“New Hampshire Nine” Status Conference featuring Footloose

The “New Hampshire Nine” are a group of peaceful people who largely didn’t know each other that were arrested in October 2021 at a meeting of the “executive council”. They were arrested on victimless “crime” charges like “disorderly conduct”. Here’s video of their last court hearing where a crazed bailiff threatened “Absolute Defiance” founder Footloose in the lobby with video cameras.

Today, the nine and a courtroom packed full of supporters were back at Concord’s district court for a short status conference. During the hearing, Footloose was charged with additional counts of “disorderly conduct”. Now, in addition to the disorderly charge that kicked off the NH9 arrests, where he was sitting quietly in the audience, they are charging him with ANOTHER disorderly for speaking loudly in protest while he was being arrested. Further, he’s being hit with a disorderly and “breach of bail” for speaking in the hallway at the Legislative Office Building in November.

Stay tuned to Free Keene for more on this developing free speech case.

Here’s the video of today’s hearing:

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  1. Silva the creeper

  2. Nice one, Dave. Nice one. God you’re so cool.

    Anyway, I just love motorcycles. You have no idea. Say, what kind do ya ride, by the way? I mean, you don’t seem like a Harley guy to me, especially with you being on the spectrum and all. I’ll bet it’s a Honda, huh? Boy, it was really nice this weekend too, wasn’t it? You probably just couldn’t wait to hop up on it and ride all over Keene and feel the wind in your hair and stuff, am I right Dave?

  3. What do you call someone who uses a fake name and says “I see you I know what you do”: “You ride a motorcycle”… That’s someone who’s a creeper that spies on you… But because she uses a fake name to say things, It took a while to figure out it was Silvia Desitter .. That was the creeper

  4. Whoever that is!
    .. lol ..
    Sylvia the sneaky spy that spies on people and says: “I see you”
    I’m picturing an old lady republican.. Native keene person

  5. Hey remember when Karl informed us that the “free market has spoken” when youtube started prohibiting free speech?

    Ha I guess the free market speaks now with Musk’s takeover of twitter, eh guys? I actually don’t think much will change though, nor does it need to, but its always fun to see all the liberals do what they do best– freak out over nothing 😉

  6. Yeah. I remember that, Intrigare.

    Oh, and remember when he also said that we’re all gonna die soon from suffocation cuz of global warming? Unless the Muskinator can save us by sending us all to Mars and stuff of course. Ya know, I love Karl and all, but he really needs to stop worrying about all this apocalyptic crap so he can start living a fuller or more interesting existence, don’tcha think?

    Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with all the threads here, but it turns out that Dave’s totally mad at me again. Word of warning: don’t ask him about his Honda. He’s super-touchy about that shit for some reason. 😉

  7. I ride a Yamaha, so you could say even more lame than Honda lol. I drove a Nissan Leaf for a while too (eat your heart out Elon Musk!) I know, I know, kind a curve ball for all these guys who think I’m a slash-and-burn right wing extremist, isn’t it? Now I just need to throw out some virtue signaling to really make their heads spin 🙂

  8. Government . Tax. Paid. For. Evil.
    This is what they do, IN YOUR NAME!
    They do EVIL pretending it’s good.. And lie to the public..


  9. JJ. Shut your motherfucking mouth.

    You are stupidity on wheels

  10. JJ you provide the perfect contrast.
    You are a spineless keyboard warrior in hiding.

    Freeman and Aria.. are standing down the ogre with all it’s horror and all it’s life threatening threats.
    They have balls of brass.
    And are saying.. I’m going to quote someone :
    He’s a mma fighter… This is what they are saying to the gooberment:


  11. Ha ha. Totally, Intrigare.

    Anyway, there’s nothing lame about Yamahas, Intrigare. And Honda Goldwings are great bikes, too. Dave totally needs to lighten up and drink more oat milk and buy a massage chair or something.

    Oh. And check it out. Looks like Dave here’s giving Jacks what fer right now, so I guess I’m off the hook for tonight. Good thing too, cuz I need to get on Amazon and pre-order Matt Walsh’s latest book “What Is a Woman?” Plus there’s a “South Park” marathon going on all night. Ya know, I haven’t watched that show in ages. I wonder what hijinks Butters has been getting into lately? 😉

  12. Looks like Ian is going to Federal prison for a nice long stay. About time they nailed you. Buh-bye

  13. ???…

  14. Jammer…
    You know there are trials, right?
    That’s how America works.

    You should go offer your assistance to the prosecutors, seeing as you’re so sure, you *must have have information that makes you so sure, that would be very helpful to the prosecution.

