EXCLUSIVE: Free Stater Alleged to be Silk Road Admin, “Inigo”

The Silk Road

The Silk Road

Free State Project participant Andrew Michael Jones of Norfolk, Virginia was arrested in December of 2013 along with others accused of being the operators of the Silk Road underground marketplace. Andrew is alleged to be the longtime site administrator, “Inigo”. Thus far, almost all of the news headlines about the Silk Road arrests have gone to Ross Ulbricht, who is accused of being the infamous site’s creator and head admin, “Dread Pirate Roberts”. Andrew is accused of similar allegations as Ross, “conspiracy to commit money laundering, narcotics trafficking, and hacking” and is facing spending the rest of his life in federal prison.

While Ross Ulbricht was not offered bail, Andrew was able to get out on $1,000,000 bail thanks to his parents, who did not have anything close to that amount of money, so they put up their house and retirement incomes to secure a bond. His bail conditions include 24/7 house arrest at his parents’ house and being strictly forbidden from using any internet capable device. His girlfriend, Birdie, (who is also a Free State Project participant) is the one who reached out to me and she and Andrew’s family have set up a website to accept contributions to his legal fund, as they can use all the help they can get.


Birdie and Andrew

Andrew’s mother, Judy Jones, 68, told me this about him, “He’s very bright, kind, generous and has always been an idealist. When he first told me about bitcoins, he helped me envision a world where the central banks are no longer in charge of money. If it were instead a peer-based monetary system, so much good can come from that. I have hope for a better world thanks to his generation (the Millennials).”

Unlike Ross’ case, Andrew does not face the “kingpin” charge. Plus, he has not been libeled with allegations of murder for hire, as Ross has. Hopefully, that will help with this fundraising ability. He has retained the services of attorney Samuel M. Braverman and the bill will likely be very expensive.

As have many activists looking at moving to New Hampshire, Andrew and Birdie made the pilgrimage to Keene in December of 2012 and came to visit Social Sunday. I met both of them there and truly hope he can get through this difficult time with the minimum damage possible. If Andrew did not administer the Silk Road, then he’s a man wrongfully accused, but if he did, he’s a hero. The Silk Road was (and is) the most important development to happen to the black market in our lifetimes. (more…)

FSP President Responds to Concord Monitor “My Turn” Hitpiece

Gericke_Carla2008[1]Free State Project president Carla Gericke responds to the recent fearmongering guest editorial by Matt Murray, a supporter of the aggressive monopoly state, in a guest editorial of her own at the Concord Monitor’s “My Turn”:

On July 19, the Monitor published a “My Turn” by Matt Murray of New Hampshire Labor News excoriating the Free State Project and quoting the essay by Jason Sorens that led to the formation of the FSP.


The FSP does not usually respond to attacks, but now is the time to make some facts clear. (more…)

Free State Project Hate Letter / Love Letter

fsp_LF2014A couple of letters to the editor appeared in local papers in NH recently. One was a love letter by Paul Mirski of Enfield that appeared in the Concord Monitor. Mirski praises Free State Project participants as part of New Hampshire’s tradition.

Here’s a hate letter by Ed Lake of Ashuelot that appeared in the Keene Sentinel. Lake claims to be a lover, but yet admits to hating and focuses his letter on his hatred of Free Keene and the Free State Project, likening us to terrorists. Confusingly, Lake claims:

I love my state and do not wish to see some outside force take it away from me, my family or my neighbors.

When Lake says he loves his state, what does he mean by “state”? Is he talking about the geographic area known as New Hampshire? The mountains, lakes, and trees? The wonderful, friendly people of the Shire? If so, he needn’t fear – no Free State Project participant I know of wants to take his land and friends away. Liberty-minded people tend to be very respectful of property rights and the rights of others.

Perhaps by “state”, he’s talking about the criminal organization of men and women whose very existence and legitimacy is threatened by the FSP. If it is the violent monopoly “state” that he means, then he will continue to be more frustrated over time as more people move here.  It is the monopoly, criminal “state” that will be gone someday, left in the dustbin of history, just like chattel slavery.

Regardless of Lake’s actual meaning, these letters again prove the relevance of the Free State Project. FSP participants are having an impact and cannot be ignored. Come join us in the Shire sooner rather than later and help us achieve more liberty in our lifetime!

Here are copies of the letters to the editor for archival purposes: (more…)

Rebel Love Show Episode 16 (7/16/14)

Recorded on July 16th, Neal Connor of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence comes on to talk about independence rallies, peace, love, and Bitcoin.

WARNING: One of our microphones malfunctioned, so the audio quality can be spotty at times.

Black Sheep Rising – Episode 62


The ever controversial liberty blogger, Christopher Cantwell, visits the studio this week and promptly steals the show, but I’m not mad at him. It was good times.

What we talked about: Producing good internet content • Copblock under fire; Becoming too radical for some • Getting blocked from Facebook. Again • Ladies, stop trying to kill chivalry • Marvel introduces lady Thor • Darryl, and Rapsher join • Show notes at: BlackSheepRising.org

Porcfest Media Rundown: Washington Post, Tucker, Buppert, & More (UPDATED 7/4)

Buzz's Big Gay Dance Party at Porcfest 2014

Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party at Porcfest 2014

As people are recovering from an amazing Porcupine Freedom Festival, various media is hitting the internet. Here’s a sampling: