Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

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I view vegans and vegetarians much the same way I view Christians and Mac fans.  I wouldn’t mind them at all if they weren’t so damned evangelical about it.  I was vegetarian for about three years, but I tried very hard not to be a vegetarian evangelist.

Check out Fat Head on Hulu while it’s still available.  It has a clear liberty perspective with an emphasis on personal choice and responsibility.  It’s two hours, but it flies by because it’s really entertaining.

Anarkitty on the Constitution

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This comic is in memory of Andromeda (but often referred to as “Kitteh-baby” by myself). Andromeda is the inspiration for Anarkitty.  Andromeda disappeared mysteriously over a year ago but she will continue to inspire from wherever she is now.  She had the anarchist nature that all cats have, but despite that, she sure seemed to love her “so-called masters” a lot.  As many of you probably already guessed, it is also inspired by the Lysander Spooner quote which actually was “But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain – that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist.”

Someone contributed $40 through the chip-in which is why there is a release again so soon, so I considered it comic sponsorship and offered a honorable mention and an ad spot.  They weren’t interested.  Instead they just gave some nice words of encouragement and gratitude.  I don’t post names without explicit permission because I also feel I should respect privacy, but thank you to everyone who contributed.

Magical Badges

Magical Badges

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Detective Accidentally Shoots Self in Thigh

You hear stories like these from time to time.  This one inspired today’s comic.  Cops are ordinary people.

Today’s comic comes with important news, good and bad.  I’ll start with a positive swing on it.

Fans now control the release schedule of Anarchy In Your Head!  That’s right.  That handy chip-in widget to the left of the comic (when it’s not being buggy as Hell) gives YOU the power to speed up the release of the next comic in the queue.

The bad news is this is the last “free” comic release, at least for the foreseeable future.

For a more detailed explanation, read this blog post.

Prometheus Unchained: My New Show

Prometheus Unchained Radio Show at

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You may recall a post where I talked (in jest, mostly) about how we named the show. Tomorrow is our 2nd live episode of Prometheus Unchained, a radio show where Neal Conner and I talk about LGBT issues (lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgender) from a liberty perspective.  I’m guilty of a mild breach of protocol by posting the cover art of the show as a comic, but otherwise it will get pushed down the page and possibly missed by new visitors.

You can listen live on the Liberty Radio Network between Noon and 2pm every Sunday or download any past episode for free for your computer or portable listening device from our website. RSS Feed is also now available. The website was just updated from what was essentially just a placeholder and the archive is now hosted on the new server which will be much more convenient. Download the first episode if you missed it.

I hope you’ll join us!

A note to those subscribed to the email list– the list is currently not functional which is why you didn’t get an email update about this post.  I apologize and I’ll be addressing this and other reliability issues of this site in the immediate future.

“Prometheus Unchained” IS TOTALLY GAY!

I apologize for not posting much.  I’ve been busy with a lot of creative projects.  One of them is plans for a podcast with discussion of gay and lesbian issues from a liberty perspective, which has evolved into a radio show, with hosts Neal Conner and yours truly, and with a different guest host each week.  And… our first show is tomorrow!  Stephanie Murphy of the Porc Therapy Podcast will be our guest host.  The show will be broadcast live on the Liberty Radio Network Sundays from noon to 2pm and you’ll be able to call in and join the discussion.  The archive will be re-broadcast at various points each following week, as well as being download-able for free from the website.  Read More

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