Carlos Miller Threatened and Kelly, Ian, and Derrick J Arrested at Superior Court

The Cheshire sheriffs continue to blindly ignore the constitution and several basic rights of people. Check out this video and see what your money is being taken for. Can’t wait to give these guys a bearcat too…

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  1. FU FK

    Another Joke by you clowns! I expect they will get the Bearcat. Mostly because the Free Keene opinion is not one taken seriously in this community. You have become a joke and more of an annoyance to the entire county. I have been here for the better part of 10 years and all of the people I run into on a daily basis thing you are all a bunch of FREAKS. I have even spoken with other free staters from other parts of NH who also consider the Free Keene group the "Crazy" group. I can't wait for your world to blow up and you clowns are left with nothing. I will laugh all day long with joy.

  2. Zeus

    Of course you do, you're sadist and a sociopath as your words plainly reveal. Thanks for your hatred and intolerance. May a rainbow full of love find its way to your crotch by day's end.

  3. Rampantcorruption

    still looking for a way to video the MCVP located in the bowels of the beast. I have been denyed assistance even after being referred in writing by the swanzey police cheif. Why is that agency left unaccountable for their actions because of a camera ban ? would i get differant results if i cross dressed ? Not my idea of a good time .. but the results would be interesting !!! Thanks for exposing the constitutional violations . I , personnaly appreciate what you (derrick,ian, kelly) do for me and this country even if some do not .agree with your methods .

  4. Pyotr


  5. enslave keene

    Derrick running like a punk, while his commrades being collared! Yall are hardcore!

  6. enslave keene

    " Id just like to left alooooooooooone….ahhahahahahahahahahahaha help kelly!!!"

  7. enslave keene

    And I couldn't be walking down the street when Derrick was fleeing…. Need some tripping practice!

  8. enslave keene

    I have been rewinding this video between 6:20 and 6:30 for so long now I just broke my mouse….lol

  9. theKINGofKEENE

    ***Pre video viewing comment alert***…..

    maybe I won't be too busy laughing and crying after….

    A few years ago, a wheelchair-dependent disabled friend of mine was the victim of a felony sex assault. She called me, crying and distraught, after it was over. The perp was her neighbor. I talked with her on the phone for a couple hours, and she decided she wanted to go to the "authorities". I helped her understand the whole "rape kit" evidence-collection procedure. I explained about making sure she had the EXACT clothes she was wearing at the time of the attack, and other forensic relevancies. I had no way to transport her to the ER, but I even helped arrange that for her, too. I called MCVP. MCVP was almost totally USELESS on the phone. I got to the ER. My friend was there. We talked, and the ER staff processed her into the ER. FINALLY somebody from MCVP showed up. (MCVP=

    Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention, sometimes referred to generically as "women's crisis services"…) The woman from MCVP who showed up was RUDE, INCOMPETENT, DISMISSIVE, and BELITTLING. She acted like my friend and I were the criminals, and she treated me like I was the perp. I tried – very unsuccessfully – to talk with this woman, and try to help my friend. But, this woman would have none of it. I was APPALLED at how badly the MCVP person behaved.

    And yes, even though my friend did everything "by the book", still, her rapist WAS NOT EVEN ARRESTED. My friend was FORCED to vacate her subsidized, Keene Housing Authority sponsored apartment. 2 OTHER female friends of mine were ALSO raped by known attackers, and in those cases too, NO ARRESTS occured.

    So, for all those who criticize the "FreeWeenies", KNOW THIS: There IS a deep & wide swath of CORRUPTION in Cheshire County politics&legal system…To the extent that FK exposes that, "FreeKeene" serves the public good, better than a corrupt system ever could. Thank-you, "FreeKeene"…

    Affadavit: I do hereby solemly swear, under pains of perjury, that all above facts are true and correct, to the best of my knowledge and disability.

    Come on, motherfuckers, *BRING*IT*ON*…bring it on…I would LOVE to see this shit get into a REAL court…

    ~tKoK. 🙂

  10. K.C.

    Arrestees of the anti-Glik camera ban and no trespassing unconstitutional void court orders should remove their cases to federal court or sue the arresting and threatening bailiffs, deputies, sheriff and illegal judges individually and in official capacities for acting against binding stare decisis and under color of law. Ask for damages and injunctive relief, but the filing fee is $450 per case though.

