Happy Holidays, Keene Bureaucrats!

The Freeman Family sends its warmest wishes to the Keene Bureaucrats this year. Maybe they will grant my Christmas wish and stop arresting peaceful people. Until then, I will record!

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  1. I demand as a txpayer, these freekeeners be locked up! Thats my courthouse and I say…..Lockem up lockem up!

  2. Thank you Cop Block, Free Keene and Fr33 Agents for the holiday smile you put on my face this morning! However, those people going into the building looked so miserable. I wish they would smile more and not just when they are able to use force without the watchful eye of a camera.

  3. Who's the antagonistic prick at 1:41?

  4. Then at 5:00, the lady in the car politely informs you that she doesn't want to be filmed or photographed, yet you film, taunt and ridicule her all the way into the building. Real class act! Merry F@#$ing Christmas…..

  5. This video is disgusting. Most of those ladies in there have absolutely nothing to do with your bullshit and probably aren't even aware of it, yet you hide behind your empty, sarcastic holiday greeting and taunt and bully them pretending you're peaceful. The only thing you did out here was make people angry – is that what peaceful people do? Labeling people as ugly, homophobes etc etc. How is that peaceful? How are you any different than the very ones you proclaim are not peaceful…?…cause I don't see ANY of them in this video being dicks – only you fools.

  6. I have only a few questions: 1. Do these nasty young men work for their money?

    2. If they do NOT work, what is the source of their financing 3. If they are true Americans, why did they avoid being in the military?

    Comment: If they believe that NH is so bad, I suggest that they leave this country and head to Mexico and try to do what they freely do here in Keene!!!!!

  7. I does come off as slightly antagonistic. However, what other peaceful options are there? And it is interesting to note that the people that handle it well are not annoyed as much. I believe in "counting coup"… It shows that there is a cost to the aggression, without our side becoming violent.

    The thing that is achieved by these types of actions is it gives others encouragement to stand up and face their "servants". Somewhere along the way the "servants" have become privileged people that feel above us.

    Although I see that the haters like the idea of agents on their behalf busting heads… it's kind of an ugly trait.

  8. Say What? So – the little old ladies who happen to work in that building are your "servants" – and you have personally witnessed these old ladies talking amongst themselves that they are privileged and above us? Come on. Bullying IS violence. You don't have to throw a punch to the face to meet violence. It comes in all forms. And not only is this bullying at the moment – it is shared with others to comment on and poke fun at for all eternity. It is one thing to question the actual cop who they have a beef with, or…the judge – but these office workers? What about the janitor…is he/she my servant – and should he/she be subjected to ridicule and false wishes for a holiday season? Are there any videos of cops and office workers videotaping and mocking people and putting it on youtube? Nope. Do cop cars film their interactions? Yes. But do the cops edit them and font them up for the amusement of others? No. I can't believe they labeled a woman as ugly – that is nothing but mean. These videographers are far from peaceful – they are bullies and mean spirited. They sought to embarrass and harass people – and targeted anyone who works within the building. Nice going? I think not.

  9. If you don't want to live in this society LEAVE. YOU ANTAGONIST MORON!!!! Someone punching you all in the face would make for great video. All I see is you all harassing people! Exactly what you say you are against. ASSHOLES!!

  10. Bob Barker, Why don't you get an education and use proper English!!!

    You "..ain't gut no couth….!" Yes couth is a word as in being uncouth!!

    It amazes me that you are a spokes-man FREEKEENE

  11. You should MOVE bob ..we don't want HATERS in keene….. there is the door…dont let it hit you on the way out……BYE

  12. "You only take flak when you're over the target."


  13. And no doubt if somebody punched Derrick in the face, he'd be the first one running to the cops screaming "he violated the non-agression principle" arrest him!

  14. matt,

    While the christmas greeting could be interpreted as you have…I dont think it made people "angry".

    That lady Karen,i know she's nice.

    I think a lot of people in there KNOW the freekeeners have a VERY VALID POINT:THEY know it better than ANYONE knows it!

    They are part of a system that could use some CLEANING and they KNOW it but they are PART of it,so it IS for some one ELSE to expose. A rescuer , if you will. The Christmas greeting did sound a little weird but it WAS a Christmas greeting and one lady was told she looked pretty. If nothing else it is entertainment for those folks(imho). But I think it is defiantly MUCH MORE and good. I think those people want to be lifted from the yoke of corruption and may look at the free keeners as a savior to a extent. imho: they went into that profession for JUSTICE ,and not for people burning themselves alive in front of the building,the very antithesis of justice. Thom ball didn't light himself on fire for NOTHING.

  15. Public servant is the term that is used when trying to sound like they aren't behaving as if they are part of the privileged class.

