Robin Hooding Spreads to Poland!

Robin Hooding has made such an international impact that a group of libertarian activists in Kraków, Poland have taken up the heroic activity!

On their first foray into the streets they successfully saved six good people of Kraków approximately $100 USD in tickets from a very sad parking enforcer! Here’s video (click the “cc” at the bottom right to turn on english subtitles):

One Month Until Keenevention 2014 – Schedule Posted!

fbheader1The countdown begins! Keenevention 2014 kicks off on HallowKeene, October 31st! The near-final schedule has been posted. Dozens of NH-based liberty activists are lined up to speak on our various panels and keynotes – come and meet some of the amazing doers we have here in the biggest, most effective liberty movement in the world. Full panel speaker announcements are still-to-come.

You’ll enjoy various activities inside and outside the hotel and keep in mind more can be added to the list before the event hits, plus the schedule is subject to change.

Don’t miss Keenevention 2014 this October 31st through November 2nd – tickets are available now for $60 USD or BTC. Pre-event ticketing is limited to just 100, so don’t wait until the day-of to buy!

Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, the Keenevention facebook page, and the facebook event for the latest.