Cassidy Speaks on Breasts and Equality

CassidyIf you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know Cassidy Nicosia was the trailblazer for topless equality in Keene with her walk down Main St. in 2009. She posted the following thoughts as a comment on the recent Topless Tuesday thread, and I thought her words deserved to be heard as a guest blog post:

I don’t understand why people think bare breasts are so “wrong”. The human body is beautiful, and if men are allowed to walk around topless, so should women.

My breasts are not pornographic, and not made for the eyes of lovers. They are a harmless, life-giving part of my body. I am biologically engineered with breasts to feed my child, not to gain attention from suitors.

Society has perverted what women’s breasts are seen as to enforce puritanical thought processes. The idea that woman is inherently a temptress, and all actions by her are to lure in the unsuspecting, innocent male. That’s ridiculous. And we need to stop teaching our children this; enforcing these narrow-minded ideals, and using the gun of the government to get what we want. Anyone should be able to look at a woman topless in public and barely think about it, the same way it is with men. It happens, and it’s not a big deal. (more…)

Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Trapped by Checkpoints

As Shire Dude shared last week, employees of the Manchester Police Outfit will be stopping, questioning, and potentially issuing ransoms and/or caging drivers at a suspicioness checkpoint on April 22nd.

Without question, individuals in and around Manchester have effectively Copblocked past instances of this Manchester police thuggary, and many have already expressed their intention to do the same via the Suspicionless Checkpoint Party event.

Suspicionless Checkpoint Party April 22 Manchester NH

In this video Manchester residents Rob Mathias and Cassidy Masengale detail their own motivation for participating and how such events tend to unfold.


NHPR Focuses on Keene in Feature on the FSP – My Response

inthenews-nhpr[1]This morning on NHPR’s “The Exchange” with Laura Knoy about the Free State Project‘s first decade in NH, the haters were on the attack against liberty activists here in Keene. Keene activism dominated the conversation with FSP guests Carla Gericke, Joel Winters, and Carol McGuire (both are state representatives – Joel a democrat and Carol a republican).

Perhaps the host of the show will have another episode actually featuring Keene activists who can respond to the ridiculous critics. The usual complaints of toplessness in front of middle schoolers, smoking pot, harassing crossing guards, police, and court staff and other misinformation came up and the guests’ answers were dodgy at best or outright attacks on Keene activism. Carol McGuire, for instance, agreed with the host when she asked her if she thought Keene was a “black eye” on the Free State Project.

One thing is for sure, as Joel Winters points out, Keene activism gets people talking. Too bad none of the speakers on the show bothered to address the ridiculous critiques straight on. No one pointed out:

Jailed Activist Recommends Against Disobedience in Manchester

I’d highly suggest my fellow activists steer clear of disobedience as a tactic in Manchester. Manch PD and Valley St are not fun to deal with and the Rule of Law is made real by people believing in it.
-Wes Freeman

Wes’ recent letter from jail (hopefully we’ll get a blog post from him soon), where he is sitting for six months for the dastardly “crime” of missing a court date (“contempt”) is as follows: (You can write to him at Mail-to-Jail!) (more…)

Al Jazeera Reports on the FSP & Keene

One of the best news agencies in the world (since they aren’t necessarily biased in favor of the American state), Al-Jazeera, has reported on the Free State Project:

Loudon, New Hampshire – On Tuesday, Republicans in the state of New Hampshire vote for their presidential nominee in the first primary in the nation.

With all eyes on the horse race between the six major Republican candidates, some interesting political trends within the state of New Hampshire itself have gone unexamined. The state – with an official motto of “Live Free or Die” – has a political culture steeped in a small-government mindset. And partly for that reason, almost 1,000 political migrants have moved to New Hampshire over the past several years as part of the Free State Project. (more…)