ItsLikeThisToo – Ep 7 – Darren Tapp

ItsLikeThisToo is a weekly video series focusing on Free State Project early movers.  Beau Davis, one of the creators of the 101 Reasons documentary, has joined this show’s crew!  Together, Cecelia, Beau and Shire Dude make an increasingly formidable film team.

In this episode, the ILTT crew interviews mathematician and currency guru, Darren Tapp.
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Rebel Love Show Ep: 29 #ItsLikeThisToo


Recorded Nov 20th, 2014
Cecelia Fairchild joins us in studio to discuss her collaboration with Shire Dude on the hit new series #ItsLikeThisToo. On this week’s episode Cecelia talks about her decade of Shire time, 101 reasons film debut, Ladies of Manchester podcast?, we try to trigger the CODY of Off The Air Live, Cecelia gives dating advice in the community, FreeKeene SQUAD hits mainstream, coming out of the closet as a Free Stater, sharing of weight loss stories, Shire Dude goes full Soylent and gives coffee techniques, liberty media ideas and criticism, and what its like meeting people you know about when you move. The Rebel Love Show is a once a week broadcast from Manchester and is available on Itunes, Stitcher, YouTube, and your favorite podcasting app!

Excellent Video Overview of Shire Sharing 2014

In this excellent new video about Shire Sharing posted to the 101 Reasons youtube channel, several participants are interviewed from Shire Sharing and foundress Amanda Bouldin discusses the impact of the successful charity and its future.

If you’re looking for the strongest community of liberty-loving people, you need to get to New Hampshire. We’ve got an amazing community here and it just keeps getting better as more Free State Project participants move in and bring their unique talents to the market and the activism world. Check out the new video, courtesy of 101 Reasons‘ Beau Davis:

Video of the New Movers Panel @ Keenevention 2014

Get a fresh perspective on NH activism from a panel of people who’ve moved within the last year – in this full video of the first-ever New Movers Panel at Keenevention, hosted by Josie Wales.  Panelists included independent candidate for Cheshire Sheriff Chris Rietmann, superactivist Joël Valenzuela, Shire Dude Andrew Vermiglio, and Keene Cop Block‘s Stephen Daves:

More video will be released every week! Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, Free Keene, the Free Keene Youtube Channel or the Keenevention Facebook page for the next video release.