Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson Endorses Free State Project

Gary JohnsonCriticisms aside about Gary Johnson‘s lack of principle, he’s the best thing going in the presidential race, and he’s now publicly endorsed the Free State Project saying in a recent online Q&A (Starting around 1:13min, near the end.):

Yea! Go Free State Project. Wow. What a model. What a terrific model. When I was governor of new Mexico, the Free State Project came to my attention […2]0,000 people who said they’re going to relocate in some area in the United States, get elected to all the offices and basically “hands off” when it comes to the government. Very very very libertarian, if not anarchist. Anarchist being complete government void. No government! well, Terrific! I wanted to see that happen in New Mexico, it’s now happening in New Hampshire. Good thing. Really a terrific thing. I just applaud the Free State Project. I look forward to successes from the Free State Project that the country emulates.