National Divorce & Secession Panel at Liberty Forum 2022

This year’s sold-out Liberty Forum featured an excellent and well-attended panel on New Hampshire secession featuring Alu Axelman of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, Steven Axelman of YES California, and Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement. Moderated by Carla Gericke of the Free State Project, it was an entertaining and enlightening panel, featuring plenty of questions from the audience. Don’t miss it:

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  1. Without individual choice, there is no individual freedom.

  2. Major yawn fest. with Disney dreams

  3. What what is there to say about secession… Let’s split…
    I haven’t seen it yet but if he thinks it’s enlightening…
    I didn’t think anything new could be said aboot the subject

  4. Blows my mind ANYBODY would want to stay…

  5. That’s because you’re a Commie

  6. In Texas we had a bill proposed and sponsored by a many Texas Representatives. If it makes it to the ballot, Texas will leave.

  7. Phil – Texas will never leave the union. The people of Texas have been trying for secession for over a hundred and 30 years
    And has failed to do so. Texas has more resources than New Hampshire but neither could stand alone as their own country. For the people who think secession is the answer for everything.

    You will still have to have a government. The people running this government would more than likely be the same people running it now because they have the experience.

    There is very little products New Hampshire can offer. In order for New Hampshire to stay afloat, people would see a dramatic increase in food prices and other commodities followed by a hefty tax. Farmers would lose valuable government programs to keep their farms running.

    Jobs would be taken away. Too many people don’t agree with secession. Actually there are more people against it than for it. People would lose critical funding for highways, parks, social programs, For the freekeeners, loss of government benefits such as SSDI, SSI, and other benefits.

    You would need to have papers to show you live in New Hampshire similar to passports. New Hampshire would decrease hourly wages but increase taxes. The population of New Hampshire would dwindle because so many people depend on government benefits to survive. That in itself would be a tremendous loss.

    Trying to live like little house on the prairie may be a delightful fantasy, but there is absolutely no way freekeeners could live like that much less the people in New Hampshire. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  8. “…people would see a dramatic increase in food prices and other commodities followed by a hefty tax.”

    Uh huh. Thing is munchkin, that isn’t any different from the way things are right now, now is it? You’ll never guess why.

  9. People but little products..
    So maybe that’s NH’s niche market!
    What wong wiff that!

  10. Oh Jacks your paranoid rants and raves fall on deaf ears.

  11. Let’s say NH did eschew all ties, and become hostile; completely hostile to the US of A.
    Ok, so you have this little hostile section in the midst of the whole USA ipso facto the USA wants nothing NOTHING to do with us; we’d be the bastard step child that they hate.
    So they’d be perfectly he’d be happy to let Russia do a surgical military attack on the on The sovereign Nation of libertos formerly known as New Hampshire.
    Maybe the USA would put up walls surrounding the border so that nuclear waste from Russian missiles hitting libertos wouldn’t seep over into Massachusetts: they’d think we were yucky.
    I’m just following logic where logic leads me okay! So don’t try to, you know, contrary this because this is how it would go down! I’m sorry to burst your sovereign bubble

  12. Hey Dave. Silvia here. Guess what, ya drunken lunatic. Erecting walls won’t hold back nuclear fallout. You’ll never guess why.

  13. Yeah that’s covered in the vid. Quick answer: That won’t happen… the rest of the world won’t stand idly by while the US wipes NH off the map. Even if they did, the US would have nothing to gain from it. Besides, do we advise people to stay in abusive relationships because of what the abuser might do if they leave? Of course not.

  14. Oh I see, you think Russia would do the attacking. Okay I’ll bite, why would Russia attack sovereign NH?

  15. Good question, Intrigare. As usual, the guys over here at Casa de la DeSitter are placing their bets. Now I’m gonna save my money for something better to come along, but my instincts say the Creepster’s gonna pin this on Donald Trump somehow. You know how he is when he’s drunk. 😉

  16. lol

  17. idk, but I think its high time Dave teaches Jacks a thing or two about logic. Jacks has been prancing around here acting like he’s the better teacher or something. What do you think?

