ? that’s hilarious.. Lol

  47. Jesus.. you people are awful

    how about
    Not insulting people as you’re moniker?
    what a bunch of spinless scum you are

    I’ve always said use your real name; but all it is is spineless cowards in here

  48. I do agree that that Silvia is a pos.. as Is that spinless JJ
    JJ is just an idiot

  49. Ha ha ha. God that show was so funny, Intrigare. Too bad Dave here won’t get that reference cuz he doesn’t watch TV and stuff – you know, cuz he’s so much cooler than the rest of us and everything.

    Anyway, speaking of being cool, didja know that Dave rides a motorcycle? Yep. It’s true. Hand to God. He’s kinda like Fonzie. Except not really, cuz he’s totally a spazz and he drinks way too much. Oh. Shitballs. He won’t get that reference either, now will he? 😉

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