VICE Reports on Free State Project and NH Nanobrewer Freedoms

VICEIt’s not VICE’s first time reporting on a Free State Project participant.  They last covered Free Keene blogger Rich Paul facing down decades in prison for selling cannabis.  Now, they turn to alcohol in this report on deregulating nanobreweries featuring FSP participant and early mover Kevin Bloom.

In addition to being the founder of the new Area 23 nanobrewery, Kevin is also the political director for the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance.  Here’s his interview with VICE.

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  1. Rich Paul

    Nice, Vice!

    • 10-36

      I wonder if they really are out to get you? Every time I think of you guys now, I hear the theme music from Colbert. I’m sorry you weren’t on there with Cantwell and the rest of the boys. When do you guys start boarding up Bernards property? Curious.

  2. Jason Free 123

    Mark Edge is threatening a libel lawsuit against StopFreeKeene.

    His lawyers sent them a letter.

    • Roger Wilson

      Really? What did they say?

    • Jason Free 123

      Here is a copy of the Libel Cease & Desist Order that was sent…

    • Bobsyeruncle

      Hahahahahahahaha. Love the idiotic font and poor use of language. This is just darling.

    • Jason Free 123

      Is your name Josh? Josh, what does font have to do with breaking the law.

    • Bobsyeruncle

      My name is not Josh. I will however, answer your question. The format, font. idiotic language and overall appearance of this document leads me to believe it is not real.
      No self respecting lawyer would ever allow this piece of garbage to be used in their name. I find it to be very hard to digest as an actual letter of intent. BTW A letter of intent is issued as to make all parties aware that a “Cease and desist order” will be sought in any given court. A lawyer does not issue a cease and desist order. This is idiotic, completely and utterly devoid of an legitimacy. Oh and My name is Bob.

    • Jason Free 123 received this letter by Certified/Registered U.S. Mail.

      Ask them to get you copy of the genuine original.

      You also need to read more clearly. It does not say “order”. This is a correspondence from Mark Edges lawyers.

      Why did you put “cease and desist order” in quotes when its not a quote. Check and improve your reading comprehension skills please before responding to posts..

      “Cease and desist order” will be sought in any given court. A lawyer does not issue a cease and desist order. This is idiotic,

    • Bobsyeruncle

      From his lawyer you say? Interesting…who is this lawyer you speak of? I am sure they wouldn’t mind a little free advertising…

    • Bobsyeruncle

      What’s the point of posting this bullshit at all, when that’s all it is….Idiotic, bong hit driven, bullshit.

    • Jason Free 123

      You just proved yourself idiotic by calling it an “order”.

    • Bobsyeruncle

      Your post implies this is something of importance. This is yet another meaningless piece of garbage spewed by another brain battered chump. Your intent was to mislead people, it was your intent that was contained within my quotation marks. “One must counter the inference of the moron because his ramblings are not coherent.” SDG

    • Jason Free 123

      Mislead? How much clearer can a potential defamation libel lawsuit be?

      StopFreeKeene,com understood the message clearly, why are you having trouble. SFK hasnt posted anything libelous against Mark Edge since the letter arrived.

      I understand you’re just trolling so if you want more details go to StopFreeKeene,com

    • Bobsyeruncle

      That was done quite some time ago. “Just trolling”…That’s an interesting statement.

    • 10-36

      Literally zero on Stop Free Keene about this bullshit.

    • Chad Connolly

      Please share with us what was said that was libel.

  3. Bobsyeruncle

    I am slowly learning how the circle jerk works with you boys. You are basically legends in your own minds and enjoy reading things about yourselves on web pages and vapid, self serving, self proclaimed “news” sources.
    Cantwell, Bernard and Richie all think they are celebrities. It’s scary actually. I wonder when one will crack completely and it will all end with a Ruby Ridge Standoff, or a David Koresh Flare? I can’t believe how lucky we all are to have these sociopaths and child grooming cultists living so close! (That was sarcasm) Happy Holidays folks.

    • Matriarch morlock

      Get out of here pussy. There had been a standoff at Bundy’s. Pictures and addresses of armed federal thugs were posted.

    • Chad Connolly

      are you going to post any comments that are not ignorant or will this be your MO for the time being?

  4. Bobsyeruncle

    Code 4.



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