  18. I know right!?

  19. If rather have nuclear waste than be in the vicinity of Miss Desitter’s crotch

  20. I agree, Intrigare. Someone needs to tell Jacks to shut up about icebergs and stuff and the Creepster’s just the guy to do it. He just needs to get a few more beers in him. 😉

  21. I guess I should start calling her that also… “Rotten crotch”… That’s pretty foul tho…I don’t know if I should stoop that low
    Do you like that name Silvia?
    When did they start calling your that?
    Probably high school

  22. Silvia rotten crotch desitter

  23. You seem pretty fixated on Silvia’s crotch there Dave. Yeah you should probably stay away. You’re not exactly Donald Trump, who can just go around grabbing womens’ junk and stuff… just sayin’

  24. Jeepers, Dave. I just love how you’re Roe-v-Wade-ing my cute little ass all over this blog and taking no prisoners and stuff. It’s totally sexy.

    Speaking of which, guess what? Turns out that the libtard weirdos in Congress are so mad at the SCOTUS right now, they’re talking about arresting a few of the Republican justices for perjury. Totally crazy, huh? I mean, it’s not like anything those Republican justices said during their respective confirmation hearings convinced the libtard weirdos interrogating them that they weren’t anything but hostile towards the libtard weirdo logic of Roe anyway, am I right?

    Anyhow, I just heard on NPR that Republicans hold a 3-point lead on generic ballot polling, so who cares what those libtard critters think, right Dave?

  25. I’m not fixated… I’m just going with the trend.
    I guess her X knows better then other people
    It’s a it to me… And a unattractive it, at that lol

  26. It’s because she’s does wash down there.

  27. Hey Donna! True that.
    You mean *doesn’t*, she probably hasn’t changed either.
    It wasn’t a very nice name but, “if the shoe fits” I guess.

  28. Wow, Dave. How many Schlitzes do ya have to slam to get this way, anyhow? The guys over here are placing bets. Oh, and just so ya know, I’m staying out of it again. Need to save money for a new dress. The one I’m eyeballing is a light blue sky one with some really gorgeous frilled hems and tied shoulder straps. Summer’s just around the corner and I wanna look pretty for the horse races.

    Anyway, didja notice gasoline prices shot up like 15 cents this weekend? Good thing you have your Honda to motor ya around town, am I right?

    Me? I’ve got a street legal golf cart to tour around in so I don’t have to worry about gas prices at all. In fact, I’m saving so much moolah I was able to pick up a gallon of name-brand chocolate milk, some bagged salad, and a bunch of porterhouses for din-din yesterday and easily stayed within budget. Pretty neat, huh?

  29. Seems like people who knew Silvia back in the day all knew that name.
    She must have caught wind of the nick name… Caught wind.. Lol…hah! Did you know that was your nick name Silvia Desitter… Lol…I don’t care .. Lol go away

  30. Ha ha ha. I get it. Good one, Dave.

    Hey, I’ve got a joke for you. Have ya ever heard this one before? “Ya don’t buy beer. Ya rent it.” God I love that joke. It’s just so true, huh? Now I’m not really a beer girl, myself. I prefer wine and cheese, obviously. You know, typical trophy wife fare? Boy, isn’t that always the way?

    Anyway, what were we talking about? Oh yeah. Gasoline prices. Ok. Get this. Turns out that Missouri’s reporting the lowest state average in the nation at $3.933 per gallon. Sheesh, when the Trumpster was running things we were paying almost half that. Damn libs. Total assholes, am I right Dave?

  31. Obviously Russia wants territories and land to have dominion over.

  32. Uh huh. Totally, Dave.

    Ya know, that makes me think. I wonder what Zelenskyy wants?

    Ya think for one maybe he hopes the Ukrainian people he’s been using as human shields never find out that he, the Ukraine’s corruptocrats, and the Biden family have been funneling the country’s finances into their own personal offshore business investments for years now?

    Uh oh. I’ll bet it is.

  33. Ah I see. So basically they didn’t learn their lesson from Afghanistan, eh David?

  34. There is very little products New Hampshire can offer – If you think taxes are bad now, should New Hampshire secede, You could count on taxes being extremely high. Comparing what will happen to it’s already happening is total ignorance on your part. It’s like watching freekeeners stick their heads in the sand.

  35. I like myself the way Silvia keeps me!!!:

    Pungent, rank and festering!

    So what if there’s months old menstrual blood and chunks of period down here!

    Mixed with crap.



