Happy Holidays, Keene Bureaucrats!

The Freeman Family sends its warmest wishes to the Keene Bureaucrats this year. Maybe they will grant my Christmas wish and stop arresting peaceful people. Until then, I will record!

  • Bye Adam

    Ya Adam's enjoying a few preprison videos.

  • david

    i guess bill thought that was a "come back" whatever that is…lol

  • matt

    Fake name? Like Ademo? Or Ian Freeman? Or Skeptikos? Or Meg McLain? Or Sam Dodson? Or MaineShark? Or LPViper? Or david keene?

    Sorry david I can't hold your hand through life – but I do hope my taxes do somehow make your holiday shopping less stressful – welfare trash.

    Let me write your reply to this for you: "matt" you FAKe name things UP. GosSIP is what all can DO yOU! :) (Then sort of repeat this same sentence again in 5 minutes, and then again in another 5 minutes).

    You're very entertaining david – you dost maketh me chuckle

  • Bill

    Nobody was dragged. If it's not on film, it didn't happen. FreeKeeners are liars and hypocrites.

  • RT

    Nice work. Keep exercising the first amendment!

  • george

    Thanks for your response, bob. Since you seem to support every bullshit thing freekeene does, I respectfully ask you to tone it down as well. They, and you, seem to be arrogant, angry, self-righteous, vindictive, antagonistic, petty, inconsiderate, patronizing, intolerant, conceited, pompous, self-important, smug, presumptuous, pretentious and foolish clowns. And arrogant. Did I say arrogant? That too.

    Please don't mistake my exasperation for anger.

    Have a Merry Christmas, and I hope someday you and freekeene realize you live in a community, and you can act like an adult.

  • george

    But bob, at least like your heroes, ian and david, you probably have no pride.

    Merry Christmas.

  • david

    "hold my hand through life" wtf you're bazaar .

    please don''t say you're going to "hold my hand " again matt…it creeps me out

    Mister fake name that makes things up :-)

  • david

    I was there , someone got dragged…it wasn't on film …..It happened.

    Jesus wasn't on film either MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    There enough troll feeding

  • enslavekeene

    So Ian,

    You have finally devled into the world of a 3 year old, "If they let everyone stay seated none of this wouldve happened" YEAH! And If only I allowed my child to watch tv until 10pm the other night she wouldnt have thrown a hissy fit… AWESOME Philosiphy..

  • CandyinBerlin

    Ademo, This is Candy. Your to be cell mate at Berlin State Correctional facility. I am a 6' 8" 380 lb bruiser and I am looking forward to showing you the liberty minded atmosphere of a state prison. Dont worry love, I got a weekly schedule all planned out for you including laundry regimens and cigarette and cantine wishes.

    That is of course if you don't convince me that I will have no rights over you when we are bunk mates….Baaaahaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Constantine

    George, I support people that do not believe in or practice the initiation of force. I think it is a good core philosophy. I don't support every action that my "heroes" do. I might do some things different, but you are correct in that I support what Free Keene stands for and much of the activism. I'm not sure how you arrived at me as being an arrogant, vindictive, inconsiderate etc. type of person. I'm not interested in insulting you, that's counter productive.

    As far as acting like an adult, that's great advice.

  • http://capitalismsmash.blogspot.com/ SMASH CAPITALISM

    Im sure if Derrick or Ian got punched in the face, they'd be the first ones whining to the cops- "he violated the non-agression principle, arrest him!"

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