AKPF Presents: Banned Shire TV Episode

akpf_1xjamesgarretAiring on this MLKjr holiday is a very special edition of the late Shire TV program, guest written, directed, and produced by what would be the future crew of AKPF #1, James Cleaveland and Garret Ean. The two were tasked last year with producing an MLK day episode which would be perhaps the most controversial of the series. After a pre-submission airing by one of the Shire TV’s producers, the program was officially banned and censored from the program’s history and replaced with a soft ending episode 2013_01_andybohannonbadgewhich misdirects the fluidity of the original creation.

For the first time on Cheshire TV, one year from its originally blocked release, audiences can now enjoy the complete and uncut original episode as its driving creative talents intended it be seen. Enjoy the show, and have a delightfully disobedient Martin Luther King Jr day.

Aqua Kommandante Parkour Faction #1

parkour_manch1This week’s AKPF #1 timeslot on Cheshire TV will be occupied by Aqua Kommandante Parkour Faction #1. Taking a break from tales of parking enforcement, this entry opens and closes with athletic action featuring parkour on the streets of Concord. Sandwiched in between the sequences is a special extended version of dramatic footage previously aired on Cheshire TV during the days of ShireTV. Don’t miss this week’s installment designed to shock and awe the masses in Aqua Kommandante Parkour Faction #1.

Aqua Kommunity Protest Fountain #1

2013_08_24_akpf_protestThis week’s episode of AKPF #1 is again interrupted by global conspiracy. Presented this week is Aqua Kommunity Protest Forum, an elegant glance into the differing perspectives and tactics of the community in advancing peace, liberty, truth, and justice. No DPRK officials arrived in capacity nor royal intervention occurred, and although the program formatted for television is limited in its time to 29 minutes, the entire duration of the event from multiple angles is available from Fr33manTVraw.

AKPF Guests Black Sheep Rising

2013_07_22_akpfThere are rumblings of a conspiracy theory afoot in Keene — following the official declaration of conspiracy by the city’s hired legal counsel, now the lucrative criminal masterminding has affected the broadcast schedule of AKPF #1. Keene’s favorite local variety series will not air this week, as it has been replaced by a highlights reel of AKPF #1 series producers Garret and James’ appearance on Black Sheep Rising, another locally produced entertainment series. Black Sheep Rising is unique in that it is not subject to broadcast “decency standards”, as it normally airs in the after-hours programming slot on Cheshire TV. The regularly risque media has been sanitized for daytime viewing standards in this family-friendly rendition of BSR to be aired in this week’s AKPF #1 time slot. Discover all sorts of unconventional wisdom and news happenings from the Robin Hooding crew in the BSR episode 07 redux. Tune in to AKPF #1 next week to see the global conspiracy episode, in which Prince John and Jester Mullins lay out their visionary concerns.

AKPF #1 Denounced by Keene Sentinel

whacky_delly_sentinelWe’re only three episodes into the hottest new weekly variety series on Cheshire TV’s local access channel 8, and already AKPF #1 has received a scathing denunciation from the anonymous editorial board of the Keene Sentinel! AKPF is allegedly tied to the devious Robin Hooding ‘campaign’, and the nameless author alleges all sorts of terrifyingly vague safety concerns that may come about as a result of filling meters. First sensationalizing the material, the author attempts to marginalize the Robin Hooding footage selected by referring to it as ‘mundane’. Clearly, they have not watched much of the hundreds of hours of footage at Fr33manTVraw if they think that a riveting discussion that myself and James Cleaveland had with parking enforcer Jane exemplifies mundane footage.

Before the conclusion of the editorial, there’s a video cited which, based on facts referenced, likely is this months-old video, which was produced by Chris Cantwell, a comedian from New York who is not affiliated with Robin Hood of Keene nor is named in the lawsuit. Though it would not take much investigating on the part of the Slantinel, it was apparently too much work to figure out the names of the individuals they make broad allegations against, not so much alleging crime as they are “childish behavior playing out in the streets”. Despite a functioning website, and presence on the internet for several years, the Slantinel also fails to link to the video they absorbed so much knowledge from. It is almost as though they would rather you just take their word for it. (more…)