Some of Free Keene’s Outreach Tools

Tools for use against “the state” gang:

  • Peace Ticket – Got a ticket from the government people? If you’re planning on noncooperating and perhaps going to trial, try sending this to them to let them know what to expect and give them the chance to end their aggression against you. Here is a Peace Ticket for NH and one for the US.

Other Useful Activist Tools

  • Use Cell 411 for your smartphone – broadcast alerts to your friends/family/neighbors when something is going down AND record and stream video live to prevent aggressors from stealing your equipment and deleting your footage! Cell 411 is effective AND free for Android and iPhone!
  • Listen to the Keene Police Scanner with your favorite media player or smart phone and find out what they are up to.
  • Porcupine 411 allows you to mass-voice message other Keeniacs as well as liberty activists across NH!
  • The Free Keene calendar allows you to see upcoming events of interest to local liberty activists.
  • Don’t forget our forum, where you can interact with other Keeniacs and members of the Shire Society.

Know your Bureaucrats:

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