Delmar Burridge is a Sociopath

You may have heard that I am running for State Rep in Keene this year against Chuck Weed and Delmar Burridge. Chuck Weed is good on ending cannabis prohibition and is also the incumbent – to his credit as well, he will be debating me in the upcoming candidates’ forum on 10/16 at 2pm in the Keene library.

Delmar Burridge, however, is not going to appear at the candidates’ forum. Perhaps because he thinks he has the election in the bag, or maybe because he doesn’t really want voters to hear his sick, twisted views. Allow me to refresh you on what Burridge has to say. I would like to take you back to 2008 when Free Keene blogger and then host of Free Minds TV Toby Iselin had an email exchange with Burridge regarding cannabis decriminalization. After Toby asks Delmar to do the right thing and move the legislation forward, Delmar responds with an insulting screed that actually advocates Toby snitch on his cannabis-using friends, saying,

“You are very passionate in your beliefs and would make a great snitch. It is thrilling to dime on your so called friends.”
-Delmar Burridge to constituent

The rest of his outrageous email to Toby is worth reading. This sociopath ex-law enforcement officer is my competition in the upcoming Keene state house race. If you want to vote for oppression of freedom, Burridge is your man. If you want to vote for liberty, I’m the clear choice, having been endorsed by the NH Liberty Alliance.

Free Minds TV July 15, 2011 – EP 213 [S6E25]

An update on Ademo Freeman’s arrest and the Keene Courts, Ron Paul to introduce a bill that would allow TSA officials to be charged with sexual assault for groping passengers, CA cops get $5,600 for washing their motorcycles, and the Feds want ISPs to keep internet history for 18 months just in case they want to look at it.

Free Minds TV July 1, 2011 – EP 211 [S6E23]

Free Minds TV reports on Ademo’s arrest.

Keene man arrested and faces years in jail for talking to a judge outside of the court room, and an update on the girl who was arrested for filming police from her own yard; this is actually good news.

Free Minds TV August 20, 2010 (EP 170)

A frustrated and angry UK virgin is being flown to Amsterdam to hire a prostitute on the tax payers’ dime, raw milk raids increase, mailing tobacco through the US mail just got harder and more expensive, and mattress police; yes they really do exist and yes they really are cracking down on people who remove the ‘do not remove’ tags.

Free Minds TV August 13, 2010 (EP 169)

All able bodied Americans ages 18 to 42 may have to report to Obama for 2 years of forced labor, NY government using Google Earth to find illegal swimming pools, the federal government requiring colleges to stop illegal file sharing, and a man wrongfully convicted of rape 27 years ago will be held in jail for an extra day so he doesn’t “freak out.”

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