  36. Jacks?

    What are the little products America offers?

    Poppy seeds?

  37. That’s nice, Jacks. Say, speaking of people with heads in the sand, didja hear that inflation is at a 42 year high? It’s true, munchkin. Hand to God.

    Anyway, the rest of us folks figured out a while ago that it’s the people who control Joe Biden who’re responsible for most of this. That’s one of the reasons why a secession movement is taking root. Can you guess what some of the other reasons are? Ha ha. Just kidding, munchkin. I know you can’t.

  38. Oh. Forgive me, Dave. I got distracted by Jacks a few minutes ago and totally forgot that we were talking about the Ukraine and stuff.

    Anyway, get this. Turns out that our libtard-weirdo-controlled congress couldn’t care less about ordinary Americans who’re struggling with the inflation they helped cause. Who’da thunk, huh? That’s why the House passed a $40B spending package yesterday – all of which will go to, guess where? Well, the Ukraine of course. Isn’t that awesome, Dave?

    Thing is, at this point, libtard weirdos needed to choose who their priority is: Americans or Ukrainians. Naturally, they chose the Ukrainians. You heard right. Printing billions of dollars and then signing it all over to a foreign country just because. No wonder so many New Hampshirites are talking about secession, huh?

  39. You have such a negative view of NH there Jacks. Some positive affirmations or maybe a gratitude journal could work wonders in overcoming that there bud. Everything will be okay, you’ll see 🙂

  40. Ya know what else might do the trick, Intrigare? Saving money. I know that always works for me when I’m feeling down in the dumps.

    Hey. I’ve got an idea. Maybe Jacks could sign up for free access for those PDR things he’s always telling us about? I mean he’s been paying a $1,000 per year for ages now, hasn’t he? That can’t be easy in today’s economy. I know I’d have a bug up my butt too if I’d been doing that for as long as Jacks has while everyone else was getting the things for free. 😉

  41. Yes exactly. And trim unnecessary things like oh I don’t know… fake PhD programs and such. Those kinds of drains on the budget could dampen anyone’s spirits.

  42. Yup. Of course we might also have to accept that Jacks here was a dickhole from birth which means the only thing that’ll help is fistfulls of antipsychotics combined with years of therapy. 😉

  43. Jumping Jacks, how do you feel about a rotten crotch?
    Like let’s say, for instance, that I left my pad on for a month [as I often do], would you still go down on me? : Just peel it off and lick me clean?

  44. No Dave let me stop you… Jack’s likes to play Dr… so just spin it like you want a checkup to see if you have a medical issue, and let it play itself out from there 🙂

  45. Nice one, Dave. Good to see you haven’t passed out quite yet. Me? I had a mint julip earlier. Just one, though. I’m not like you. I like to pace myself and stuff.

    Anyway, I was reading the “National Review” this afternoon, and guess what I found out? Turns out Boeing Corp’s decided to “secede” from Chicago for greener pastures in Glenn Youngkin’s Arlington, VA. Pretty cool, huh?

    Say, since you’re still trying to get on speaking terms with Jacks, maybe next time you could try to explain to him why this sort of thing is for the best? He has a tough time accepting break ups, you know. Probably from some sort of childhood trauma or something. Or maybe it’s just cuz he’s a psycho? I don’t know. Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you cheer him up so that the rest of us don’t have to. You know, cuz he’s such a dickhole and stuff.

  46. Reminds me of when Tesla moved from CA to TX 🙂

  47. Yup. Everybody’s fleeing the blue states, huh Intrigare?

    And Boeing won’t be the last to leave Chicago either I’m sure. Between its racist mayor who berates businesses for her own failures in dealing with Chicago’s rising crime rates and its high taxes and high cost of living, nothing about that city is attractive anymore.

  48. @Bob C


    Susan Bruce is still pushing daisies.

    Libtards only believe in “my body my choice” when it’s convenient to them.
    Not so when Biden mandated the clot shot or lose your job.

    Good thing, the libs are dropping like flies from the clot shot.

  49. She did know about that nick name!

  50. Breaking news! JJ is a moron!
    He doesn’t even know the difference between having a baby and deciding whether or not to get a shot.
    Aka he is 100% complete mOron
    He’s a phoney. And a liar and a hypocrite.


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