  11. SHIRE-FREE press...

    Thanks for the heads up, "enslave keene"…

    …still have to watch the whole thing, though…

    This could get seriously fucked up…

    So far, nobody has gotten hurt too bad…

    SO FAR…

    I think BOTH SIDES are playing a very DANGEROUS*GAME…

    And, yes, it IS affecting MY rights as a citizen…

    Both the Sheriff's, and the "FreeWeenies" are NEEDLESSLY*ESCALATING this


    It's very SAD bullshit…

    The worst part, is the Sentinels' MEDIA*CENSORSHIP*BLACKOUT…

    You won't read about this in the Sentinel…

  12. SHIRE-FREE press...

    Not so easy as it might seem…"K.C."…

    re-read "GLIK"…carefully…

    it deals with "Public Spaces", yes, but that means

    *STREETS*SIDEWALKS*ETC…it doesn't cover ALL possible "public property"…

    A court, while paid by taxes, is NOT a "public space" in exactly the same legal sense as a sidewalk, etc…

  13. SHIRE-FREE press...

    Anybody ELSE notice, at ~3:50, the lawyer, WALK*RIGHT*THROUGH

    security, with no more than a nod&wink from the "security"…???…

    Not very professional*PROFESSIONAL*, are we, Mr. Fredericksen?…


  14. K.C.

    Court and enforcement officials ignoring and violating constitutional rights and U. S. Circuit Appeals Court caselaw under color of law is a federal question, which qualifies for federal court jurisdiction.

    Unconstitutional city ordinances, county policies, etc. can also be challenged in federal court, but any law or rule that conflicts with the Constitution has no force or obligation, is no law at all, is non-binding, unenforceable and void ab initio (from its first issuance or passage). Any subsequent arrest and prosecution based on a void order is false and illegal.

  15. faggot-derrick

    The video of Derrick being served the "TrespassNotice" appeared here on FreeKeene some weeks ago…Watching that video, we see the EXACT terms of the Tres.Notice being spelled out to Derrick, who SEEMS to understand…

    So, unless Derrick is going with an INSANITY, or MENTAL DEFECT defense,

    I'd say the Trespassing conviction, possibly also contempt-of-court, should be a slam-dunk, even for this lame-ass court…

    It was hilarious, though, Derrick all in the cops face, when he's with his

    accomplises, but as soon as they turn on him, he's all


    Fuck-you, Derrick…As long as you been in Keene, and you are STILL pulling your little bullshit games?…You should go with the INSANITY defense…

    You certainly ARE INSANE…Good thing the American Psychiatric Association

    removed *homosexuality* as a "mental illness" in 1980's DSM…

    This shit is getting out of hand, *AGAIN*…


  16. enslave keene

    Matt, where are you???? Youre missing a good one!

  17. enslave keene

    Did Ademo get castrated at the 6:30 mark of the video or is he just getting in touch with his "derrick" side?

  18. enslave keene

    @ 7:21 very important freudian slip on Derricks part…and I quote…" I was ACTING as a member of the free press"..

    Brother dont quit your day job, hollywood's all set….

  19. wowbobwow

    no victim. no crime.

  20. matt

    There is way too much bullshit to laugh at with these fucking idiots in this video I don't even know where to start. Ademo says – "you guys suck at catching people haw haw haw haw hee hee hee ho ho ho hahahahaha" Would you consider them as bad as you are at making a difference in life – because pretty sure you win the failblog in that department – HAW HAW HAW. STFU. You don't pay these guy's salaries ya dolt. You need a JOB to do that. These past two years of eating Chef Boyardee and reading Glik like it's a book you just can't put down has not been a friend to your aging process. Damn – have Derrick put some blush on those eye rings of yours and maybe buy a toothbrush.

    The videographer from Miami sounded like he wanted to be reasonable, but too bad for him he didn't know that these fools made any sort of reasonable reciprocation with local area cops and courts a NO GO. They aren't playing their bullshit anymore. Bubba is calling – he'll keep the light on for ya.

  21. Name (required)

    Kelly was released after $500.

