Black Sheep Rising: #38 Family Friendly AKPF Cut

The producers of AKPF #1 are pleased to present this special edition family friendly censored edition of the thirty-eighth kimachu1kimjongil1episode of controversial Cheshire television talk series Black Sheep Rising. In this invigorating episode which originally published to the world on 06 February 2014, Conan, James, and Garret discuss wordly affairs as well as the present tribulations facing the restructuring Aqua Keene Parking Force. This offering of the episode is delightfully available in full widescreen format, in contrast to the 4:3 ratio interpretations of the usual installments. See the show notes and original uncensored cut of the episode as published to the official page of the Black Sheep Rising.

Keene’s parking rates and fines to go up? Enforcement hours extended?

The Parking Enforcement Department of the City of Keene is proposing (starts on page 15) to inconvenience residents and shoppers even more! Parking enforcement hours will change to 9AM-7PM on weekdays and 9AM-5PM on Saturdays. Currently ticketing happens from 8AM-5PM Monday-Saturday. They also plan to raise street parking fees to 25 cents every 20 minutes (up from 25 cents every half hour) and impose a 25 cent mandatory minimum per half hour (up from 10 cents per half hour) for lots and garages. Does this mean people will have to carry quarters for parking in these off-street areas? God forbid you’re stuck with a pocketful of dimes and nickels!

Meter expiration fines are also going up from $5 to $10. They’re removing the fine escalation point at 14 days, which used to be $15, and just keeping the one at 28 days when it goes up to $35 from the original amount. How kind of them to give folks more time to pay!

There is a public meeting tonight at 6:30 at Keene City Hall for the “Finance, Organization, and Personnel Committee” where you can voice your displeasure (or hey, support!) of these changes in Parking Enforcement policy. See you there?

Gun Control Bill Shot Down in the New Hampshire House

While other states like CT and NY have recently passed more gun control legislation, New Hampshire’s state house today soundly defeated a proposal to ban all personal firearms sales! There really is no place like New Hampshire, where Republicans tend to vote for gay marriage and Democrats tend to vote against gun control measures! (If you love liberty, you should join the Free State Project and move here and get active!) Here’s a rundown from

Today was the big vote on HB 1589, a gun control bill brought forth by House Democrats. As has been previously discussed, this bill was based on false premises, bogus studies and statistics that did not apply to the Granite State. An amendment was brought forth by Representative Laura Jones which would require a study commission be set up to further study the bill. This amendment passed with 177-175 votes.

HB 1589 was officially amended to a study commission which was then voted on by the House in an overwhelming win of 242-118, essentially killing the bill. There was a further motion to be sure the bill was sufficiently dead and buried that then passed by 244-113. This was a defining victory for the gun rights activists in New Hampshire who have been working non-stop against the out-of-state gun control advocates who wrote this bill and were pushing for its passage. (more…)

Threatened With Arrest For Free Speech At New Courthouse

teboI was nearly arrested today at the new superior court building while doing jury nullification outreach for the first time in 2014 and also the first time at the new building. In the several year history of doing jury outreach at the court, we’ve never had any real issues, but that’s because we never went inside the court building to conduct the outreach. That’s what set them off today, as they clearly want to protect their new territory from those darn activists who always want to exercise their rights, in this case, freedom of speech.

After I’d successfully handed out a couple dozen fliers in the superior court lobby, court security officer Bob Tebo approached, accused me of “soliciting” and called the sheriffs. I then called up Darryl who was doing “Don’t Take the Plea Deal” outreach the floor below at district court to come record and witness the coming threats. (Darryl had no similar issues with district court’s more professional security staff, by the way.)  While waiting, I continued to hand out fliers.  Here’s the video, courtesy of Darryl:

Sheriff’s deputy Shanks arrives with another of the grumpy court security officers. (more…)

Don’t pay taxes and we’ll steal your property. Unless it costs us money.

According to a Keene Sentinel article published on June 10th, New Hampshire municipalities won’t steal your property to send to auction for back real estate taxes if it might be an environmental disaster. Of course, they say they don’t WANT to steal anyone’s property, but they still take plenty:

Despite a struggling economy, several Cheshire County communities have remained consistent in the number of properties they’ve taken for unpaid taxes over the past five years.

Part of that has to do with cities and towns only wanting to take properties as a last resort, according to several local officials.

In Dublin, Hinsdale, Jaffrey, Keene and Peterborough, the number of properties taken for unpaid taxes from 2008-12 was under a dozen each.