Testimony on Homeschool Regulation Bill






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  1. I support the bill. Home school children must meet the same expectations public or private schools do. Apparently there are some issues concerning home schooling where the children are not meeting the educational requirements due to family members falling on hard times or illness and cannot teach. Parents are passing on their children are doing great being home schooled but there is no substantial evidence to prove those statements.are true. There has been children who go back to public school or private schools and they are far behind the rest of their classmates. This includes college. Some home school children do great. Unfortunately there are no significant checks and balances for home schooling and that needs to change.

  2. “Home school children must meet the same expectations public or private schools do.” Then you should be opposed to this bill as it creates higher standards for homeschool than public school.

  3. i coulda went to home schooling but ..

  4. It looks like Melanie’s got your number, eh Jacks?

  5. Melanie It has been apparent home schooled children have no real checks and balances. Poor communication, changing family dynamics, ect…… doesn’t provide a consistent environment for home schooled children. Yes, there are successes regarding home schooled children but it has come to the attention of the state that not all home schooled children are passing the required standardized tests and thus they are falling behind those who have gone to public school and or private schools.

  6. So, then its not about treating homeschool equal to public and private school- its about regulating homeschool MORE than public and private school.

  7. melbookkeeping – It’s about making sure home schooled children are maintaining a standard.

  8. You know Jacks, it seems to me that the homeschooling option only came about because the government option was doing such a poor job. And as I’m sure you already know, poor services don’t fare well in a competitive market. So considering the NHDoE’s dismal record as of late, do you really think these bureaucrats can be trusted to set up quality standards for everyone? Their reputation says otherwise, don’t you think?

    Oh, and by the way Jacks, I haven’t been able to find any evidence concerning your allegation that there are homeschooled children in NH “falling behind” as you put it. Should I presume that this is just a rumor you heard or did you just make that up – you know, as you tend to do?

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