National Divorce & Secession Panel at Liberty Forum 2022

This year’s sold-out Liberty Forum featured an excellent and well-attended panel on New Hampshire secession featuring Alu Axelman of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, Steven Axelman of YES California, and Daniel Miller of the Texas Nationalist Movement. Moderated by Carla Gericke of the Free State Project, it was an entertaining and enlightening panel, featuring plenty of questions from the audience. Don’t miss it:

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  1. No one forced you to get a shot; you imbecile.

  2. It’s plain by your statement that you are impervious to reason or logic.
    You moron

  3. It’s plain by your statement that you are impervious to reason or logic.

    You moron on wheels

  4. Give em hell Dave ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Lol.

  6. Speaking of babies, how ’bout that shortage of baby formula? ๐Ÿ™ Seems like another scene right out of Atlas Shrugged… Supply chain breakdowns and shortages of basic needs… Idk almost like Rand was onto something after all… Or Hayek. Or something

  7. Tucker Carlson was making the case last night that this might be the uniparty’s master plan for fighting inflation.

    So here’s the skinny. Turns out if the uniparty lets the Fed raise interest rate any further, that’ll kill their campaign donors’ bottom lines and dry up donations. And if they raise taxes, voters will be pissed off and the uniparty’ll lose a lot of their seats in the midterms.

    This means the only option left is to let the people who control Joe Biden wipe the supply chains free of baby formula, meat, bread, and other things while continuing to drive gas prices through the roof so no one can buy anything – well, anything except the bare essentials – you know, like the electricity, car payments, and mortgages/rent. Ya can’t inflate the money supply if ya can’t spend any of it on fun things, am I right Intrigare?

  8. @Silvia DeSitter


    Susan Bruce is still pushing the daisies strongly. Thanks “science!” which gave us the clot shot.

    Thanks to the innernet, the evidences of SB virtue signalling through posts and face diapering are all there. Her fans raised money for her funeral – as if urging her to win the retard race: “Go SB, win the retard race, go!”.

    This was said of the Bourbons: “They learned nothing, they forgot nothing.”

    The libtards didn’t learn anything from the smallpox scamdemic in Boston in 1900. In that case too, the rate of infection and people pushing daisies went up with intense campaign for clot shots.

    How can you fault such innocent people such as the libtards? It’s all Babes in Toy land, we’re still in Kansas kinda thing.

  9. @Susan DeSitter

    Blocked by both the NH Free State Project and the NH Libertarian Party Twitter accounts. #FREEDUMB

    Guess who is the architect of this little gem. The retard factor is strong that even the people who value free speech managed to ignore the horse teeth daisy pushing retard.

    The mother said, “Go Susan Bruce go! Win the retard race”

    There’s a picture of the daughter, guess she’s going to be like mom.

    Note that there’s no man in the whole thing.

    PS: For the libtards, define the boundaries of political discourse before you virtue signal and say SB is off limits. All you got is big tech censorship.

  10. You guys say ” give em hell”
    But what I said might as well have been said to you two far right wingers.. And you know that
    You agree with the nonsense JJ spouts..

  11. @ David Crawford

    u’re retarded just like the libtards. the clot shots are known to create coincidences

    thecovidblog has that same line in every article

    u must be into fking susan bruce rotten corpse that’s pushing daisies. she took the clot shot

  12. Nc…I would call you dumb but, what you wrote proclaims it bet plainly

  13. It’s Republicans fault, like the rest of you phoney “libertarians” in this group, that there was shootings , like in Buffalo.. Y’all should look in the mirror.. You phoney liberty people that are phoneys
    It’s your fault.
    Including Silvia “rotten crotch” Desitter
    Y’all are phoneys

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