One Weird Trick That Brought Bitcoin to Portsmouth Yoga Studio

When I moved to Portsmouth from San Francisco I immediately set out to find the best businesses that accept bitcoin as payment. Having spent bitcoin during previous visits to Keene, Lancaster, Manchester and Concord I knew that New Hampshire was the world capital of everyday bitcoin use.

Needless to say I was perturbed upon finding no local stores in Portsmouth that take bitcoin! To alleviate my frustration I practiced lots of yoga at the neighborhood yoga studio, where I taught the instructor daily about bitcoin and asked if they would consider accepting bitcoin in addition to central bank money.

Now I always use bitcoin to pay for yoga class, but how did I do it?

I talked to the owner!

A small business owner is the ultimate decision-maker, and has their customers’ needs constantly in the forefront of their minds.


Whether at a boutique handbag store or a San Francisco thai restaurant, the one and only trick that has ever worked for me in setting up a business with bitcoin is to talk directly with the owner.

What if the owner isn’t in? Get their name, phone number and email address and continue to follow up until that “Bitcoin Accepted Here” sticker is in their shop window.

Bitcoin empowers all Americans to control their own finance without snooping from Big Brother or deceptive banks or corporations. My mission is to inform people nearby and around the world about how bitcoin adoption benefits their community.

Want to get involved spreading bitcoin in your town? One great way is tipping your local servers double if they accept bitcoin. Check out to get started.

Watch the in-depth guide on how I made accepting bitcoin as easy as “yes”.


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  1. Check out Yoga by Donation in Portsmouth, it’s above the Health Food Store. Don’t live in the area anymore, but wonder if they take Bitcoin? Think the guy who runs it is/was a techy! So would think they would!

  2. I love using bitcoin everyday! Thank you for helping make this happen!

  3. This is quite amusing. The only place you can go for bitcoins is to a yoga studio? Also, you have stated if a shop owner doesn’t want to use bitcoin, that you will basically harass them into it.  That is quite pitiful.

  4. Jumping Jacks Wrong on the First account, you state it like Fact but then put a question mark? Guess you are a confused Statist. Yeah, I’m sure the lady felt “harassed”, she looked like she was trembling when she willingly put a sticker on her Business door. 

    Guess there are not enough police to keep this man from “harassing” her. Well said your ignoramus 🙂

  5. gtothe3 Jumping Jacks No, harassing someone to use bitcoin is quite pitiful.

  6. Jumping Jacks gtothe3 In what way is asking the owner if she’s willing to accept an alternate method of payment a form harassment, Jacks? That’s all Steven did, by the way. He asked. Do you know the difference between “asking” and “harassing”, Jacks?

  7. I am fine with Bitcoin. Why you directing this at me?

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