Free Keene Blogger, Ian Freeman, Caged for 90 Days

Facebook Update from Pete Voluntaryist Eyre:

“Today “judge” Arnold ordered Ian caged for 90 days for sitting in front of the vehicle that over a year ago held Heika Courser (who was cuffed for a victimless action). Ian’s request to remain free until his appeal was heard was denied. He also has 270days suspended for 2yrs.”

More information coming from witnesses of today’s events.

Dancing for Liberty in Washington DC

Photo from the Sunday Washington Post!


It’s starting to seem like whenever I go on vacation from the Shire, I am presented with the most amusing activism opportunities.  Saturday was an great example of this.  Staying just a few hours away from DC, I couldn’t resist hopping a bus and attending the Dance Party at the Thomas Jefferson Monument in Washington, DC.