Hundred Nights Shelter needs your help TODAY

If you’re not yet following the Hundred Nights Shelter on Facebook, I encourage you to start. I just received word that they could use your help very quickly, as in TODAY.

We are volunteers and advocates for our neighbors, with dignity and respect.
The shelter opens in a few weeks.. funding is solid as of January 2013.

But today:
The rent is past due, and the electricity is to be disconnected tomorrow.. What do you suggest?


The Lesbian Porn Viagra Boner Challenge!

We gathered four gay co-hosts of Flaming Freedom talk radio, each secure and confident in his homosexuality, to engage in this completely original experiment known as The Lesbian Porn Viagra Boner Challenge where we each take a Viagra and watch hardcore lesbian porn jockeyed up by our porn jockey, Luthor, our token straight friend. The first person to get a boner has to turn in his gay card.

Inspired by the Tosh.0 Gay Porn Viagra Challenge.

Starring: Luthor, Derrick J., Andre, Dale, & Neal
Camera operated by Wes

“Positive Contact” – Derrick J in Jail

June 10, 2012
by Derrick J.

I’m sitting in my jail cell writing a letter in response to Keene liberty activist Darryl W. Perry of the Free Patriot Press, when a knock comes at my door. It’s Tom LaCount, a tall, handsomely-built man who some of the inmates call “Dracula” for his slicked-back dark hair and resemblance to a vampire.

“A white pickup truck and a Subaru just pulled up,” he informs me with a nod of his head toward his cell and a smirk. Tom is one of the lucky inmates in this cell block to have a window with a view. The rest of us have windows that face a red brick wall. (more…)

“Musings from a Keene Jail Cell” – Derrick J from Jail

June 9, 2012
5 days after submitting a request for a room change, Jesse steals a black pen from me.
by Derrick J.

“Well do you need it?”
That is the question of a socialist–a thief! Someone who does not respect property rights, has no notion of earned wealth or labor. He lives dependent on a structure where others provide for his needs. At the cost of 50 cents, I have seen into the workings of a physically strong but morally weak man. (more…)