Free State Project’s Final Push

The last few months have seen an acceleration of signers for the Free State Project. The big push is coupled with a fundraising campaign aimed at finishing out the remaining signers through targeted social media advertising and PR. Steps are also underway to make the most out of Triggering the Move while enabling out-of-state signers to find their place in New Hampshire.

I’ve been working with the Free State Project to craft videos for the fundraiser. Check it out!

The individuals that have moved for the Free State Project have made quite a few headlines this past year as well…


The Quill Expands to Include the Free Domes

Manchester’s premier activist venue is expanding to include the Free Domes located in Henniker, NH. Members of the Quill are hard-working community activists and this move will offer a whole new set of amenities. In an effort to help finance this venture an IndieGoGo campaign has been launched. Find out more by visiting the IndieGoGo page here!

Support Activism by Supporting the Activist!

It’s no surprise to long-time followers of Free Keene that I participate in a lot of projects. At one point I ran the Free Keene Press, co-hosted Free Talk Live, and produced Free Keene TV. These days in Manchester are no different as I find myself starting my fourth active project. With each campaign or project I typically go about soliciting donations to help fund various aspects. Well today I am trying something different. I am offering those who want to support the projects I manage an opportunity to help all of them at once. I’ve created a gofundme campaign to raise money for me. Total transparency, the money will go to support me with typical life expenses while I continue to manage and create valuable liberty projects.

It is another experiment and I don’t know how well it will work but I felt it worth a shot! You can visit the page here:

Here is the copy from the fundraiser page:


Rich Paul Appeal Fundraiser a Success!

The Fundraiser for Rich Paul’s appeal has been successful and the campaign to free Rich Paul is moving into a more long-term strategy. The appeal lawyer’s retainer has been raised with $3,000.00 contributed by Rich’s parents, $3,500.00 contributed by the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund , and the remaining funds donated through the fundraising campaign. A heartfelt thank you goes out to all those that donated and supported Rich Paul!

The lawyer hired to represent Rich through the appeals process is Joshua Gordon and he has one of best records for successful appeals in New Hampshire. Rich and many of those involved behind the scenes are confident that Joshua will do a good job. The appeals process is a long one and should verdict be overturned the case may be retried.

The Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund believes in “supporting the good people who disobey bad laws” and has seen fit CD Evolutionto make a substantial contribution to the Appeal Fundraiser. CD Evolution has not been very active as of late but they are hoping to change that starting with this appeal. Please take a moment and visit their website for more information on the volunteer organization.

The fundraising is not finished by any means. Next up we need to raise the $1,200 it will cost to get the trial transcripts from the court and while the initial retainer is covered Joshua Gordon may require more hours of work than estimated and there are other expenses that may come up. Couple that with the possibility of a retrial and the money needed is still quite substantial. Essentially, the first step of this journey is complete and now we need to prepare for the next steps.