Black Sheep Rising – Episode 62


The ever controversial liberty blogger, Christopher Cantwell, visits the studio this week and promptly steals the show, but I’m not mad at him. It was good times.

What we talked about: Producing good internet content • Copblock under fire; Becoming too radical for some • Getting blocked from Facebook. Again • Ladies, stop trying to kill chivalry • Marvel introduces lady Thor • Darryl, and Rapsher join • Show notes at:

Porcfest Media Rundown: Washington Post, Tucker, Buppert, & More (UPDATED 7/4)

Buzz's Big Gay Dance Party at Porcfest 2014

Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party at Porcfest 2014

As people are recovering from an amazing Porcupine Freedom Festival, various media is hitting the internet. Here’s a sampling:


Union Leader Reports on Porcfest


Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party @ Porcfest 2014

This year’s Porcfest was fantastic! The Porcupine Freedom Festival is the yearly camping gathering put on in NH by the Free State Project. Here’s the first piece of media to hit the news about the event, via the Union Leader:

LANCASTER – The theme of the Free State Project’s 11th annual summer gathering in New Hampshire is “DIY: Do it Yourself,” as if most in the expected crowd of 1,500 for the final three days of the Porcupine Freedom Festival, or Porcfest XI, needed any urging in that direction. (more…)

Manchester Activists Continue Jury Nullification Outreach

10410096_298255033682853_3078734082147211273_nOn the morning of  June 16th, 2014 myself and fellow Free Keene blogger Joel Valenzuela were accompanied by activists Angela Aronoff, Nicholas Buroker, and new Free State Project mover Andrew Vermiglio at the Hillsborough County Superior 10448210_298250733683283_7905153735992598897_nCourt House located in down town Manchester NH.  We arrived at the court house to warmly great jurors as they approached the building.  As they approached, we were handing out pamphlets to jurors.  The pamphlets inform the jurors of their rights as a juror.  The emphasis being that a jury can vote not guilty if the law is unjust.  Jury nullification outreach has been consistent every jury selection at this court house since March of this year.  Hopefully other activists around the state will do the same at other court houses.

Keene State Rep Candidate Speaks Out on Chalking, Violence

varrinVarrin Swearingen is a republican candidate for state house, (Keene at-large) and also  the former president of the Free State Project.  Varrin has recently re-launched his blog. One of his first new posts is an excellent essay about the chalking and associated violence in Keene:

A few weeks ago, I wrote on my facebook wall:


There’s a hate group in Keene trashing the FSP because they don’t like Free Keene (or Robin Hooding, or something like that).


My status update included more, but the part above about the group called Stop Free Keene (SFK) got considerable attention. Some SFK members were openly hateful towards Free State Project (FSP) participants on the basis of group affiliation. Some were even promoting violence. My message and some of the comment thread was copied into the Stop Free Keene group and generally met with negative responses from SFK members.


In the comment thread on my status message, I noted,


Of course, I’m concerned someone’s going to get hurt… (more…)