Free Minds TV August 13, 2010 (EP 169)

All able bodied Americans ages 18 to 42 may have to report to Obama for 2 years of forced labor, NY government using Google Earth to find illegal swimming pools, the federal government requiring colleges to stop illegal file sharing, and a man wrongfully convicted of rape 27 years ago will be held in jail for an extra day so he doesn’t “freak out.”

Free Minds TV August 6, 2010 (168)

Oregon suing a Canadian mother for 2 years of foster care after they wrongfully took custody of him, Obama granting the FBI spying power George W Bush only dreamed about, the feds are poised to make penalties for pot brownies twice as harsh as uncooked marijuana, and CA tells a man in a wheel chair his medical marijuana shop is not handicap accessible even though it works fine for him.

Free Minds TV July 30, 2010 (167)

Ohio city forces people who want to contest red light camera tickets to pay a $95 court fee, which happens to be the same amount as the fine, police accidentally taser a UK man in the groin, a deaf man wrongfully convicted of rape wants to be let out of prison, and the Congressional Christmas tree has been chosen but may require secret service protection so vandals won’t ruin it.

Free Minds TV July 23, 2010 (EP 166)

A bill requiring all sales of $600 or more be tracked with a 1099 bill was rolled into the Health Care Bill, millions of stimulus dollars used to make signs touting the Obama stimulus, moonshine regaining popularity in the US, and an old man looking for better health gets a can of health pet senior from his local food bank.

Free Minds TV July 9, 2010 (EP 164)

The Queen of England uses up $57 million a year in tax dollars and does nothing, excess coffee may help protect against Alzheimer disease, a disabled man caught drinking on his wheel chair has been banned from using motorized wheel chairs for three years, and a mom and son are facing criminal charges for making dry ice bombs.