Live Tweets From Derrick’s Concealed Permit Court Hearing

As you may recall, Derrick J was recently and arguably illegally denied the so-called “shall issue” concealed carry permit by Keene Police “chief” Ken Meola.  Right now Kenny is sitting in Keene district court, presumably waiting to testify as to why Derrick J is too dangerous (or something) to carry a firearm concealed.  Derrick J has hired attorney Evan Nappen to handle the case.  Full hearing video to come later.  For now, here are live tweets from Darryl W. Perry: (more…)

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 68

The 13th anniversary of 9/11 is upon us.  The warhawks and the nationalists like to wave the “Never Forget” mantra around, but forget what exactly?  What the F actually happened on that day and does anyone really even care? Join us – Rapsher, Mat Roach, Joe Mirzoeff, and myself – as we take a hard look at the events on that tragic day.

Question 9/11 = instant kook.  Thanks Alex Jones • Pulling WTC7 and molten f-ing steel • Military Industrial Complex hard at work: free tanks for all • Joe’s recommended reading • Mainstream news completely scripted • Show notes at:

Black Sheep Rising: #38 Family Friendly AKPF Cut

The producers of AKPF #1 are pleased to present this special edition family friendly censored edition of the thirty-eighth kimachu1kimjongil1episode of controversial Cheshire television talk series Black Sheep Rising. In this invigorating episode which originally published to the world on 06 February 2014, Conan, James, and Garret discuss wordly affairs as well as the present tribulations facing the restructuring Aqua Keene Parking Force. This offering of the episode is delightfully available in full widescreen format, in contrast to the 4:3 ratio interpretations of the usual installments. See the show notes and original uncensored cut of the episode as published to the official page of the Black Sheep Rising.

Gun Control Bill Shot Down in the New Hampshire House

While other states like CT and NY have recently passed more gun control legislation, New Hampshire’s state house today soundly defeated a proposal to ban all personal firearms sales! There really is no place like New Hampshire, where Republicans tend to vote for gay marriage and Democrats tend to vote against gun control measures! (If you love liberty, you should join the Free State Project and move here and get active!) Here’s a rundown from

Today was the big vote on HB 1589, a gun control bill brought forth by House Democrats. As has been previously discussed, this bill was based on false premises, bogus studies and statistics that did not apply to the Granite State. An amendment was brought forth by Representative Laura Jones which would require a study commission be set up to further study the bill. This amendment passed with 177-175 votes.

HB 1589 was officially amended to a study commission which was then voted on by the House in an overwhelming win of 242-118, essentially killing the bill. There was a further motion to be sure the bill was sufficiently dead and buried that then passed by 244-113. This was a defining victory for the gun rights activists in New Hampshire who have been working non-stop against the out-of-state gun control advocates who wrote this bill and were pushing for its passage. (more…)