City of Keene Goes after Robin Hooders in Court – Admits the amount of tickets issued are down and robin hooding is legal

RH_WantedThe city of Keene has filed a lawsuit (copy here) against me and several other people regarding robin hooding (Respondents).  Basically, the city wants the court to issue a “preliminary” and “permanent” injunction “restraining Respondents, or anyone under their direction, supervision, employment, or control, from coming within a safety zone of fifty (50) feet of any PEO [Parking Enforcement Officer] while that PEO is on duty.” Additionally, the city wants to stop us “from video recording, within a safety zone of fifty (50) feet,” and “from communicating with any PEO.”

The city alleges that “Respondents have repeatedly video recorded, interfered with, taunted, and intimidated PEOs during the performance of their employment duties,” which is ridiculous for several reasons, most importantly, according to the job description for a city of Keene parking enforcer, “This position requires a person” to “relate with the general public” and “Endure verbal and mental abuse when confronted with the hostile views and opinions of the public and other individuals often encountered in an antagonistic environment.”

When the city first hired Peter Thomas (at a cost of $1,339.67) to film Robin Hooders, I responded to Keene police chief Ken Meola regarding requests very similar to ones listed in the injunction with this letter. The most important part of the letter was point 7 where I stated, “Robin Hooding is not about the parking enforcers. If it were about them, I could have made countless videos showing them violating laws (jaywalking, traffic violations, etc), acting rude, and any other mistakes they have made. Additionally, I do not interact with any of the enforcers when they are not on duty. I don’t follow them home or try to find them off duty. Once again, Robin Hooding is about saving people from getting parking tickets.”

This move by the city is a validation of how effective robin hooding has been in Keene with ALL of the parking enforcement officers stating that “Since December 2012, when this activity started, it has been noted that I have written less tickets than in the preceding time period.”

This case also validates that robin hooding and all activities performed by people robin hooding are perfectly legal because the city (Petitioner) admits, “Petitioner has no adequate alternate remedy at law.” Further, the city has resorted to a civil case against me and others instead of a criminal one providing more evidence that no criminal actions were committed.

I plan to address each of the case’s points in my answer to this lawsuit which I will post here.
Yours Truly,

-James Robin Hood

  • Avr Works

    Looks like the city gang just stepped in their own poo.

    • FTL Ian

      You mean shit Sherlock

    • Ian Freeman

      Remember underage sex, drugs night at the Keene Activist Center

  • Avr Works

    They kept it “civil” so they don’t have a jury trial.

    • Avr Works

      … and further expose their gang behavior.

    • Nemi

      Several years ago, KPD employed the tactic of claiming any group of two or more “citizens” could be considered a gang and treated accordingly. Haven’t heard too much about that since Gretchen Snow sued and won compensatory damages resulting from KPD’s use of excessive force. They do like to keep these things hush-hush, though, much like Tim Peloquin’s road rage incident years ago when he broke a guy’s car window on the side of the highway after he was “cut off” on his motorcycle.

      Now, their standard operating procedure is to have at least two cops on-hand per stop. For “their” safety, you know? On a slow news day, you might be blessed to have not one, not two, but three or even four cruisers parked behind you as you’re being investigated for a broken plate light. I wish I were kidding.

      Oh, poor Alan. I wonder how he responded to hostility and confrontation in-theater? Did he weep to his CO? Give me a break. Lining up to fleece the taxpayers some more by way of a disability claim, Alan? Oh woe!

  • dkmdlb

    PEO? They forgot the N at the end.

  • George Donnelly

    I was saved by the Robin Hooders once. Stay strong and keep up the great work!

    • FTL Ian

      why don’t you just get on your kness and kiss their asses

    • George Donnelly

      I went one better. I made a cash donation of $10! And I’m certain they used it to save other people some of whom in turn also donated to them so they could … Well, you get the idea.


      Outstanding George ! Where do I make a donation ? Robin Hooding is LEGAL, and I will start doing it in my town.