    I have experienced a range of behavior among the individuals that work for courts and other government entities. I am at worst neutral in my treatment towards them… usually pleasant as to any other person I'd meet… but when treated rudely I am not above dress them down and reminding them whom they work for. That is when the true nature comes out… Arrogance, lying, telling the police of some made up "crime"… using whatever latitude they have to screw with people that have done them no harm.

  16. The court people and the freekeeners are on the same page :justice.

    Do you think someone who went into a profession for justice and etc ,wants to be in a system that turned out to be corrupt?

    Someone who may have decided to enter a system with moral justice as a motivator or a goal : That person sees fk as a savior and bears a yolk that fk is trying to lift.

    fk and the "justice system" are on the same page but fk isn't caught up in a corrupt system.

  17. When I see some of the peoples faces in the court I see people cheering fk on . Because those people are justice minded too. And maybe something got lost along the way

  18. Nice war quote for a 'peaceful' person, Ian. What is true in war does not always stay true in the rest of life. But what is true is that is that when You are being a dickhead, you will get shit for it. It wasn't the 'public servants' who were dickheads in the video.

  19. George,

    Please consider that "public servants" are different from private enterprise in that payment for their "services" often relies upon involuntary taking of money.

    While some public servants may be nice people they take part in enabling an involuntary extraction, and ultimately their payment is derived thru the threat of the initiation of violence. Many do not realize this while others remain willfully ignorant and others simply relish the power over others.

  20. What was shown in this video was nothing more than antagonistic harassment. Prime examples are shown at 1:41 & 5:00. Adam attempts to goad the person he accuses of being a tyrant into a confrontation. A lady who has politely asked not to be filmed is filmed and taunted all the way into the building, and then ridiculed for turning away from the camera she asked not to be on. Even the lady who was told she was pretty was not respected for her request not to be filmed.

  21. Bob, I'll let you in on a few little secrets. We live in a land and community which have a government. Nothing in life is free. The size and scope of the government can be decided by the people. If there is a government, it has to be paid for. If you are advocating for no government, and hence no taxes, then I suggest you move somewhere which is more receptive to that idea. Otherwise, if you are simply advocating for smaller government, drop the BULLSHIT about the 'involuntary extraction' of money. But at least be honest about it. It is either anarchy, or some form of taxes. Period.

  22. They should move somewhere more receptive to the ideas of small or voluntary government than the "live free or die" State?

  23. "Live Free or Die". Two choices. Live Free. Or die. I'm sorry you can't live free. I'm sorry the latter of the two isn't a great choice, but – what to do. I'm sorry it doesn't say Live Free or Move.

  24. @PabloKoh, excuse my French, but who the fuck said New Hampshire is receptive or wants a 'voluntary' government? What ever the fuck that means.

    Read my last comment, dumbass, 'cause you can have one or the other. Not both. It's either anarchy or government. Government costs money, and 'voluntary' won't pay for it. Wake the fuck up.

  25. People who asked not to be filmed got filmed.


    That's not the biggest crime in the world.

    The court people are holding people lives in their hands EVERY DAY!.

    They could be filmed.

    They could have stopped even ,to answer some questions from the public that pays them.

    If the reporters got frusterated, it is understandable

  26. All the court had to do was allow people to stay seated and none of this would ever have happened.

  27. Sorry Ian….. The actions of the Court have nothing to do with you and your minions being a bunch of DOUCHES. That would happen regardless.

  28. Oh……. Merry Christmas!

  29. George,

    You "strawmanned" my point. At least by extrapolation you admit that there is involuntary extraction of the funds. I disagree that the size and scope of "government" is decided by all of "the people". What you appear to be advocating is the tyranny of the majority.

    You state it is either "anarchy or taxes" Why? Are there no third or fourth options? I believe there is. Couldn't you have parallel peaceful systems? If not why? Which system would not permit this? Yours or mine?

    For the record I am aware many things are not free, I am not advocating for no government. In my world you would be left alone to have your government if that is what you chose to participate in. if I chose not to use any of the "services" your government provided all the while harming nobody would you leave me alone or ask your government to harm me? If so, why?

  30. Ian on Fri, 23rd Dec 2011 7:18 pm

    All the court had to do was allow people to stay seated and none of this would ever have happened.

    Which part of 'Turn the other cheek' does that fall under, oh Peaceful One?

    Ian, who was first to give up all their pride, you or david?

  31. Ian has plenty of pride. Just no honor…….

  32. The "pride" debate is the one you ran away from midstream.


    I'm just pointing it out : that you just bailed.

    Don't care to finish the debate now…Just pointing out that you ran from it midstream

    No response necessary. Or wanted.


