Writing To Caged Activist Ian Freeman At The Devens Spiritual Retreat

Around ~250 supporters turned out for Ian’s sentencing hearing between day 1 & 2 with some overlap

Ian Freeman, Minister of the Shire Free Church, Free Talk Live Co-host, libertarian activist, and major activist for peace and spreading cryptocurrency was arrested in 2021 during the Crypto6 incident where various libertarian and cryptocurrency activists were wrongly arrested and fraudulently defamed by the federal government. His arrest eventually led to a trial after refusing to accept a plea deal for crimes not  actually committed. Since then the district court has slandered his name and repeated lies. That is to say just about every other word if not more from federal authorities and prosecutors mouths has been a lie. Evidence presented didn’t align with the story told and for the most part if properly understood proved Ian’s innocence. The court seemed to agree to one degree or another with convictions on only ~8 of ~27 counts, one charge dropped entirely for lack of evidence, and a sentence that is less than half the minimum allowed. That is despite the crimes Ian was convicted of he’s been sentenced to a ‘mere’ ~8 years. Of course this is ~8 years too many given the fraudulent claims of the federal government, but none-the-less. Ian will likely serve 4 1/2 years with various good time credits.

While the trial is over the appeals are not and in the mean time the authorities have decided to move Ian from a jail in New Hampshire to a prison in Massachusetts. That is he is no longer at the Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat. He is now at the Devens Spiritual Retreat. Ian is in the low security part of the prison, so he’s got a room and cell mate. This is one up from the camp where Aria is housed. He can’t just walk away as might be possible if he was in the camp (not that he would).

So here is what we’re going to do. We’re going to write Ian Freeman at every opportunity. Send him print outs of things you find interesting that he can read. Send him letters about what is happening around New Hampshire. Let him know what the media is saying about him. Let him know what we’re doing and how we are doing. Have you been pushing for New Hampshire independence? Has there been progress in that arena? Let Ian know! It’s not likely he’ll be able to read about this stuff in the mainstream media.

To write to Ian Freeman address your envelope as follows:

Ian Freeman
Register # 34755509 Unit JA
Federal medical center, Devens
PO Box 879
Ayer, MA

I don’t know if color is allowed, but at the prior jail writing in crayon could lead to rejected mail. I would suggest sticking to printed pages or pages written in ink. Mark each page like so: title (letter 1), your name (John Smith), and page # out of x pages (page 1 of 3). This way Ian can tell whether or not he got all his mail and if the pages get out of order he can reassemble them. You should avoid staples and inclusion of other materials as this might lead to the mail being rejected.

As always, assume that everything is going to be read by the prison authorities, not all your mail may get received, and any response may not get returned to you.

And one last thing… Ian is not actually the only caged activist in prison right now over the sale of Bitcoin. We shouldn’t forget that Aria is also serving an 18 month sentence for selling Bitcoin as well. She is another of the Crypto6. You can find out how to write to her at https://www.ariadimezzo.com/ (Aria has been released to a halfway house as of May 9th, 2024).

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