    • George Donnelly

      I don’t know. I handed it personally to Mike B. at the moment that I came back to my car and realized they’d saved me. Hopefully whoever is doing Robin-Hooding in Keene these days will post with donation information. Or they might prefer you use it as seed capital for your new Robin-Hood operation. Kudos!

    • FreeRockPress

      For donation info go to their facebook page.

    • Pete Voluyntarist

      Who the Fuck are you bastard, goes kiss that Fucking piece of shit Ian’s ass


      I found the Paypal information and YES, I made a donation. GREAT JOB EVERYBODY ! ,

      I was thinking, how about you all get whistles. LOL See a parking enforcer, then you start blowing, OR, when you save someone start blowing. HAHA, Watch Keene try to ban whistles.

    • Ian Freeman

      Ten dollars is being really cheap George

  • Scott

    So by stating that part of their job description was to “Endure verbal and mental abuse when confronted with the hostile views and opinions of the public and other individuals often encountered in an antagonistic environment.” does that mean that you are admitting to actually doing that?

    • Brandon Magoon

      No, it doesn’t but thanks for playing.

    • MaineShark

      Um, no. But it demonstrates that the claim is frivolous. “Even if what you said is true, it still does not support your conclusion.” For example, if you claim that you sprained your back while lifting a stapler while in my employ, I could say, “his terms of employment state that he must be capable of safely lifting 75 pounds.” I don’t have to address whether or not you actually sprained your back, because your claim is ridiculous, on the face of it.

      It’s best not to waste the court’s time on frivolous claims.

    • trek_rider

      Scott has a point. Although the job description alerts potential employees to the facts concerning the work environment, this does not mean that such abuse and harassment must be tolerated or is legal and/or not actionable, especially if they are the acts of an identifiable individual or group of individuals, and are continuous and organized. The Robin Hooders should not engage the PEOs AT ALL. They should merely allow themselves to be observed stymying their efforts. This would be discouraging enough to the PEOs without engaging them directly, and while acting strictly within the law. It would also accomplish the avowed purpose of the Hooders – to prevent the enrichment of the city by unfair taking/taxation. This should be good enough; they’re not going to convince anyone to resign as a PEO, and, even if they did, won’t prevent someone else from filling a vacated PEO position. The tactic of personal confrontation (even if moderate and courteous) is flawed because it presents the city with an opportunity to retaliate.

    • PabloKOh

      I might be mistaken, but Robinhood did convince one meter maid to resign over a year ago. It is quite easy to talk someone into quitting when their job is to forcefully take money from other human beings.

    • Scott

      That’s exactly my point. The concept of Robin Hooding is a GREAT thing that I can certainly get behind. My objection is to the treatment of the PEO’s. That’s not fair and not right if you ask me. These two actions are not tied together. You can engage in one PEACEFUL action (feedings meters) without engaging in the other (harassing PEO’s)


    Keep up the great work guys ! I say you all grab radios and stand everywhere with nickles. See a parking enforcer then let everybody know and then everybody stay ahead of them and check meters. OUTSTANDING EVERYBODY !

  • Gina Goodman

    They just never stop. I wonder if they realize the Robin Hooding is catching on elsewhere. They are suuuuuuch ASSHOLES.

  • FreeRockPress

    Wait, went didn’t James get punched?

    • Ian Freeman


  • Fst Sqr

    Racketing racketeers gonna racket

  • Michael Niedermayer

    So they want a 50-foot “Constitution-free” zone where rights of citizens do not apply? LOL I question how they can call it a “safety zone” when they have not shown there is a threat to anyone’s safety. *sheesh* Can I get a 50-foot zone where cops aren’t allowed to talk to me if I am not under arrest? That would be cool!

    • Ian Freeman

      Remember underage sex, drigs night at the Keene Activist Center

  • Remmie Wingate

    In the name of all that was once good in America…HOW have we been reduced to THIS? OUR “representative government” suing the citizens, for ACTS OF KINDNESS? The people/voters of this town must campaign to remove all of these people from government AND Parking Enforcement Officers; such an idiotic travesty!

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