Vanity Plates Show Off Individualism


Ever since coming to New Hampshire I’ve been struck by just how many vanity plates I see around. More often than not, it seems like a good third or more of plates are customized.

I would expect this of the liberty-minded community. After all, we are all full-time activists of some sort, what with our little liberty buttons and t-shirts, and it makes sense that a great deal of people in the local liberty-loving community have vanity plates with slogans like “AGORIST,” “BITCOIN,” and the infamous “COPSLIE.”

But here in New Hampshire, the average local seems to have the same individualistic flair on their vehicle. I can’t even begin to name all the different customized plates I see around here. This is a stark contrast from other places I’ve lived, such as California, the District of Columbia, and even free-spirited Arizona.

That’s because the Free State has a unique culture of freedom and individualism unlike any found elsewhere. Fitting right in with a lack of legal requirements to wear a seat belt in a car or a helmet on a motorcycle, the propensity of locals to take greater charge of their vehicles speaks of a larger sense of self-reliance and liberty.

So the next time some detractor tries to make you up to be an invasive species, just remember: we’re right at home here.

FK haters create anti-FSP group with homicidal motif

This is no April Fools joke. It looks like the STOP FREE KEENE!!! crowd have created another gem called Kill the Quill – Stop The Free State Project in NH. The group’s description is: “For the citizens of the State of NH to stop the infiltration of the radical movement named: The Free State Project”.

Interesting logo they have:


Do current group members Brandie Roof (the administrator of the group, also known by her current pseudonym “Brandie Lovesherfamily”), Andrea Whitcomb, Joshua Erickson, Dan French, Todd Nolan, Tammy Adams, and Jon Cole really support the murder of Free State Project participants? Is killing so funny to them that they joke about using the word so nonchalantly:


How much more ridiculous will the haters make themselves look?

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 45

Manchester activists exercise their first and second amendment rights at local airport • Healthy streets Manch = fun time activism • 15 metaphors/similes only a millennial will understand • More on what is fake • Humankind needs more cuddle time • Circumcision: legalized baby torture • Nemi, Joe and Shaunna join.  Show notes at: