Announcing the Keene Bitcoin Network!

icon_bitcoin_large1[1]Bitcoin is the dollar-killer. It’s easily the best, most popular alternative currency in the world. It’s also the most valuable of all the world’s currencies. No wonder Keene businesses are taking notice. (Haven’t heard of it or want to learn more? Visit

In order to further facilitate people who buy and sell with Bitcoin coming together in the area, the Keene Bitcoin Network has been launched! Right now it is just a facebook group, but bigger things are being plotted.

Bitcoin can help strengthen the local economy by avoiding pesky taxes, since it’s essentially a barter as far as the government knows (if they can even understand it). Not only that, it could also be considered an investment that may help you fight the weakening effects of inflation.

So, drop in and say hello at the new Keene Bitcoin Network! When you are added to the group, feel free to post your business if you are accepting Bitcoins in Keene!

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  1. Derrick J. Freeman

    Awesome! Hopefully this will serve as a successful model for others to follow in their own areas!

  2. Guest

    Sooo if

  3. Scott

    So if I am correct in what I am reading, in order to acquire Bitcoins you need to spend the dollar that it is trying to kill. What a great scam! I wish I could have gotten in on this.

    • Chris

      You dont need to spend the dollar. Bitcoin’s can be purchased with anything essentially… for example a few months ago i “sold” some bitcoins for a new graphics card. Personally i am happy to sell Bitcoins for anything provided the valuation is somewhat accurate. The value of a Bitcoin is determined by the public. IT is a truly amazing thing, and if you lack faith in our current monetary system or simply want an easy, secure and fast way to transfer “value” Bitcoin is a safe bet. I have had faith in this currency system since its inception and will continue to do so. It is not a Scam in any way shape or form from what i have seen. Do your research and you will truly be amazed at what bitcoin is.

    • Scott

      But I guess my point is even in the research I’ve done it seems that bitcoins represent some monetary value and carry some exchange rate comparable to US currency among others. So even though you made a transaction with a bartered item for bitcoins someone at some point put them into circulation by making an exchange for traditionally acceptable money. Much like a gift card. Correct?

      I guess I don’t see how this circumvents anything. Someone made “money” off their sale and people could still make the transaction using “money” instead of bitcoins and achieve the same effect and result.

    • bubbles

      If you’re against monetary systems in general (i.e. you want pure barter) then Bitcoin doesn’t really help you, no.

      However if you simply want to use a money that isn’t the dollar and isn’t controlled by any government, and also has some nice cash-like properties unlike the balance in your bank account, then Bitcoin may be useful to you.

      It’s a more “free” electronic currency than the dollar, so in that way it is better.

      Ask yourself what it is you dislike about the dollar; maybe you’ll find Bitcoin absent (some) of these things.

    • MaineShark

      No, bitcoins are initially put into circulation by electronic mining, not purchase. You do a lot of difficult math (using a computer, or network of computers) and, if you’re lucky, you find a bitcoin that isn’t already in the network. Sort of like searching for gold nuggets. The more valuable bitcoins become, the more incentive there is to mine for them. That, in turn, creates a “gold rush” as lots of folks take up mining, which means they are found more rapidly, which reduces their value. Which reduces the incentive to mine, so some folks stop, which means they are not found as frequently, which means their value goes up.

      The end result is that they are created at approximately the rate that is needed to supply the demand for them. Eventually, all possible bitcoins will be found (there are only so many solutions to the mathematical problem used to create them), and the value can stabilize wherever the market deems it should be.

    • Trevor Lyman

      It’s all about demand Scott. If you don’t use the dollar then you no longer add to the demand for it. Because the dollar isn’t backed by any tangible assets the ONLY thing that actually gives it any value is the demand for it. Imagine what happens to the demand for the dollar if 1 million people stop using it and use bitcoin instead? 10 million? etc. What if everyone stopped using it? The dollars value falls to zero and the banks can’t print money to fund wars, government programs, etc. So by using bitcoin you end up “circumventing” your governments requirement you use their money and participate in all of their corporatist/fascist nonsense.

  4. Jeremy C. Green

    So if I am correct in what I am reading, in order to enjoy the privacy benefits of the Keene Bitcoin Network you need to participate in the zero-privacy Facebook model that it is trying to kill? What a great scam! I wish I could have gotten in on this.

    • Ian Freeman

      If you want to use bitcoin privately, that’s your choice. Some businesses would like to accept them publicly. That’s their choice. I support both choices.


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