Lemonade Liberation Victory!

Today all charges against the Lemonade Liberating 3 were dropped!

Upon arriving for our 2nd appearance in the Washington DC Superior Court, my fellow ‘lemonistas’ and I had no idea what to expect.  We very well could have been taking our last steps as free people, facing up to a year in jail… for selling lemonade.  However, we were overjoyed when the judge called us to the front, and with a big grin said, “your case has been dismissed, you are all free to go!”  I think he was as happy as we were.


Immediately after exiting the courtroom, we made our way over to the capitol building (where we had previously been banned from) and snapped some pictures from the scene of our NON-crime.  It was a great day for all of us; but more importantly, for liberty.  We were able to show another example of how the government will try to crush peaceful people into submission with orders and threats, until they reach a point where they are forced to choose between backing down or creating a martyr.  Either way, they lose.  And I sure am glad they went with the first choice!


We managed to generate some media coverage right away from CJ at the DC Caller, who has been covering our story from the beginning.  We were also featured for a second time in the “Freedom Files” segment of “Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano”.  We were even mentioned on Judge Napolitano’s facebook page:

Viva la Lemonista’s! Their thirst quenching crimes earned them jailtime and FreedomWatch tonight is covering those who would defy The State! 8PM ET on Fox Business

Once again, I’d like to thank all those who supported us.  For those who donated to our defense fund, we wanted you to know where the money was going now that our “defense” was no longer needed.  Because our lawyer didn’t really need to do much beyond the small prep-work for the case, we had some funds remaining after paying him.  With the money that remained, we covered a few of our costs that came about because of this ordeal [travel and parking at the courthouse].  And we agreed the best thing to do with the remaining funds would be to donate them to the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund.  They have been very supportive towards me for a long time, and they were quick the embrase the lemonade liberation.  While we may have had a victory today, there are still many more to be won.  We all feel CDEvolution will play an important role in helping more people change the world :)

I could never say it enough: THANK YOU to everyone for their love and support!

  • http://NHFREE.com Tom Sawyer

    Congrats and good on ya!

    Cute picture as well. :)

  • david-keene

    they tried to scare the heck out of youse and intimidate you!….Thanks for showing how being steadfast and not giving in ,though they scare you, can pay off! and exposing their ways.

  • matt From NJ

    Good for you. I'd love to track down those cops and get a comment on video.

  • You must be joking

    What a stupid waste of time and resources. Thanks for wasting MY tax dollars on thios ridiculous enterprise. Now why don't you go out and get a real job?

  • http://libertyflair.com Meg McLain

    wow, nobody told me free keene was now swarming with trolls. oh well.

    "if nobody hates it, nobody loves it." and i've had more than enough love come my way for this. i know the "haters" are just wanting to say something mean, cause thats what they do.

    I forgive you all.

  • Chaz Munro

    You must be joking on Tue, 25th Oct 2011 11:25 am

    What a stupid waste of time and resources. Thanks for wasting MY tax dollars on thios ridiculous enterprise. Now why don’t you go out and get a real job?

    Nope, the cops wasted your "tax dollars and resources". They didn't actually have to harass people selling lemonade, you know. They could have used their resources for chasing after murderers, arsonists, rapists, etc.

    Actual criminals that created a real victim, yet you seem to ignore all of that. Why would you possibly do that? Could it be that you worship power and despise those who may peacefully oppose it?

    Also, please explain why people who protest something are without "a real job". Provide proof of this if you are not just a liar.

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  • david-keene

    yea free keene is full of trolls that always change their names

  • keene-david

    Yeah, but sometimes, we get a name we like, and we stick with that. We trolls are funny that way…

  • david-keene

    trolls are spineless : they change their names that way they don't have to stand behind their words.

    They hide and through bombs from afar.

    spineless cowards

    thats one of the hallmarks of a troll

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  • stopmakingsense

    "They hide and through bombs from afar, spineless cowards, that's one of the hallmarks of a troll." …You can't make this shit up, folks…

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