    I'm just mentioning because for some reason you're dragging it up though you walked away midstream (when you had nothing I guess)

    The Judge couldn't STAND people not standing for him so he had them arrested because his pride was hurt. Don't want to debate with you now,George, prefer people who don't run midstream. 🙂

  33. I guess george doesn't think the courts are accountable to the tax payers… You are welcome to be that way George.

    And many people are not blissfully unaware of what the courts do (as you seem to be) THEY wouldn't like a "turn the other cheek" comment..

    The courts are accountable to the people whether YOU like it or not george. 🙂

  34. Bob Constantine on Fri, 23rd Dec 2011 8:57 pm

    " I disagree that the size and scope of “government” is decided by all of “the people”."

    That's great that you disagree, bob, but you are wrong.

    "What you appear to be advocating is the tyranny of the majority."

    That's great that that is the way it appears to you, but again, you are wrong. What I am advocating is the system which is in place right now. It's called a democratically elected republic. Look up all the words if you don't know what they mean.

    "You state it is either “anarchy or taxes” Why?"

    Because one can't exist if the other is in place.

    " I am not advocating for no government. "

    Great bob. And it gets paid for how? The Tooth Fairy?

    "if I chose not to use any of the “services” your government provided all the while harming nobody would you leave me alone or ask your government to harm me?"

    Can you tell me just exactly how you plan to not use ANY of the services the government provides? Remember, this ain't the buffet table or an a la carte menu. Use one, you pay for them all. Sound unfair? Great. We have a way to fix that. It's called a democratically elected republic. Did you look that up yet?

    Tell you what. Just make it easy on yourself. Move.

  35. Hey everybody George advocates being dragged away and handcuffed for not standing for a judge ..Of course if it happened to him or his that would be a different story…

  36. "Hey everybody" – David…..nobody listens to you; you're the village idiot. (And a welfare collecting one at that)

  37. Maybe the "bureaucrats" look "miserable" because they're sick of being stalked and harassed by you and your ilk. They're responsible citizens working and supporting their families. The employees in the office aren't the ones making the decisions to which you so vehemently oppose. Leave them alone!

  38. They are all responsible for supporting an inhumane, abusive system. Peaceful people don't belong in cages.

    I'm for turning the other cheek and forgiving, but that doesn't mean that people who harm others should not be held accountable for what they have done. All we did was ask them questions.

    Do you think government workers should be completely anonymous and unaccountable?

    All they have to do is stop hurting peaceful people, and everything will be ok.

  39. Thank you for your response George. I'd respectfully ask you to tone it down though. You seem angry that I hold a different point of view which you seem to have a hard time with. I hope you have a good holiday and someday come to believe that leaving others alone is a good policy to pursue.

  40. Now this was fun! You guys should be recording albums 🙂

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  41. "matt" You have a fake name and you make things up… thats you "matt"

  42. all the nay sayers resort to name calling when they are losing ground … that means their argument isn't solid.


  44. Back to 1:41 & 5:00. Your losing it folks…… Yelling at and baiting people from across the parking lot (no bullhorn today?), ignoring polite requests not to be filmed, ridiculing and taunting people for ignoring you (instead of taking the bait). How long before you fall like Sam?

  45. @Ian – no….you didn't just "ask" them questions; you were sarcastic, demeaning, insulting and insincere – to deny that – makes you a liar. You're not *really* interested in their answers anyway. You're interested in arguing. It doesn't matter who it is – as long as it is arguing. "everything will be OK"….you say that like people are on edge about you – as if you possess some sort of power over others – a sly wink wink nod nod that if others let you do whatever the hell it is you want, then you won't continue with see below –

    "All the court had to do was allow people to stay seated and none of this would ever have happened."

    What exactly is "this" that happened? Is "this" asking questions – or being bullies.

  46. bill,

    I looked at 1:41 & 5:00. If thats all youy have …that's not much… that is really reaching to find something..

  47. Sure david….right. I'm absolutely positive if a cop walked up to Ian and started taunting him and saying 'oh not so tough without your friends are you" that wouldn't be a problem at all. Nope….that would be just fine in your and his eyes.

    Why is it is so difficult for Ian/Ademo/Derrick to just admit they went a little far on this. If someone wants to film a cop working – fine – I have no problem with that. But regular people, who aren't even working yet – politely asking to stop being filmed and then laugh at them….?….sorry – not okay.

  48. “matt” You have a fake name and you make things up… thats you “matt”

  49. WOW! Snappy comeback!!!

  50. NO,

    DRAGGING SOMEONE ACROSS A ROOM because they didn't STAND FOR YOU is "going a little far".

    But not in some's mind because it didn't happen to them or theirs.

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