“You’re not welcome here!” Says the NH State Rep… FROM RHODE ISLAND

State Rep. Cynthia Chase posted on BlueHampshire, “Free Staters are not welcome here.” She continued by writing:

“Cheshire County is a welcoming community but not to those whose stated goal is to move in enough ideologues to steal our state, and our way of life.
Ultimately the Free Staters want NH to be a platform state for them to export their views to the rest of the country. Some of these folks dress up pretty well, but if you check their website you will find that they are really wolves in sheep’s clothing. The best strategy from my perspective is to keep shining a light on their views and activities and make it very plain that NH is not up for sale to any ideology. To ignore these people and hope they go away is a recipe for disaster.”

My first reaction was: “holy crap, a State Rep. should not be making these statements publicly.”

I then found out that Cynthia is NOT a NH native, but a transplant herself from Rhode Island and admits to having only “lived in Keene since January 2006.”

I decided to do some research and discovered that many elected Democrats from the area (and at the State level) are not from NH.

  • Current Governor John Lynch is from Waltham, MA
  • Governor-elect Maggie Hassan is from Boston
  • US Senator & former Governor Jeanne Shaheen is originally from Saint Charles, MO and moved to NH from Mississippi
  • Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern (district 2) was born in California and moved to NH from DC
  • Executive Councilor Debora B. Pignatelli (district 5) was born in New Jersey
  • State Senator Molly Kelly (district 10) was born in Fort Wayne, IN
  • State Rep. Kris Roberts (Cheshire 4) is from Evanston, WY
  • State Rep. Larry Robert Philips (Cheshire 5) has “lived in New Hampshire for 32 years” without stating where he moved from
  • State Rep. Timothy N. Robertson (Cheshire 6) is from Brattleboro, VT, however his family moved to Keene 76 years ago, when little Tim was 4 years old
  • State Rep. Gladys Johnsen (Cheshire 7) is from San Francisco
  • State Rep. Chuck Weed (Cheshire 16) is from Evanston, IL
  • State Rep. Delmar Burridge (Cheshire 16) is originally from Harrisburg, PA
    Moral of the story (according Cynthia Chase): transplants to NH are not welcome… unless they intend to bring big government and statism with them!

    Jarod Cournoyer
    Jarod Cournoyer

    A couple friends of mine just got a place in the middle of New Hampshire, I'm pumped to visit, help out, and eventually move up to the Shire! As for this representative's remarks, she's only helping to shed light on the FSP in my opinion

    Antonio Lorusso
    Antonio Lorusso

    This is a frank admission by Chase that the concepts of voting, democracy and the social contract are a complete sham to her, that she only claims to believe in them when they get her what she wants. Which means she doesn't believe in them at all. She's the real wolf in sheep's clothing.

    P. Nym
    P. Nym

    What social contract? I didn't sign any contract nor was one ever presented to me.

    Antonio Lorusso
    Antonio Lorusso

    The social contract is a fictitious entity used by Statists when they've lost the argument about why you should do what they tell you to do. It's a catch-all "we're all in this together so you can just shut up and do what the majority has decided" argument. It also means they cannot complain, without being hypocrites, about the Free State Movement's "ideology" and their mission to gain a voting majority in NH.

    Keith Smith
    Keith Smith

    Great research. The current governor isn't from NH either.

    Charles S. Dressler
    Charles S. Dressler

    This article is a good start, but what I'd really like to see is her voting record in the NH legislature.