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I’m excited to announce that decentralized blockchain-based media protocol called is now hosting the over 900 videos from the Free Keene YouTube channel!
Yes, that’s more than a decade’s worth of video! Thanks to LBRY, we’re no longer subject to YouTube removing our videos, since they’ll be ingested into the censorship-free LBRY system as well.

Based in New Hampshire, LBRY has contributors from around the globe and has welcomed Free Keene, even sending an email announcement to their followers letting them know about the Free Keene LBRY channel. Before you click on that, you’ll need to install the LBRY app (available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS).

While LBRY does allow its content creators to monetize their videos via their cryptocurrency the “LBRY credit (LBC)“, Free Keene’s videos are free to download and watch and you don’t have to watch ads! In fact, every video you download with LBRY, you also host (like file-sharing networks), so you’re contributing to the LBRY just by watching. It’s a pretty cool system and I’m really pleased that Free Keene is in early as a featured content provider.

I look forward to the day when decentralized media storage and service is helping protect more content globally from corporate and government censorship. Please check out, download and run their app, and please subscribe to the @FreeKeene channel for the latest, censorship-free NH-liberty activist video content!

Now you can subscribe to Free Keene via email!

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  1. I’d like to understand the LBRY system better. From the description of it they seem to enable censorship rather than hinder censorship. For what is the DMCA other than a system of censoring others? The DMCA info below leaves one asking exactly what does a DMCA notice sent to LBRY inc have the capability of doing? Is it the control of there servers only? Or LBRY inc have the ability to prevent others from accessing the content as well? It sounds like they don’t have the power to remove the content from availability through the network if the original poster refuses to take it down. Does that means any other users who contribute to its continued existence also continue to distribute and make it available? If they don’t then it is effectively censored if there are more users than the original poster can handle it would seem. This might only be a slightly better solution to the YouTube censorship and censorship problem in general that results from the DMCA.

  2. I’m trying it out now. It seems a bit slow but I’m glad a decentralized system is being worked on for a YouTube replacement.

  3. So- it may not be as slow as first appeared. I would probably need to use it more. It seems to lack content and decent search functionality. It’s one of the harder problems to solve unfortunately. Hopefully some work goes into replicating search in a decentralized way that actually works and someone comes up with a solution to pollution. Another problem with decentralization.

  4. More apps from an unknown service. How many people do you really think are going to sign up for this? Mostly, freekeeners. The videos are a hodgepodge of supposed activism that goes nowhere. If youtube doesn’t want your videos on it’s channel, they will take it off. Having an unknown provider to show your videos is a joke.

  5. Jacks, Jacks, Jacks, you certainly do enjoy wasting precious calories grumbling about the peaceful pursuits of others, now don’t you? Be honest dear – you don’t really believe the world would be a brighter place without courageous people trying new things, do you?

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