Many of us at Free Keene once thought that the system we know of as government was the solution to certain problems. We realized we were wrong when we discovered the inescapable, ugly truth. “The state” is force. It is the violent monopoly.

Aggressing against one’s neighbors, regardless of the goals one is looking to accomplish, is unacceptable and morally bankrupt.

Unfortunately, government coercion is well entrenched in our society, so it’s understandable why people believe it to be necessary. Since government runs the education system for the most part, it’s no surprise that we are all raised and indoctrinated with the idea that government is good. It is not good to threaten people to get your way or to force them to pay for unwanted services. Beyond that, government “solutions” create more problems than they solve. Government programs create disastrous unintended consequences; many of which are the opposite of the program’s original intentions! (See the “War on Drugs” for an example of this.)

You are invited to explore the concepts of liberty and voluntarism. You’ll discover that the free market can provide the services that government provides on a consensual basis, more effectively, and at a fraction of the cost.

So, what is Free Keene?

The Peaceful Evolution has begun.

The next great step for mankind is the step toward the voluntary society. We are going to accomplish this using peaceful, market-based actions. This is not a revolution. We are not revolving, or going back to the beginning. This is evolution. Free Keene allows you to tap into the epicenter of the Peaceful Evolution, from wherever you are, to see it all unfold. Better still, you are encouraged to educate yourself about liberty and the voluntary society via our free audio books and then encouraged to move to Keene, withdraw from the old coercive society, and join the voluntary society.

Consider this blog your link to news about liberty activism focused mostly on the Keene area, (but also from around The Shire), opinions, ideas, media, discussion, and most importantly action about how we can end government aggression and replace it with voluntary alternatives, thereby achieving liberty in our lifetime. Look to the top menu bar to see the variety of interactive options and media this site holds for you. Whether you are a longtime liberty-lover or new to the ideas of freedom, you’ll find useful content and community here.

Free Keene’s bloggers are mostly Keene-area, liberty minded activists, visionaries, and media personalities. Some are New Hampshire natives, others have been here for many years, and others moved here as part of an ongoing migration of libertarians to New Hampshire.

You are encouraged to move to Keene if you aren’t already here, take action, and get involved. Find something that suits your unique talents and skills, apply them, and help us achieve liberty in our lifetime! How to contact us.

If you are new to the philosophy of liberty, it is recommended you spend less than 10 minutes of your time on these videos:
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