Free State Now to Trigger The Move

Free State Now was originally started by Free Talk Live co-host Mark Edge with a dynamic outbound calling program. I recently took up the torch from Mark and with the help of Will Kostric, we have expanded it to include 2 more aspects. It has been a great learning experience as we turned a idea into reality. I just want to thank Mark Edge once again for all of his hard work.

The Phone center aspect is working well after much practice and patience. The cloud-based virtual call center software required some trial and error as we learned how to most effectively implement it. We have a large call list from New York that we hope to start on soon.

Additional aspects to the campaign include an online component. The Affiliate Link program will allow approved users to have a unique URL for the Free State Project website which will track the results of those who click through it and possibly sign up. This will incentivize and encourage a new breed of internet marketing for the Free State Project. Early results show great promise as we have had 14 signers already in just a couple weeks of implementation.

The final new aspect focuses on in-person sign ups at liberty events and more. We are planning both easy and cost-effective day trips as well as high profile out-of-state tours. The first Free State Now Road Tour is slated for April and more details are going to be made public as the tour develops.

I put together this video to provide an update about the campaign. Take a look!