Update on KAC Raid – Response Filed

If you’ve been wondering what happened after the raid on the KAC back in July, I have an update for you. Two months later I was sent this NOTICE OF VIOLATION from the city “Plans Examiner”, Gary Schneider and Gary LaFreniere, “Fire Prevention Officer”. In it, they claim that there is a “tourist home” being run at the KAC, and they demand it be stopped or else I’ll be fined $500 per day.

Even by their own rules, they have no case. The evidence they collected was from former tenants who no longer live at the property. That aside, my response to their NOTICE, calls the warrant into question based on the clear bias that district court judge Ed Burke shows against Free State Project participants.

Will they continue to aggress and give us the opportunity to go to court? Stay tuned for the latest.