    And Derrick was released after $1,000.

    *Low Whistle.* Man, the Sheriffs are doing some business today.

  22. matt

    And these damn fools will still probably go back again this week for no reason at all and be completely surprised and dumbfounded when they get arrested. *insert donkey honking noises*

    For once though – Derrick IS actually being productive to the citizens of Keene, what with all this money he is giving the state, it will pay for gas AND maintenance costs on the new BEARCAT for generations to come. Thanks a lot idiot!

  23. go fuck yourself

    It's funny when they get arrested.

  24. Name (required)

    So let me get this straight. You try to video record cops at every opportunity, make antagonizing comments about them and generally make a poor impression of yourself on tape, and everyone else who wanders into your lens. Then you publish it on the largest video-sharing website, publish it on your blog and let the internet viewers make even more antagonizing comments and let them make a poor impression of themselves, too. Then you automatically ignore comments like mine and call me a sympathizer of evil or whatever.

    You are trolling the law. That's what you are doing. You are vinegar to a justice system that is already overloaded with bad apples. The result is bad feelings all around and a harder time for yourself. You make a cop mad than say, "look! see didn't I tell you? Didn't I tell you? I told you cops are mad!" 'k they're mad. What you've just accomplished is to make everyone else mad and tired and annoyed, too. You're making mistakes, on tape, and you are inviting stinging public criticism as a result. It is bad situation and I hope you can muster the ability to turn it around.

    I would give you a suggestion, but the only problem is is that you are limiting your possibilites. I guess my best suggestion is to listen, and find opportunities by getting involved with other orgs as much as you can. Then opportunities may just come your way and you may find yourself doing something you love to do.

  25. Suggestions

    I agree you have potential to make positive changes. You need to find something sensible to get behind.

  26. Resident Troll

    You kids are still instigating?

  27. Heavens

    Ian is going to jail for awhile because he violated his good behavior order. This is truly a great day.

  28. Keene reader

    I know that the intent was to instigate, but as I watch this (having seen the earlier video where the no trespassing order was given) I have to say I see some police restraint here. Two people mock the officers for not running faster than Derrick. But they did not use guns, did not become involved in a long and alarming chase around busy Central Square, and their strategy of waiting for him by his car proved effective, it seems. Even with your own video editing the previous order was very clear; there is little question that this was to test what would happen. To act surprised hurts your cause, in my opinion. Unless the cause is just the production of exciting video footage.

  29. Pyotr

    Another stupid escapade by FK… Derrick and Ian especially.

    Laughed my ass off when Derrick was caught.

    Is it true Ian is going away for awhile? I'm excited to hear this. My town should get rid of these morons. If only we had more laws to do it with…

  30. faggot*derrick

    SHUT UP, Pyotr, you nasty little man! I wasn't caught by them at all!…

    I let them catch me! It's fun!

    And most of all, I like sucking all those cops dicks.

  31. david

    Stop gay bashing

  32. david


    Did you get fired for spreading lies in here? Isn't that what you said in the other thread. You said someone called your work or something

  33. none

    Glad free speech is being allowed on this site again. Trolls are a good sign.

  34. IronyMan

    The first ironic bit:

    Kelly: Do you Know what the Glik decision says?…..

    Ian: He believes what a man in a robe says.

    Kelly: Oh my goodness! I do not.

    Earth to Kelly – the Glik decision was written by a man in a robe. How can you quote the Glik decision and then say you don't believe what a man in a robe says.

  35. david

    what are "trolls a good sinng" of"

    That someone needs to invent trollspray?

    That people are dumb?

    I don't think trolls area "good sign".

  36. enslave keene

    David, youre a Brighton Bengal from class of 79?

    Cant you come with something better than "that people are dumb"?

  37. enslave keene

    Mr. Ford would not be happy with that grammar….

  38. Pyotr

    David, you called CVS, where I used to work and complained against me when I pointed out that members of FK frequently visited CVS and purchased drugs with state-aid EBT.

    I wasn't fired, my last day was the 18th because I was accepted into a government position for the Department of Defense Office for Chemical Warfare in November.

    You guys should try practicing what you preach and not trying to combat freedom of speech by attacking someone's place of employment.



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