  15. Lots of people think I smell good!
    Some ladies just emanate more smells that’s all .. It’s normal

  16. Don’t use my name or quotes in your headings of your posts

  17. “What Is a Woman?” should be an informative read. Though unlike some, I’m sure you already know what a woman is, eh Silvia?

    I recommend “Do You Want To Play With My Balls?” by The Cifaldi Brothers. Ever heard of it?

  18. Never heard of it, Intrigare. I have a good feeling about that title, though. So I’m gonna add it to my Amazon shopping list along with some replacement hookah tips and a brand new IWB holster that matches the color of my favorite slacks. So stylish. 😉

    Anyway, looks like Dave’s back to being mean to me again, huh? I’m not taking any of it to heart, though. Cuz once I dial my cuteness up to eleven and stuff, I’m gonna have the Creepster eating out of my hand. He doesn’t stand a chance. You’ll see. 😉

  19. Hey, Dave. It’s your ol’ nemesis Silvia, here. How’s your Honda, by the way?

    Ha ha. I’m just messing with ya, Dave. What I really want to do is extend an olive branch of sorts. So in the spirit of goodwill, I thought I’d start with a link to a funny video. Bear with me. You’re gonna love this. It stars some MAGA guy letting loose a bacon-cheeseburger-fueled air biscuit into an intercom. This particular act of patriotism took place at a Costco just outside of Tampa, Florida. Take special note of the echo it makes afterwards. Pretty hilarious, huh?


  20. My kids never say I smell bad

  21. It seems many people know what Silvia is!
    Because they can smell her before she gets there. Ha

  22. lol..

  23. It seems like more trolls, besides Silvia and JJ, have come here.
    Oh well..
    .. Why are they calling you that Silvia?

  24. I know, right?

    Anyway, that MAGA guy’s totally a pro, don’tcha think Dave? I mean look how he winds up for the pitch by bending his leg slightly and pointing his toe. No pause, either. Just BARRUPP! It’s almost like he did it on command or something, huh? Ya know, I must’ve clicked on “Replay” fifty times by now. Haven’t once not laughed at it. Not all superheroes wear capes, am I right?

    Oh, before I go Dave, here’s another of America’s patriots showing the rest of the internet what we’re all really made of. This time it’s in an office setting. I’m not sure where this happened, but I’m gonna make an educated guess and say it’s from Florida again, cuz the star of the video is wearing a wife-beater and camo shorts and also has a lower leg tattoo. Boy, I sure hope he had a lot of wet wipes and a spare pair of underwear handy in his bug-out bag. You’ll find out why at the 22 second mark. Enjoy.


  25. Why does that guy keep calling you “rotten crotch” Silvia Desitter?
    Do you know him?
    Seems like he knows you. Ha

  26. Good question, Dave. If I find out anything I’ll let you know. Promise.

    Anyway, here’s another link. I’m pretty sure the star of this video’s a liberal and stuff – mostly cuz he’s lying on his back with his legs straight up in the air – you know, kind of like he’s transitioning to be a girl or something. It’s still pretty funny, though. I hope the TSA goons didn’t rough him up too much.


  27. Silvia isn’t “cute” trust me.
    I guess she’s the only one who thinks so

  28. Ha ha. I know you don’t mean any of that, Dave.

    Anyway, here’s another funny one. It stands out as my favorite. I genuinely don’t have any idea what this guy’s politics is but I’m pretty sure he stepped on a duck. Enjoy.


  29. I like the older Goldwings myself. The newer ones look too sporty or something. Kind of like they want to be Ninjas or something.

  30. Can’t beat the hp coming out of those newer GL15s and 18s, though.

    Ya know Karl, the bikes I’m really missing are the Victories. Boy it ate a bag of dicks when Polaris decided to discontinue those things in favor of the Indians.

  31. David – “spineless”? Really? I wouldn’t be slinging name calling and rip on someone’s character. Meanwhile you hide in your grandma’s basement trying to be a keyword warrior making yourself look more and more like someone who needs a safety helmet when he walks

  32. Yes really..

  33. Ouch… Taking no hostages there, eh Dave?

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