Various liberty-minded personalities from Keene and elsewhere in the Shire post here. These are Free Keene’s bloggers. Click their names to see their blog posts, click their “forum name” to be taken to their Shire Forum profile.


Bonnie KruseBonnie Kruse (“Bonbon“) – Bonnie is an activist who moved to Keene from San Antonio, Texas in January 2021. She started visiting Keene in October 2020 while working with Young Americans for Liberty. She was knocking on doors for liberty-minded candidates for Senate and House of Representatives races in New Hampshire. Since then, she has been a host of Free Talk Live, protested in front of the governor’s house over his COVID-era executive orders and has protested the cops in Keene multiple times.
Conan SaladaConan Salada (“Conan“) – Conan moved to Keene with his daughter in tow in the spring of 2012 and quickly found himself immersed up to his eyeballs in activist opportunity. Since then he has been testing the waters in search of the activism type which best suits his play style. The search continues. Crafty and elusive, Conan is rarely seen during the day as he prefers the cool hours of night to earn his keep. His odd schedule sometimes conflicts with all the adventure that goes on during the day. Nevertheless, he has found the time to take on the role of co-producer and editor for the community based television news show: ShireTV. He is also a co-founder and chair member of the New Hampshire Liberty Party. A talented artisan and jack-of-all-trades, Conan’s gallery of sculpture and other media can be viewed at Red Pill Creations.
Dave RidleyDave Ridley (“ridleyreport2“) – Dave Ridley of Winchester, NH is one of the earliest movers for the Free State Project who runs (Don’t get mad; get video!),, and (Independence without enmity!) Having been mostly de-platformed from mainstream outlets and pitted against the Great Censorship Storm, Dave has joined Free Keene. Though Dave often disagrees with the views and hyperbolic tone here, he says he recognizes it’s one of the few outlets still functioning properly with good traffic.
Derrick J. FreemanDerrick J. Freeman (“DerrickJ“) – Derrick J is a handsome young peace activist dedicated to living free by helping others to live free. He left his gayborhood in Philadelphia in 2011 after Molyneaux, Rand, and Mises flipped on his AnCap lightswitch. He loves to meet new people and report on stories of agorism in action or participation in civil disobedience. The activism that Derrick J enjoys most are public 420 celebrations, “Robin-Hooding,” and traveling without proof of government permission. His work centers around exercising self-ownership and is highlighted here at as well as
Ian FreemanIan Freeman (“FTL_Ian“) – Ian is the program director of LRN.FM and hosts “Free Talk Live“. As a minister in the Shire Free Church, it’s his mission in life to effectively communicate and propagate the ideas of peace, love, and liberty, and to have fun doing it. Ian founded the Free Keene blog in late 2006 after moving to the Shire as part of the NH Freedom Migration. Here’s a more detailed bio.
Brad JardisBrad Jardis (“highline”) – Brad Jardis is a New Hampshire native and is well known for being one of the very first active rank-and-file law enforcement officers to join Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and come out publicly against the insane war on drugs. His work in LEAP resulted in him forming alliances and friendships with many people participating in the liberty movement. Brad admits that many things he did as a police officer he regrets. He hopes that by speaking out on liberty-related issues other law enforcement officers can understand that a society need not target peaceful people for prosecution who break victimless laws and that individual police officials should follow their conscience before blindly following orders handed down by politicians. Now having moved on from LEAP and the world of law enforcement, Brad has decided to blog here at!
Pete EyrePete Eyre (“TrustThyself“) – Pete Eyre self-describes as a voluntaryist and hails from the Midwest. He went to school for law enforcement but ultimately concluded that he could have a bigger impact through other avenues. After four plus years working in the libertarian think tank world in DC he hit the road with Motorhome Diaries and later Liberty On Tour. In addition to Free Keene, he’s now active with Cop Block.
RichRich “Nobody” Paul (“FriarRich“) – Rich Paul is an early mover for the Free State Project and computer programmer by trade. He heroically stood up for his belief that the drug war needs to end, put his entire life on the line, and faced 100 years in prison. He was sentenced to one year in jail, aka the Keene Spiritual Retreat.
Steven ZeilerSteven Zeiler (“stevenzeiler“) – Steven Zeiler is a successful software entrepreneur and avid bitcoin user and evangelist dedicated to spreading everyday bitcoin use throughout his community. He was a pioneering engineer building open financial technology with Ripple financial software firm in Silicon Valley and now runs a software business in Portsmouth, New Hampshire dedicated to saving accountants at CPA firms more time to spend with their friends and loved ones. Steven moved to New Hampshire in 2016. You can engage with Steven every Thursday night on the Flaming Freedom, the most glamorous liberty-oriented show in the solar system.

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